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Ahoi Ashtami Importance, Rituals, Story, Method, And Fasting

Ahoi Ashtami Importance, Rituals, Story, Method, And Fasting

Ahoi Ashtami Vrat is observed on Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. On this day, mothers keep a waterless fast for the long life and auspicious life of their children. According to astrology, the importance of this fast is increasing due to the position of planetary constellations and Abhijeet Muhurat.

Ahoi Ashtami 2024 Muhurta

Ahoi Ashtami is on Thursday, 24 October 2024

Ashtami Tithi Starts- 24 October 2024 at 01:18 AM
Ashtami Tithi Ends- 25 October 2024 at 01:58 AM

Importance of Ahoi Ashtami Fast

The glory of Ahoi Ashtami fast is less to be described. With this one fast, you can remove obstacles in your child's education, career, business, and family life.

On this day, women keep a fast and pray for the safety and longevity of their children. This fast is special for those who are unable to have children. This fast is also auspicious for those whose children do not have longevity or perish in the womb itself.

Generally, doing special experiments on this day brings progress and the welfare of the children. This fast is beneficial and fortunate.

Ahoi Ashtami Story

He was a moneylender a long time ago. He had seven sons and one daughter. Diwali festival was near. The cleanliness of the house had to be completed, for which it had to be painted, for which the moneylender's daughter went to the forest to get the soil, she dug it with a spade and took the soil. While digging, his spade hit Syah's child and he died. Only then did Syah curse the moneylender's entire family of childless mourning, after which all the sons of the moneylender died, and all the mothers were distraught by this. Seven daughters-in-law and the daughter of a moneylender went to the temple for the solution to the problem and there they started lamenting their sorrow in front of the goddess. Only then a Mahatma came there, who asked all of them to fast on Ahoi Ashtami. All of them fasted on Ahoi Ashtami with full devotion, due to which ink's anger was pacified and as soon as he was happy, he nullified his curse, in this way the children of eight women became alive.

Fasting Method Of Ahoi Ashtami

    • Bathing is done early in the morning.

    • In this, a day-long waterless fast is observed.

    • Ahoi Ashtami is worshiped after the sun sets in the evening.

    • In this, the picture of Ahoi Ashtami Mata is made and she is worshiped according to the rules and regulations.

    • Chowk is made. A chowki is placed on it and pictures of Ahoi Mata and Sai are placed on it.

    • Kalash is prepared first. Ganesh ji is established, and along with it the picture of Ahoi Ashtami Mata is kept.

    • Nowadays this picture is available in the markets.

    • Some mothers take water and fruits after worship.

    • On this day many women make silver beads and wear them after worship by threading them in a garland.


    • This garland is taken down after Diwali and blessings of elders are taken.

Ahoi Ashtami Mata protects the children, she is always with them, and that's why mothers worship her. Ahoi Ashtami fast comes in the month of Kartik, it is celebrated as a festival.

In Hindu society, women perform many rituals for the family, due to which peace and prosperity remain in the family. In today's time, women have also become very busy, in such a situation it becomes difficult to perform all the rituals. And fasting in this way can also have a bad effect on health, but whoever does devote to God in this Kalyug devotion, will surely get the blessings of God.


Ahoi Ashtami fast is observed on the Ashtami date of Kartik month Krishna Paksha. Ahoi Mata is worshiped on this day. The glory of Ahoi Ashtami fast is less to be described. The measures taken on this day can remove all your difficulties. With this one fast, women can remove obstacles in their child's education, career, business, and family life. If you want to know more about Ahoi Ashtami fast then talk to astrologers.

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