When Will You Get Government Job – Astrological View

In today’s world, everyone wants a government job for a secure life career. But getting a government job is not easy. There are many things you need to face for it. And most importantly, you should study and have the proper knowledge about it. After that only, you will be able to get into a government job. Apart from all of these, there are some other factors which also help you in getting a government job. Astrology is the biggest reason and answer to all your questions regarding government jobs. You can tell all about it by your Kundali. There are answers in Kundali regarding career. By knowing things you will have good times in life with a secure job. For the Government Job you need to work hard honestly and with a passion to help others. Apart from all of this, your planets and zodiac sign will work for a Government job.


The Planets Responsible For Government Job


Mars is considered the Strongest planet responsible for a government job. If you have Mars in the First position or Forward position in your Kundali. There is a strong chance for you to have a government job.


After Mars the second strongest planet is Saturn. The First or Tenth position of Saturn has the chance of giving you a good government job opportunity in life.


In the Kundali, if Rahu and Mars are having a conjunction relationship then it is a hint for you but not a perfect answer. You just need to grab that opportunity and work hard on it.


Also, if Mars is sitting with Ketu then it will work in your favor or direction.


For some government jobs, some planets need to be in a strong position like Mercury and Jupiter. Its position will give a good chance in the working Government sector.


The Saturn zodiac sign in the tenth house will bring immense chance and opportunity for you to get a Government job.


Mercury in the sixth house will give you support and a chance in a Government job but that will not completely justify your need to work hard on it.


The position of Mercury and Jupiter is the best chance for the natives in the first house and the position of Kundali is a Government Job.


Position of Sun and Mars 


The Position of Sun and Mars in 10th households is a supreme position favorable for a Government job.


For the ninth house, the Sun should be in the fifth house for the Secure and long-time job in Government.


Mars should also be in the ninth house. It will give you direction and guidance in life for a government job.


The Sun and Mars in the first house will bring wealth and knowledge to you for the government job.


In Conclusion


To conclude, the position of zodiac signs and houses matters the most for great things in life. For the Government job you also need astrological support in life. You can try online Jyotish Consultation and ask one question for the perfect guidance and answers regarding a job in the Government sector for the betterment and security in life.

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