What is Kamurta? And things to take care of in the Kamurta Period?

The Kamurta is a period in between the wedding seasons in India, where you cannot hold any marriage during that time. From 15 December to the first or second week of January, there is a 15 day period where there is the entrance of bad luck in zodiac signs which bring bad luck and negativity in life. It is advised to now hold any marriage in life at this time. The Sun enters the Makar Rashi in this period and it is an awful time for the people to hold something important and good events in life. In this time of the Kamurta period, you should be careful of many things.

In this kamurta period, you should not hold any weddings or engagements. This time is like the break in the wedding season. In this particular period, you should hold any accusations of events in life like marriage, new business start, or other pooja. By doing any good thing in this time you will have problems of failing in it or negativity in those things. The events held in this time will face a stroke of major bad luck and will fail eventually. There are many things you need to take care of in this time of Kamurta. It is advised to consider online astrology consultation for guidance and solutions at this time.


Things to take care of in the Kamurta Period.


The Kamurta Period is a very ill period Muhrat wise for every good event like marriage, engagements, business, and more. So you should be immensely careful in this period while you are working on happy events in your life. If there is something particular you need to do in it at this period then in first place try to avoid it. But if there is still a need to do it then make sure to have a good timing like a still better time in it. And after that do puja before starting the new things in life. By doing puja to Lord Ganesha at the start of anything it will help you to protect the things in this time and make them use a little worth in life. By doing puja with your spouse at this time you will have a good time in your upcoming life and you will enjoy good times in life. This time and its Muhrat is still not as good as other days but if you do puja before it, things will be still kind of better.

In the Kamurta time, there won’t be many things to do in life. But still, it is a good time for some zodiac signs like those who have mangal in the signs, who are Manglik. They will have some good signs and indications in life. This Kamurta period is indeed not suitable for the good events in life and try to avoid the auspicious moments in this particular time. But there are some good chances to overcome it in life. And deal with things carefully and with proper guidance and astrology. It will be best to take astrology consultation for this time and get proper solutions and guidance in life. 

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