What Are The Reasons For Divorce According to Astrology?

What Are The Reasons For Divorce According to Astrology?

In the contemporary world, a number of couples are facing divorce and a broken heart in their life due to a weak relationship. According to Indian history, no one use to think about having a divorce, but nowadays due to many reasons like misunderstandings, extramarital affairs, financial problems, career problems, not having a child, problems with in-laws, and many more. Some couple uses to solve it by discussing things and by taking mutual decisions because their bonds are strong. Whereas few of them never want to solve things because they don’t have trust in each other, and then finally they got apart.

Basic Reasons Behind Divorce Between Couples





When both the partners in a relationship can’t understand each other’s mindsets, concepts, and mentality then misunderstanding will take place.


Trust Issues


According to people, when a couple gets apart, trust is the biggest issue. When both of them won’t trust each other they will get a part. 


Financial Problems


Sometimes monetary problems are faced by couples and due to financial problems their lifestyle will get disturbed and small conflicts will take place in the relationship. Meanwhile, it gets bigger and divorce will take place. 


Extra Marital Affair


When one of them has a relationship with the other at that point another partner will demand a divorce. 


Not Having a Child


when one of them is not fertile then other members of the relationship use to ask for a divorce because the other partner wants a child. According to Indian history, people think that child is their future generation and due to this mentality in-laws use to give pressure.


Reasons for Divorce According to Astrology


According to astrologers, there are few houses that should be analyzed for marriage. Moreover, zodiac signs and their planets are a big reason for divorce, and that planet is connected with houses, and if the planets of our zodiac sign are not a positive house then it leads to divorce. Even houses should be analyzed in kundali.


Houses that should be Examined before Marriage in Kundali


There are a total of 12 houses and from that 12 houses, the main four houses should be examined for their health and marital life. And if that house doesn’t match then divorce takes place.


2nd House


This house indicates a bond and relationship with our family and relatives. If this house has any kind of disorder then it also leads to divorce.


4th House


It denotes the bond between a child and her mother and shows a family relationship. This is the main to analyze it before getting married.


7th House


The seventh house signifies all the aspects of marriage and companionship. Like attraction, marriage, and partnership. However, when Jupiter is a native of the 7th house then the relationship will never break.


12th House


The twelfth house is a negative house that can bring negativity To a relationship, it can also break the relationship and can bring problems in sexual relations.



The Relation of some Planets with Marriage House can Lead to Divorce





Sun is hot in nature and its separative planate. And if the sun is in the 1st or 7th house it will bring negativity in marriage and also lead to conflicts in relationships. Moreover, if Saturn and the sun are together in the 7th house it will lead the relationship toward the end and divorce. 




According to astrologers, its red color is planate, and when it will combine with some houses the person will get Manglik dosh. And Manglik dosh will create big conflicts in a relationship. However, it doesn’t lead to divorce but it brings negativity and fights between the couple. Additionally, when Saturn and Mars come together it will lead the relationship toward divorce. It is generally placed on the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th it is known as Manglik dosh.




It is a slowly moving planate so sometimes it works as poison in a relationship. If Saturn is placed in the 1st or 7th house it will lead to lifelong separation or divorce.




According to an astrology study, Rahu is placed in the 7th house and it means extra marital affair in a relationship. If one of them has Rahu then that one partner is not honest in the relationship and he will have a relationship with a third person which will bring separation.




If Ketu is present in the 7th house which shows a lack of interest in marriage life. Moreover, this also indicates a lack of interest in sex life. If Ketu is combined with Venus it will show an extramarital affair which leads relation toward the end.


According to astrology, these are some main reasons why relationships and marriages will end. If you want more details about it and want Marriage Problem Prediction, Talk to astrologers.

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