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What are the signs of troubled married life?

What are the signs of troubled married life?

Every relationship has its ups and downs and successful couples deal with any kind of problems and complex issues in everyday life. In Indian society, people get kundali matching done. In this process, the horoscope of both couples is analyzed. Expert astrologers study the kundali of both persons and also tell the solution to the problem that comes after marriage.

There are some common warning signs and red flags that may suggest that a marriage is in trouble. 


You feel lonely in your relationship. 

Loneliness is a sign of serious marital problems. It's critical to recognize this and express your sentiments to your partner.


You're worried about your finances. 

It can be difficult to make time for good, old-fashioned romance if you're constantly worried about your next paycheck or obtaining a better job. Rather than allowing your money troubles to divide you, discover ways to address them as a team.


You don’t crave time with your partner. 

Realizing that you prefer spending time with other people to spending time with your spouse is a big warning sign. You should crave time with your partner when you’re with other people and not the other way around.


You don't fight anymore. 

Bickering can be beneficial, even though it may seem counterintuitive. The main issue is apathy. Owing to not wanting to rock the boat or having given up your wants. As a result, there is a sense that people are roommates rather than lovers, and there is a lack of connection.  


You Start Keeping Secrets 

It's very normal to keep some things to yourself. Keeping secrets on purpose, like your finances, new friends or connecting with an old lover even though it’s just talking are signs that your marriage might be in trouble


They Aren't The First People You Contact  

In a good marriage, your spouse is the first person to give you emotional support in both good and difficult times. After all, your partner is your "person." It could be an indication that something is awry if your partner isn't the first person you reach out to when you're down—or when you're celebrating your victories.


You Aren't Able to Communicate 

Open communication is a hallmark of a good relationship, so if you're not conversing (or only making small talk), you should be concerned. Failing marriages lose the skill and inclination to settle marital difficulties. More significant talks are fewer, and mutual challenges are missed or ignored. When people refuse to communicate, no problem or argument is ever solved, therefore if you're not talking, you're in trouble.


You are unable to engage in an unpleasant conversation.  

Every healthy marriage will have difficulties, and communicating about those difficulties is essential to maintaining a healthy partnership. Are you comfortable discussing money, sex, future goals, children, family ties, and other sensitive topics? If you're willing to be open and honest, you've established a level of trust. However, if every conversation about a sensitive subject feels like nagging, you won't listen to each other, and your relationship will suffer as a result.


You're trying to avoid each other.  

Do you find yourself staying at work longer than necessary or wasting time mindlessly wandering the aisles of Target just to avoid having to go home? Are you both zoning out on your phones or retiring to bed at separate times while you're supposed to be watching Netflix? These could be subconscious cues that you're unhappy.


The good times are over.  

A distance in a relationship can be traced back to humor. With all of the typical conflicts and sacrifices that come with marriage, it's critical for couples to find humor when things become tough, she says, since laughing is a great healer. If you and your spouse can no longer joke and laugh things off, you're likely stuck in a bad cycle that needs to be broken.


Some Astrological Signs of Troubled Married Life:


Astrologers will check if there is any kind of relation between Saturn and Mars before marriage prediction.


Sun and Mars should be studied while making predictions about both couples.


If the Sun is afflicted by Saturn, the husband may become weaker, diseased, and cruel than the woman. In this case, the marriage gets delayed.


If Mars is afflicted by Saturn, is in the square of Saturn, is in the second or 12th  house from Saturn or if Saturn is in the 4th or 8th house from Mars, then bad results like widowhood, separation, rejection of children, etc. should be expected.


Ketu, Shani, Mars, Sun, and Rahu are taken as malefic planets and their influence causes marital problems.


The 7th house and twelfth house are related houses of marriage. To study the stability of marriage, we have to study both these expressions.



If you are experiencing marriage problems, don't wait for the situation to get worse, talk to astrologers who can help you find solutions to the problems you are facing with your life partner.

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