Which Planet is responsible for the failure of relationships in astrology?

Astrology is wide and rich in tradition. This helps a lot in life for many different things. Where do you want to know about your education future, career, love relationships, or married life? All these things are questioned and answered both in astrology. The expert astrologers look into your Kundali deeply with the position of planets and other things. All these are answered by astrology. Nowadays people are more interested in knowing about the issues related to their marriage. Because marriage is one of the most important things in life. To solve it, astrology is the most important factor. You can take marriage astrology predictions to learn about the planets responsible for it and how to solve it.



Planets responsible for failure of marriage 


The Planets have the most powerful position in everyone’s birth chart. Love problem astrology solution gives the idea about the planets responsible for the tough time in married life. There are four planets responsible for the bad times in relationships and marriage. These four planets are Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Rahu. Having a problem on one of these planets gives you a tough time in relationships in life.





Venus is a planet known for married life. It either makes or breaks the planet depending on the position of this planet. The houses are different and they have planets’ positions in them. Venus should be in a strong house position, otherwise, it will create many problems in life. If Venus is not in a favorable position then there will be tension, miscommunication, and many other things you will face in the relationship. All the problems and negativity will eventually lead to break up or ending the relationship in love or married life. Take astrological remedies to keep Venus in a favorable position.





Jupiter is one of the strongest planets in astrology. It is said that if you have Jupiter in your favor then everything will be working perfectly in your love life without any worries. But if Jupiter is not the perfect house or position, then there will be tons of issues in your love life. You might end up harming yourself or other people with the break-up in life. The position of this planet is very useful in life. Take all the types of astrological remedies possible to make this planet work in your favor.





Planet Mercury is strongest in position when it comes to passion and desire. These have both positive and negative sides to life. By having such driven passion and desire in life, you can make a strong relationship in life. Which works out in your favor without any issues in life. But having this Planet in the extreme house position will give you a hard time in life. It gives you anger and violent issues in life. And having such a complex mentality gives hard times in relationships. This easily ends up in breaking up the relationships in life. It is necessary to control it with the help of astrology.





The Rahu is the most worshiped planet in astrology. The reason for this is that it is the strongest planet. And it makes or breaks your life easily. This planet has a strong position in houses. And it is necessary to keep this planet’s position in control. Otherwise, it will give you a hard time in life, there will be zero ways for you to save the relationship in life. If you have Rahu in the position, astrological remedies are really important to keep this planet in control.



Astrology Solution 


Astrology provides many great solutions with complete accuracy to give you good times in life. IT helps in controlling these planets which gives you a tough time in married life. By keeping these four planets in control one can give you good times in marriage. Astrology gives the Chants, prayers, rituals, stones, puja, and many other solutions to make your married life work.


To Sum up 

For accurate solutions and remedies related to married life, it is important to take astrology solutions. You can try online Astrology consultation for better results and solutions in life. To make your life happy and peaceful.

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