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Virgo Sun Taurus Rising

Virgo Sun Taurus Rising

With the Virgo Sun rising in Taurus, you are driven by your own needs and your security, practicality, and efficiency rule your life and make you an excellent worker. You have an excellent sense of observation and analysis, you leave nothing to chance and are extremely precise in your actions. Willing, determined, and demanding, you invest wholeheartedly without stopping to achieve your goals.

It is a balanced combination of signs. You are extremely friendly, and funny, have good taste, and are probably a great animal lover. You are practical and sensible but do not try to impose your views on people based on common sense. You have a good sense of humor, love fun, and spend a lot of time socializing and in romantic relationships. Artistic expression is of paramount importance to you, but do not be discouraged if you fail to become a professional in the field of art. You love kids and they love you too. Fond of enjoying all the benefits of life, you can sometimes allow yourself to overeat and abuse alcohol. You are a wonderful master and resourceful cook.

Virgo Sun Taurus Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, You are endowed with solid common sense, a practical mind, and a goal-oriented personality, and you work patiently to build your projects. You are aware of the material realities of life, but you find it difficult to understand the psychological difficulties of some people, and you are instinctively suspicious of those who lack realism or common sense.

With the Virgo Sun rising in Taurus, you are in the element of a routine lifestyle that protects you from major changes. You have the power of creativity that just needs to be unleashed, but your imagination leads you to underestimate yourself, to see only the "utilitarian" side of yourself, sometimes sacrificing your ideas for others. Is. Leaves the field open for taking advantage.

Virgo Sun Taurus Rising Woman

They are only willing to play with words. Silent links are unimaginable for them, they can remain silent only if something does not arouse their interest. Being unsure of themselves and not knowing themselves very well, they tend to mess up their conversations a lot and indulge in some hasty, hasty confessions. Patience is not his strong suit, although he says so.

They change friends; Long-lasting relationships appear only as a result of suffering, and disappointment in new friends forces you to return to the old ones. Sometimes it seems that they too often look at everything under a magnifying glass.

Virgo Sun Taurus Rising Man

The character of a man with Sun in Virgo and rising in Taurus gives the impression of real equanimity and straightforwardness. They realize and deal with the problems of everyday life. They are pleasant to have around, including the fact that they are great at talking and coloring. They want to ensure the end of life thrice and are constantly looking for new opportunities for it.

They can confuse anyone with their perfect images with speech, explaining and hiding behind their realistic reality. At the same time, there is a pronounced criticality in them, especially when it comes to dreams, fantasies, and some completely new improvements. They quickly find weaknesses in these plans and break them ruthlessly, but so that there is no malice involved.

Virgo Sun and Taurus Rising Compatibility

All that timidity and virgin innocence, mixed with all that sensuality, this combination naturally releases sexual energy that they are unaware of, which attracts many people. Scorpio rules their seventh house of marriage, love, and relationships and yes, indeed, Scorpio is a great match here. In this combination, Leo and Libra become good friends. However, other Fire and Air signs are not so good. Aries people are a little too impulsive for this combination, while Sagittarius people are a little more independent and adventurous and always want to leave the house and go out. This combination prefers to stay at home.

Aquarius is too emotionally detached for this sign, and makes a little quincunx aspect to Virgo, while Gemini can really work, and have a lot of understanding because Gemini The zodiac sign is also ruled by Mercury. However, there is a class aspect between them, which usually means sexual attraction, as well as many differences - however, lessons will be learned from each other.


Virgo Sun Taurus Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you are attracted by worldly love, you are sensual, practical, and passionate and you are rarely happy without a spouse. You may not show it, but you are very vulnerable, and you are terrified of the thought of being rejected. You are jealous but unstable. Your family's happiness may be hindered by opponents. For some reason, you and your spouse may come to the decision that it would be better to separate, and the relationship you will have after divorce will be full of drama and problems. Your children will be a source of satisfaction for you, they will excel in their studies, especially in the field of arts. But in the first years of life, they will need very good care, as they may not be in good health.

In love, you don't take commitments lightly; Once you are in a relationship, it is for life. You aspire to build a stable, solid home. Cerebral, you have strong control over your feelings and emotions, which you can't help analyzing. With the Virgo Sun rising in Taurus, your emotions take time to develop. You are loyal and authentic in love and friendship, and very devoted to those you love. Your ascendant brings you warmth and sensuality. You need a mobile partner who can take you off the beaten path to discover new horizons. However, you will always be loyal. Still, you are often extremely observant, and so you have a deep sense of what a relationship means to you. This will be fruitful only if you are successful in building a lot of trust. It's an exchange of courtesies: Virgo brings a sense of observation, and Taurus brings his taste for pleasure.

Virgo Sun Taurus Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, your main problem is your weight, and it is difficult for you to diet. They are well prepared, and your life plants depend on your appetite. You may suffer from diseases of the spleen, liver, kidney, and ovaries of women. Diabetes, sore throat, and tonsillitis are diseases characterized by this combination of symptoms. Just take a little care of yourself, and it will reward you a hundredfold because only constant neglect of your health can harm your strong body.

Virgo Sun Taurus Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are very visionary, capable of becoming a leader, and can achieve high positions in life. You may be interested in the natural sciences, land, and gardening, be successful in the arts, in working with children or animals, or in classes related to property management or playing on the stock exchange. You will be a prosperous person, although you may suffer losses due to legal disputes, unemployment, or love affairs. Unexpected luck may also come to you through someone's loyal love and friends.

You manage your assets and investments with the power of your mind. You are a friendly opportunist and adept at taking advantage of opportunities. Disciplined and conscientious, you scrupulously respect the deadlines, rules, and priorities you set for yourself. On the strength of perseverance, you make slow but steady progress toward success, gradually accumulating savings and assets that you can easily put to good use.


You are as flexible as a lead pipe, and your stubborn resistance to change leads to endless problems. Additionally, you are spendthrift, self-indulgent, and only interested in pleasure and entertainment. You like to cooperate with people only as long as nothing is expected from you. Children are great when they behave well, and money is a means of obtaining pleasure, but not of obtaining anything necessary. It's very hard for people to reach you, and if they try to prove you wrong, you get angry or drown your complaints in the most expensive wine that can be found. Even when money is tight, your response is to spend money on new clothes at the most expensive stores. It is not surprising that you are a cause of suffering to your friends and do not deserve them at all. If you want to know more about Virgo Sun Taurus rising then talk to astrology.

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