Why Indian Parents are Against Love Marriage

Why Indian Parents are Against Love Marriage

In India from ancient times, there has been a tradition of going for marriage. In earlier times, the family of a girl and boy would choose the partners for them to get married and they had to follow it. At that time, only the family decides what matters, not the opinion of the girl or boy about whom they want to get married. The family is the people who decide their marriage fate and the girl or boy accepts it without any questions. This tradition was famous and went on for a long time in Indian families.


Till a very long period, this tradition was followed in India, without any question by the children, that they want to get married to the person their parents and family has chosen and even at what age they want to get married. This question never arises for a long time but after a point, there was a time when boys and girls started questioning their parents and family about the partners they have chosen for them and more importantly, they want to choose their own partners by their wish only and wants a family to accept their decisions, this was the some of the bold moves made by the people and at first, society was completely against it but as the time passed they started changing their ideology about arranged marriage.


The Reasons For Indian Parents Being Against Love Marriage


There are many reasons why Indian parents are more inclined towards arranged marriage than Love Marriage, and they have their fair share of reasons to be against Love marriage.


In ancient times there was great importance of family, their caste, the age of the boy, how they look, what is his or her family background, and more all these things hold great importance in life. This was the major reason for the family to choose a partner for their child. They just didn’t want a partner but a family with status for their children who have a complete family and status similar or bigger than them.


 Another Main and Major reason for arranged marriage always preferred by Indian parents is Astrology. In India before marriage parents and family always look for the astrology point of view Kundali of girl and boy before marriage.


If the partner chosen by the child is having astrological problems like Kundali is not matching, they call off the wedding and ask the child to marry the children where their Kundali gets matched with another person.


In modern times the children don’t believe in caste and status much, so they choose the partners easily but till now it is important for Indian parents to match the Kundali, and if it is a success then only they are allowed to get married. 


Astrology Solutions For Love Marriage 


In a traditional country like India, astrology is given great importance because of its rich knowledge, understanding, and accuracy of life. Marriage also faithfully depends on it only, from the old time we have seen the importance of astrology in arranged and love marriages. If there is a situation where you want to get married to a person but Kundali is having a problem and family is not agreeing to it then we have astrology solutions for it. Consider love problem solution astrology, the expert astrologers give different ways to make the love marriage and life worth to be with each other with the agreement of family.


There are plenty of ways shown by astrology to help in Love Marriage. You can talk to astrologers online for easy and fast solutions regarding problems in Love Marriage. They will give you remedies in the form of Chants, rituals, Stone, and more to help with these problems and give a good Kundali match for the Love marriage. Let the families meet, take astrology consultation, and do the rituals and solutions provided by astrologers for the betterment of marriage life.


In Conclusion


We can say that worry regarding astrology was the main reason for Indian parents to be against Love Marriage, but now with the help and effectiveness of Astrology it has been overcome and now everyone can enjoy a happy married life.

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