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Who Should Wear Golden Kada

Who Should Wear Golden Kada

The properties and effects of each metal have been described in astrology. Due to the special properties of metals, the condition of the planets is good. This is the reason why wearing gold is considered auspicious. Apart from this, it is advised to wear many gems studded or threaded in gold, silver, or other metals to get rid of planetary defects in the horoscope. However, most of the gems are worn along with gold. Let us know the benefits of wearing gold and which zodiac signs should not wear gold.

Gold signifies prosperity. In such a situation, for the sake of showing off, people wear bracelets made of gold. According to astrology, gold brings auspiciousness for Aries, Leo, Virgo, and Sagittarius, but it can prove unlucky for Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, and Aquarius. However, while wearing a gold bangle or bracelet, do take the advice of an astrologer once. And it is auspicious if men always wear the gold bracelets in their right hand and women in their left hand.


Importance of Golden in Astrology


In astrology, gold has been considered helpful in defying the planets. It is believed that those who wear gold in any form on their body are not harmed even if the planets are inauspicious. There is also a belief that wearing gold increases the concentration power of a person. As per Vedic astrology, gold is related to the planet Sun and Jupiter. Actually, the planet Jupiter has an influence on gold. In such a situation, wearing this metal strengthens the planet Jupiter and brings wealth, prosperity, and happiness in life.

It is believed that gold increases immunity. Gold has also been said to be beneficial for heart patients. Wearing a gold garland helps in removing heart-related problems. Touching gold with the heart is considered good for health.


Benefits of Wearing Gold


  • If your ascendant or signs is Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Sagittarius, then it would be better for you to wear gold.

  • Wearing gold gives respect and cooperation from the royal side.

  • If you want concentration, then wear gold on the index finger.

  • If you want to make married life joyful, then wear a gold chain around your neck.

  • If children are not being born, then gold should be worn on the ring finger.

  • Gold produces both energy and heat, and it also removes the effects of poison.

  • If there is a snuffle, cold, or respiratory disease, then wear gold on the little finger.

  • If you are lean then you should wear gold.

  • Wearing gold ends the pain in the throat, ears, hands, feet, and chest.

  • It is said that gold attracts gold towards itself, so wear gold around your neck.


Disadvantages of Wearing Gold


  • It is not good to wear gold for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius ascendant or zodiac. People of Libra and Capricorn should wear gold less. Wearing gold is moderate for Scorpio and Pisces ascendant people.

  • People whose horoscope has bad Jupiter or is contaminated in any way, such people should also avoid using gold.

  • Gold should not be worn at the waist because it can spoil your digestive system.

  • Apart from the stomach, there can also be problems related to the uterus, uterus, etc.

  • People who have stomach or obesity health problems should not wear gold.

  • People who are very angry, talkative, and anxious (impatience) should not wear gold.

  • People who do business with iron, coal, or any metal related to Saturn should not wear gold.

  • Women who are pregnant and who are old should also not wear gold. You can wear a little gold, but wearing too much gold can cause problems.

  • Gold shouldn't be worn on the left hand. Wear it on the left hand only when there is a special need. Wearing gold in the left hand can lead to trouble.

  • Gold rings or anklets shouldn't be worn on the feet because it is a very sacred metal. It is the metal of Jupiter. Wearing it on the feet brings problems in married life.

  • If you are wearing gold, then you should not consume alcohol and are non-vegetarian. By doing this you can be surrounded by problems. Gold is the sacred metal of Jupiter and it is necessary to maintain its sanctity.

  • Do not keep gold on the pillow while sleeping. Many people take out their ring or chain and put it under the pillow. This will not only cause sleep problems, but other problems can also arise.


Knowingly or unknowingly many times people wear bracelets or bracelets made of any metal. But doing so can prove to be dangerous for you. In fact, every metal is related to one or the other planet and if that planet is debilitated in your horoscope, then wearing such a metal can harm you. You can know when and how to wear a gold bracelet through an astrology phone consultation.

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