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Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising

Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising

With the Virgo Sun rising in Scorpio, you are a hard worker with an eye for detail and an aspiration for perfection. You may be assigned the most unfavorable task. You constantly suppress your emotions, which can lead to a lot of anxiety or nervous tension. Try to express yourself. If you want a chance to meet partners who understand you, you have to learn to trust and open up to others.

You have your own principles, which you readily share with people without thinking. When people get tired of listening to you and they tell you the obvious, you become rude and sarcastic. Jealousy just comes out of you, you can't survive when others are happy and successful. You can't hesitate to destroy people's beliefs without giving them acceptable alternatives and without even bothering to back up your points with arguments. You like to listen only to yourself. Often feeling unhappy, you want to be reassured that others are bad too. Your sharp comments hurt people deep down, even though you ignore their reactions or dismiss them as something unimportant. You are tactless, jealousy eats you. They never forget or forgive anything and will enjoy taking revenge, no matter how long you have to wait for it. Any person in their right mind will drive you three kilometers, and you will be accompanied by people who are your companions.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, You are naturally inclined to analyze your thoughts and feelings. You want to gain control over yourself and the circumstances of your life. With a keen sensitivity that serves as radar in the relational realm, you excel at working out the many concrete details to evolve your life. You are naturally inclined to separate from the fundamental aspects that every person possesses within themselves.

Virgo Sun Scorpio rising, your reason protects you from passion and restrains your emotions. Reserved, cautious, and contemplative, you use your powers of observation and analysis to calculate, analyze, and examine the people and situations you encounter. Efficiency and control are your specialties, but you often let doubt and lack of confidence take over, hesitation, and making it difficult to make decisions.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising Woman

Virgo Sun Scorpio rising woman, leaves nothing that can help them achieve immediate goals. They know that it must be done now because their lives are ahead. If someone does not work like them, it makes them angry, they start following him with a feeling of hatred until he either works with others or quits the job. Since childhood they want to do every work very well; These are prepared to be eaten on separate plates so that the mother can eat less and eat quickly.

Virgo with Scorpio Rising is always full of something or the other; Mental stress puts their health at risk. If something goes wrong they explode. They may suffer from jealousy, as they constantly exaggerate and underestimate their strengths.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising Man

A man with Sun in Virgo and Rising in Scorpio is passionately dedicated to the tasks of the present time, which they are eager to solve with enthusiasm. They look neither back nor ahead, their work lies in the present.

They may also shut down or suppress emotions to get their work done. Their compulsion may affect the nerves of the employees but ultimately causes harm to them. It gives the impression of fanaticism, but it is deliberate involvement and deliberate obsession. Naturally, they may erupt in anger, but they only bite their lips.

Virgo Sun and Scorpio Rising Compatibility

The Scorpio Sun in Virgo definitely wants a passionate love where they will be adamant about the object of their desire. They want a beautiful marriage and family. Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising will primarily attract other Earth and Water signs. Pisces and Cancer make wonderful matches, as do Taurus and Capricorn. Taurus people do especially well, as they rule the 7th house of love, relationships, and marriage.

Leo and Libra are good friends. However, Geminis and Aquarius don't always work well here. Gemini will definitely find this type of Virgo too intense for their liking, and Aquarius may be too emotionally detached for this Virgo. For this Virgo, Aries and Sagittarius are a little too strong, extroverted, and courageous.


Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you are reserved and appear calm and collected when in reality you are wracked with emotions and you are desperately trying to fall in love, although this does not always bring only pleasant experiences. You suppress your partner, and your criticism means you can kill his or her deepest feelings before they reach their peak. The passion of your nature will probably lead to the fact that you will marry more than once. You will have many children (probably twins) and they will get married soon. You may experience some kind of secret sorrow in relation to these. You will have several secret love affairs, one of which will have a significant impact on your life situation - for better or for worse.

Shy and distrustful, you need to feel completely confident to open up to others. Idealistic and selective, you are very selective in your search for a partner and it may take you a long time to find one. You are a little awkward at expressing your feelings, but you are loyal and devoted. You're charming and often liked, but you don't make yourself accessible enough for many adventures. Your love life should be stable and your partner should be attractive.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you hide your emotions and will suffer from diseases caused by stress. Physical exercise will help you relax and improve your health. You are at risk of gall bladder disease, headache, fever, and swelling in the reproductive organs. There may be a risk of injury to your right hand and you should also handle hot or sharp objects with caution. You should protect your eyes. Most often, you are the cause of your own illnesses, because in some cases you are the victim of uncontrolled behavior.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, experts in the field of occult sciences, chemists, philosophers, and spies owe their genius to this combination of signs. Your playfulness and inclination towards disputes can find their positive embodiment in the ability to hold a fiery discussion. There is also a tendency to take over the sea and a desire to take leading positions in government. Your financial matters are often in despair. In youth, you will be poor, but in mature years you will be successful. Significant financial gains can also be made due to matters related to marriage, family support, business abroad, and legal issues. There are two different sources of income. Your ambitious aspirations will be fulfilled and all your efforts will be justified.

Virgo Sun, Scorpio rising, you create complex strategies to achieve your goals without attracting attention. You are determined, and make many efforts which always yield results, yet you remain rational. You use your connections judiciously to obtain information about potentially interesting investments. Your intuition helps you a lot, and you are not particularly wasteful. You have the ability to get to the bottom of things and are detail-oriented. In fact, you are methodical, organized, spontaneous, and intuitive, you work efficiently and quickly. Determined and willing, you stop at no stage to achieve your goals. Additionally, you are direct and domineering, which means you maintain complicated relationships with your coworkers.


They are born professionals who care about the quality of work and try to do every job in the best possible way. This quality can take you very far. You know exactly what you want to achieve in life, and you do everything you can to achieve your ambitions, often with visible results. Try to be less picky, as this can lead to arguments that you may regret later. You have a rich imagination, you are impatient, quick to fire, although it is equally fiery and calm. You have siblings, but you may be the only child in the family. Your siblings may not be very lucky in life. Father treats you well, but he will face many failures. If you want to know more about Virgo Sun Scorpio rising then talk to astrology.

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