Kartik Aryan Astrological Predictions - BY ASTRO FRIEND CHIRAG

Kartik Aryan Astrological Predictions - BY ASTRO FRIEND CHIRAG

Kartik Aryan who is turning 30 on this 22nd November and has been on the 8th position in the list of country's most desirable men published by Times of India is  not just hard working  but is also being supported by the transition of planets and stars in his horoscope.


Kartik Aryan also known as Kartik Tiwari is supported by the position of Muntha this year. Kartik Aryan is likely to find himself amongst famous people. Jupiter transition in his life is signifying that the coming period is really good time to start new projects and make new commitments although according to transition of Ketu, big and heavy investments should be avoided and should try to start things from small scale. Though Ketu is pointing out towards loss of stature and insecurity issues, it is good that on other hand Jupiter transition is also pointing towards the surge in wealth and giving signs that guidance and assistance from individuals at prominent position will do him greater good according to transition of Saturn in his horoscope.


His health is likely to affect and hence he must avoid draining projects and working out things lying in bed should be avoided. He will gradually find his way to spiritualism from now on.


It's really a good thing how Saturn is in a good position which suggests he is going to accumulate wealth from more than one source. The positive energies released by the stars of his family and friends is likely to bring his life to fruition and satisfactory.


As Rahu's transition suggests, Kartik should stay away from litigations and big disputes and also the change in your basic nature may make you do things you should avoid.


Being the charming young man he is, love is always on his platter but stars suggests he should be careful choosing partner and stay away from outer influences.


His ascendant in Capricorn and his stars he may go under major transition of Rahu and sub period of Saturn till the starting 2022 and this can benefit him by signing many low budget films. His upcoming project 'Dostana 2' will reap him commending gains due to transition of Jupiter in second house and crossing of Saturn and Rahu in the third house. He is like to get greatest applause by his followers by a comedy drama.


As Sun, the lord of tenth house has set foot in the first house will bring him ample amount of brand agreements.


'Aryan' has reaped him more benefits than Tiwari in his name. It brought him luck and saved him from negative energies and has benefitted according to Numerology.


Wishing him amazing years ahead and may he find himself in peaceful state of mind.


Wishing Kartik Aryan a very Happy Birthday.

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Kartik Aryan Astrological Predictions - BY ASTRO FRIEND CHIRAG
Kartik Aryan Astrological Predictions - BY ASTR...
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