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Adhik Maas 2026: When is Mal Maas 2026?

Adhik Maas 2026: When is Mal Maas 2026?

There are more months this year 2026, most people want as much information as possible about it. Adhik Maas has great importance in the Hindu calendar. It is also known by different names in different cultures like Malmas, Purushottam month, Launad ka month, etc. Stories related to this are found in the Puranas. The importance of Adhik Maas also increases because it comes once in 3 years and the Hindu calendar that year has 13 months instead of 12 months, due to which its spiritual value increases even more.

For example, the English calendar has a leap year, which causes February to have one more day in the month once every 4 years, meaning February has 29 days instead of 28. Similarly, there are 366 days in a year of 365 days. 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, etc. are leap years. In the English calendar, time is calculated from the Sun.

What is Adhik Maas 2026

In the Hindu calendar, time is calculated from the revolution of the Moon. For this reason, the new year and all the months of the Hindu calendar are different from the English calendar. The Hindu calendar starts from Chaitra month. The days for the Moon's revolution from the Earth are shorter than the days for its revolution from the Sun. Therefore the Hindu year has fewer days than the English calendar. Adding these days leaves several days equal to one month every three years, which is completed in more months. 

Why was called Malmas?

In the Hindu religion, all sacred deeds are considered prohibited during Adhikamas. It is believed that due to excess, this mass becomes dirty. Therefore, during this month, specific personal rites of Hinduism like naming, Yagya, marriage, and general religious rites like housewarming, purchase of new valuables, etc. are usually not performed. Because of being considered impure, this month has been named Mal Maas.

Adhik Maas 2026 Date

As you have already been told Adhik Maas comes once in 3 years. On this day there will be Amavasya of Jyeshtha month, hence Adhikamas will start from 17th May 2026 and will last till 15th June. In 2026, Adhikamas will start from the Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month.

When is Mal Maas 2026?

Mal Maas has a very special significance in Sanatan Dharma. Adhikamas coming after 3 years is known as Malamas. Malamas 2026 will start on 17th May. Due to Malmas in Jyeshtha, this time there will be two months of Jyeshtha. Mal Maas month is ending today with Amavasya. After this, Malmaas will be held for three years. Doing many auspicious works is prohibited during Malmaas. In such a situation, after the end of Malmaas today, many types of Maglink works will start. 

Purushottam Maas 2026

The month of Malmaas or Purushottam maas 2026 starts on 17th May. The second day of the Purushottam month is 18th May. This month will end on 15th June. Adhik Maas is also called Purushottam Maas because its lord is Shri Hari Vishnu himself. It is the name of the Supreme Lord Vishnu. In this month, along with the worship of Shri Hari and listening to Shrimad Bhagwat Katha and Shivpuran, Mathura-Vrindavan also has special significance. In the month of Adhik, the Sanskar of the marriage ceremony and the sacred thread ceremony are prohibited.

What tasks should be done in Purushottam month?

Lord Vishnu is worshiped in Purushottam month i.e. Malmaas. At this time, along with worship, one should go on pilgrimage, plant saplings, donate, and work in the public interest.


In Hinduism, every God is worshiped uniquely and there is a custom to find the God in every festival. All the twelve months have their significance in the Hindu calendar. Adhik Maas comes every 3 years and is a very special month. There are no festivals in this month, but donations and rituals done in this month are very sacred. The lunar month in which Surya Sankranti does not occur is called Adhik Maas. Adhik Maas is also known as "Malimlucha Maas", "Mal Maas", "Asankranta Maas" (as the Sun remains in only one zodiac sign throughout the month), and "Purushottam Maas". If you want to know more about Adhik Maas then you can talk to astrologer.

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