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What is Guru Chandal Dosha in Kundali? Remedies to Remove Guru Chandal Dosha

What is Guru Chandal Dosha in Kundali? Remedies to Remove Guru Chandal Dosha

What is Guru Chandal Dosha?

First of all, let’s interpret this name – Guru Chandal Dosha. In Sanskrit, the planet Jupiter is called Guru and Chandal means someone having fierce and demon-like features. Dosha, of course, means fault. So, if we bring this all together – Guru Chandal Dosha is related to a fault in one’s Kundali because of the positioning of the planet Jupiter, which results in ferocious results. Actually, it is a Dosha that takes birth when Jupiter and Rahu co-exist in the same house in one’s Kundali. This team can prove to be extremely destructive impacting the life of the owner of this Dosha in a negative manner. Overall life can be disturbed due to this and it becomes very important to identify this Dosha and work on its removal for peace in life. Our Astrology consultations can help you in both the identification and removal of Guru Chandal Dosha. 


Effects of Guru Chandal Dosha


Having Guru Chandal Dosha can be very destructive in one’s life. To know some of the negative effects it has on one’s life, please check the below-mentioned points:


  • Professional and academic graphs of the person having this Dosha can be steeply downwards.

  • There can be constant fear and risk of unemployment.

  • This can lead to indecisiveness in life’s important matters.

  • Financial crunches can become a part of life.

  • There can be a high amount of disharmony within the family, clashes, fights, and especially rift in the father-son relationships.

  • The constant fight against medical ailments, which can be chronic too sometimes. Persistent medical problems can lead to the breakdown of a person’s morale and patience.

  • When indecisiveness and urgency for taking decisions coincide, it, many times, leads to making the wrong decision. This can prove to be dangerous and unhealthy.

  • The attitude of the person having this Dosha becomes stubborn and self-centered. He is not able to gel with anybody and it affects the teamwork concept.

  • The adverse effect of Guru Chandal Dosha can also lead to criminal offenses, resulting in lawful punishments.

  • Family disputes over ancestral properties cannot be resolved.

  • It refrains a person from having a good hold on a particular field in terms of expertise, which blocks him to become different from others professionally.

Remedies of Guru Chandal Dosha


Looking at the ferocious effects of the Guru Chandal Dosha, it becomes inevitable to get rid of it. There are a few remedies that can help us nullify the effect of this Dosha. They are:


  • The blessings of your Guru can help you reduce or remove the effects of Guru Chandal Dosha. Choose your Guru wisely and his advice and blessings will do wonders.

  • Daily Jaap of Gayatri Mantra 108 times will help in reducing the effect.

  • A Mala made of Tulsi, if worn, can prevent you from getting pulled towards the wrong paths. And hence, will reduce the effects of this Dosha.

  • Keeping a yellow-colored cloth with you always can be termed as a prayer to Jupiter, as Jupiter is worshipped through yellow color.

  • Lord of Jupiter is Lord Vishnu and their suspicious day is Thursday. Worshipping Lord Vishnu on Thursdays and giving Chana and jaggery in daana to Gaay Maata and needy people can help get a positive impact of Guru Chandal Dosha.

  • Perform the Chandal Dosha Nivaran Pooja.

  • Wearing a Guru Yantra as a pendant along with Rudraksha can be helpful in this task.

  • Doing Jaap of Vishnu Sahasranaamavali will prove to be effective for some.

  • Meditation and Jaap of Brahaspati Mantra also help in this.


Having Guru Chandal Dosha can be troublesome in anybody’s life. It can make life miserable and makes it inevitable to cure or remove this. It is essential first to identify that you have Guru Chandal Dosha. For that, you have to consult a knowledgeable and experienced astrologer, who can help you analyze your Kundali, identify the Dosha in it, and guide you to get rid of all those Dosha. Our Astrology consultations will help you in all this. We can help you identify your Dosha and will guide you with ways to remove its negative effects from your life. Kundali analysis can help in understanding the reasons for the issues of our life and their solutions.

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