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Which Day New Clothes And Jewelry Should Be Bought And Worn

Which Day New Clothes And Jewelry Should Be Bought And Worn

We all love to do shopping and wear new clothes, but if we do not choose the right day then it becomes difficult. New clothes fill us with negative energy and the mind gets spoiled. If we are going for some auspicious work, then we do that too reluctantly and there is very little hope of success in work done reluctantly. But if the choice of the day is right, then clothes not only bring positive energy and enthusiasm but also bring good luck.

Friday the Best

Tuesday and Saturday are considered the most inauspicious for wearing such new clothes. If you are making a program to go shopping, then Friday is considered the best day. The reason behind this is that Venus is considered to be the factor of wealth, opulence and happiness, clothes. On buying new clothes on Friday, Shukra Dev is pleased and has special blessings. Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday are also considered auspicious. Monday is considered moderately auspicious.

Nakshatra and Planets are Related

If Moon is in Krittika Nakshatra, then you should avoid wearing new clothes and ornaments, as you may be at risk of fire. While the Moon is in Ashwini and if you wear something new at that time, then the chances of getting many more new things to increase manifold. If you wear new clothes or jewelry in the right Nakshatra, then apart from solving health-related problems, your financial condition can also improve.

The Right Time to Buy and Wear Jewelry

If you are planning to buy new jewelry or are thinking of wearing the purchased jewelry, then know that wearing new jewelry on Saturday is inauspicious, whereas Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are considered auspicious. Its effect remains moderate on Tuesday.

Wear New Clothes at an Auspicious Time

We must have often seen that on any special occasion all the people in the house wear new clothes. The reason behind this is that wearing clothes at an auspicious time brings happiness and prosperity. New clothes fill you with enthusiasm. At the same time, it also has a direct relationship with the planets. If you are sad then wear pink or red color clothes, as well as yellow color for success.

New Clothes should be very clean

If the new cloth bought is not completely clean then it will be inauspicious for you. Many times new clothes have ink, soot, mud, cow dung or any kind of dirt which we should avoid. Do not wear torn and burnt clothes because it is considered to be the abode of Rahu. Apart from this, the planet Mercury gets angry by wearing new clothes without washing them. There is also a risk of diseases and skin infections from wearing unwashed clothes.

Wear New Jewelry

According to astrology, we should take special care while wearing new ornaments. It is considered inauspicious to break ornaments while wearing them.

Never Throw Old clothes

When our clothes become old, we throw them away but we should not do this at all. Instead of throwing old clothes, they should be donated.


Everyone is very eager to wear new clothes and jewelry but they do not know when it is the right time to wear them. By talking to astrology, know which color of clothes is most auspicious for you and on which day they should be worn.

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