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Virgo Sun Pisces Rising

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising

At first glance, it seems soft, gentle, and delicate like a butterfly, but a closer look reveals that the wings of this moth are made entirely of thin gas, but made of iron. You can be charitable and sensitive, but you cannot accept you with open arms. If you are able to combine your artistic abilities and your practicality together, you will be able to achieve great success. Additionally, you are fully capable of working with a partner. You know how to give and take, how to compromise without harming yourself, not touching anyone's ego, and not creating resentment and resentment.

You don't really like loneliness, you prefer the company of people in your circle whose thoughts and interests match yours. You are in a state of indecision and you need time to think and weigh everything. Sometimes you are restless and sad, but usually, you are charming and charming. Everything is not going well in your parents' relationship, some accident may happen. Your mother may have been married twice. It is impossible to know what exactly is hidden in the Virgo Sun Pisces rising combination. You are very complex, so following your lead can be quite difficult. While your Pisces ascendant makes you more mysterious and reserved, you are equally contemplative, intuitive, original, and conformist. All these aspects of your personality can come as quite a surprise to the people around you after some time. Pisces' extreme prudence makes you an excellent manager of day-to-day tasks. Tough, you know your limits and when to respect them.

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, You are so fickle and changeable that sometimes you don't even know what you are doing and why. You are always in a bad mood, and others think that you take up their time, suck their energy, and test their patience. You are not responsible for your actions, people quickly realize what kind of parasite you really are, and try to avoid you. But don't be afraid of that, you will always find someone you can connect with. Unfortunately, you have a certain charm about you, yet your intentions are always clear. People are not deceived by your speeches for long, and sooner or later your source of potential victims will run out.

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising Woman

In order to survive better in everyday life, they quickly fall in love, but then they have to give up everything. The safest way is to live in a society where they set high goals for themselves. The more they indoctrinate themselves, denying themselves the right to vote, the more they yearn for partnership, hoping to find support in a partner, because everyday life becomes so difficult to verify. Is.

Mysticism can play a great role in their life, they also try to get to the bottom of the phenomenon. Almost all of them are creating for themselves a mysterious world in which they want to go out in the evening when they can safely retire from everyday life without fear. Depending on the initial level, this may lead to isolation or missionary obsession.

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising Man

The character of a man with the Sun in Virgo and the Ascendant in Pisces intuitively feels the world around him, but is often unable to follow his instincts. In short, they are aware of the need to cope with everyday life while performing their duties. But they often allow themselves to be distracted, allow themselves to postpone necessary work, and become very sensitive to disturbing circumstances.

Virgo Sun rising in Pisces men hope to find strength in a partner who is chosen in an appropriately selfish manner. If it works, they get on with business, but they need a break to "recharge." They always see their surroundings as enlightened, never as harsh as it really is. This leads to difficulties, because, contrary to a good instinct, they allow themselves to be deceived, rarely deceive, but often - to seduce, they willingly give in and give promises that Are not able to complete.

Virgo Sun and Pisces Rising Compatibility

Virgo Sun Pisces rising people need someone who can draw them out of their introverted ways, but not someone who is too frantic and agitated. People with Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer zodiac signs make great partners. Leo and Libra are wonderful friends.

Aries may be a little too wild and impulsive for Virgo and Sagittarius may be a little too adventurous for their liking, but they will have things in common. They may have some similarities with Gemini people. Aquarius is too emotionally detached for this combination. Virgo and Pisces work well.


Virgo Sun Pisces Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, With the Virgo Sun rising in Pisces, you need security, affection, and balance in your life. In a relationship, you are gentle, loving, attentive, demonstrative, and soft, plus you know how to listen to your partner. Communication, trust, honesty, involvement, and sharing are the strengths of your relationship. You need reassurance and comfort when you are surrounded by doubt and hesitation. Additionally, family and children are important values to you.

You are idealistic, the idea of love attracts you. Yet, you always remain stuck in unpleasant situations and cling to memories instead of moving forward in life. You may marry more than once and this aspect of life will bring you only troubles. Relatives from your spouse's side will interfere in your life until you stop it. Marriage will bring you good fortune or inheritance. You will have many children, you will be lucky in life. They will travel a lot and their life will be full of changes.

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you will not be healthy in youth, but your body will become stronger in adulthood. They need to carefully monitor their diet, spend a lot of time in the fresh air, and get regular exercise. Your weak spots are your feet, knees, and eyes. You may be at risk for heart disease, and you should handle hot or sharp objects with care. Women may suffer from gynecological diseases. It will help you a lot if you avoid nervous tension and alcohol addiction.

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you may be successful in nutrition, health, literature, arts, or science. The work done for your partner will be successful for you. You are very active and will be successful in any field of your interest. Prosperity will come thanks to your efforts, its source may be literary work or travel. In the satisfaction of your ambitions, you will get a lot of help from women who hold good positions in life. You will make many business trips or have two businesses.

You are a complex character, and your professional team has a lot of difficulties in following you or understanding your way of working. One day, structured, organized, and systematic, the next day, scattered, thoughtless, and irregular, with you, no one knows what to expect. Therefore you must rely on a structure or a team that will be able to monitor you. In addition, you have a good vision of events and especially a good perception of the people around you.


Virgo and Pisces may oppose each other based on zodiac sign but in reality, they are quite similar. Both Virgo and Pisces are female mutable signs. The difference is in their elements, Virgo is Earth while Pisces is water. Both are extremely shy, yet both secretly wish they had each other's qualities. A great example of this is order and chaos. Virgo is all about perfection and everything is in its place, whereas Pisces can be chaotic, living in a mess and not even realizing it. Virgos wish they could be more spontaneous while Pisces wish they could be neater and more organized. If you want to know more about Virgo Sun Pisces rising then talk to astrology.

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