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5 Days of Diwali 2023

5 Days of Diwali 2023

Diwali is considered the biggest festival of Hindu religion. It is not a festival but a group of festivals which lasts for 5 days. Celebrating Diwali starts with Dhanteras and ends with Bhai Dooj. Every day of Diwali is very special. It is considered a festival of happiness and prosperity. During this period Goddess Lakshmi was worshipped. This year, the first festival of Diwali i.e. Dhanteras will be celebrated on 10th November, Chhoti Diwali on 11th November, Big Diwali on 12th, Govardhan Puja on 14th and Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on 15th. Know Diwali Calendar 2023 here.


Vagh Baras 2023


Vagh Baras is also known as Govatsa Dwadashi. Vagh in Gujarati language means to repay one's financial debt. On this day people check their accounts and make new and fresh transactions on Labh Pancham.

Vagh Baras 2023 Date - Thursday, 9 November 2023

Vagh Baras 2023 Muhurat -  05:31 PM to 08:09 PM


Dhanteras Puja 2023


People celebrate the festival of Dhanteras on Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. According to mythological belief, at the time of the churning of the ocean, Lord Dhanvantari appeared with the nectar pot. For this reason, people buy utensils and perform puja at home on that day. It is considered auspicious to buy a copper vessel on the day of Dhanteras to increase wealth throughout the year. There is importance of buying gold or silver items on this day. Many people buy gold and silver coins marked with Lakshmi-Ganesh.

Dhanteras Puja - 10 November 2023


Dhanteras 2023 Muhurat - Morning - 6:46 AM to10:57 AM 

                                               Afternoon - 12:36 PM to 01:46 PM 

                                               Evening - 4:38 PM to 6:03 PM 

                                               Night: 9:07 PM to 10:43 PM 


Kali Chaudash Muhurat 2023


Kali Chaudas is celebrated on the Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. There is a tradition to worship Goddess Kali on this date. By doing this the seeker gets freedom from all kinds of troubles. Besides, Narak Chaturdashi is also celebrated on this day.

Narak Chaturdashi(Kali Chaudash) - 11 November 2023

Kali Chaudash Muhurat -  11 November 2023 at 01:57 PM to 12 November 2023 at 02:44 PM


Diwali Muhurat 2023


Diwali is one of the major festivals in the Hindu religion. Every year Diwali is celebrated on Amavasya Tithi in Kartik month. Diwali festival is considered a symbol of happiness and prosperity. There is a religious belief that along with cleaning and decorating the house on the day of Diwali, worshiping Lakshmi-Ganesh brings blessings in wealth and Goddess Lakshmi resides in the house. Due to this the family members never have to face financial crunch.


Diwali Date 2023


                             - 12 November 2023


Puja Muhurta -  Morning - 8:11 AM to 12:24 PM

                            Afternoon - 1:47 PM to 3:10 PM

                            Evening - 5:55 PM to 10:46 PM


New Year 2023


Gujarati New Year, also known as Bestu Varas. On this day, people worship Gods and Goddesses in temples wear new clothes hug their relatives and close ones, and wish them a happy New Year.

New Year -  14 November  2023


Puja Muhurta -  Morning - 3:36 AM to 6:50 AM, 9:36 AM to 1:46 PM


Bhai Dooj 2023


The month of Kartik is very special because during this time many big festivals come for which people eagerly wait for the whole year. This includes big festivals like Diwali, Govardhan Puja, and Bhai Dooj. After Diwali, the festival of Bhai Dooj is celebrated which is a symbol of love between brother and sister and on this day the sister applies Tilak to the brother and wishes for his long life.

Bhai Dooj - 26 October 

14 November 2023 at 02:36 PM to 15th November 2023 at 01:47 PM


Labh Pancham 2023


The festival of Labh Panchami is celebrated every year on the fifth day of Kartik Shukla Paksha. This festival is also known as Gyan and Saubhagya Panchami. Saubhagya Panchami increases happiness and prosperity in a person's life. Labh Panchami has special significance in the Hindu religion. Shiva family and Mother Lakshmi are worshiped on this day. It is believed that worshiping Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha on this day destroys all obstacles. There is also progress in business. The festival of Saubhagya Panchami is an auspicious occasion for a happy life and fulfillment of human desires.

Labh Pancham date - 18 November 2023

Labh Pancham Shubh Muhurat - 08:20 Am to 9:43AM


Any work done after seeing the auspicious time has a high probability of being successful. If you also want to know about the Muharat for any auspicious occasion, then you can talk to astrologers.

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