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Virgo Sun Cancer Rising

Virgo Sun Cancer Rising

Virgo Sun Cancer Rising creates a very confusing but interesting combination. Both dreamy and rational and paranoid and cautious, you are full of contradictions, but the good news is that this only adds to your charm. You dream of making significant changes in your life and giving up everything to pursue your dreams, but you hate the idea of taking risks. You believe the grass is greener on the other side, but you're afraid to go and confirm it. The unknown scares you and makes you unable to roll the dice on big decisions.

You have a rich imagination, you are attracted to unfamiliar places and adventures, and you easily adapt to other people and accept their ideas and views. Your life will be full of ups and downs, you will enjoy fame and possess some power. You can be the only child in the family, and if you have brothers and sisters, they will not be very lucky in life. Possibly after marriage you may establish close relations with some other family.

Virgo Sun Cancer Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Despite all your love for people, you really don't want to deal with them. You are motivated by a clear goal, but your activity drops when the goal is not clear. You are hypersensitive but do not always show that you are hurt or hurt, and tend to hide your feelings deep inside. This puzzles people, and only when you once again begin to mope, do they begin to suspect that you are offended by something. You can be complacent, sympathetic, kind, and gentle, but when you are ill, hide deeply in your shell.

You have no sense of proportion at all, and you become angry in response to the slightest criticism. You do not hesitate to make sharp comments to people and blame them for their lack of tact, although you completely ignore their feelings. At best, you are a headache to others, at worst you are boredom and suffering. You delight in making others miserable, exciting non-existent grievances in their imagination. You do not generate love among people and if there is such a person, you will not delay in expelling him. When you're in a bad mood, you close the door to everyone so your "accuser" knows they don't need you. One day when you open them again they will see that there is no one around.

Virgo Sun Cancer Rising Woman

Virgo Sun with Cancer Rising would like to work with all women of goodwill, but unfortunately, they find it difficult to find such people. Being the boss, they are very sensitive to criticism, so sometimes they don't feel completely confident. They are looking for complex solutions to blame the employee; It is difficult for them to give sharp expressions.

If you need to get something from them, they will have to be persuaded to some extent. However, if they feel flattered, it will hurt them, so it is better to keep some distance from them. They can hardly bear disappointment, but they never feel completely free; A lot of them get nervous, and they try to make all the work go smoothly, which, unfortunately, depends on their mood.

Virgo Sun Cancer Rising Man

A man with Sun in Virgo rising in Cancer is fully capable of realizing the essential duties of everyday life. True, they sometimes carry themselves as if they alone are truly capable of doing the job. But they don't want that; That's what they expect from others simply because they are hard-working.

His work is always well prepared, and the measure of his participation is always variable; They cannot take anything in their hands for a long time, but then they will overtake everyone. They are very firm in performing their duties; If they are roused from bed at night they agree without complaint. They know how to behave with others, because they know the arguments of others in advance, because they silently observe them, and they have a memory that could be called demonic.

Virgo Sun and Cancer Rising Compatibility

A person with this combination is gentle in love and likes to spend time at home, away from the crowd. Capricorns rule their 7th house of romance, relationships, and marriage, so they are looking for an ambitious partner who preferably has some sort of social standing, makes a good living, and has a lot of ambition. They are mostly attracted to other earth and water signs. Like Gemini, Leo and Libra also become good friends.

Pisces and Scorpio make wonderful marriage partners, as do Taurus and of course Capricorn. The other Virgos and Cancers fit very well. Aquarius is very different emotionally from this very nurturing person. For the Virgo Sun Cancer ascendant, Aries people are extremely hot-headed and impulsive, and for this Sagittarius Sun person, they are extremely freedom-loving, independent, and adventurous and can be very needy in love.


Virgo Sun Cancer Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, Love acts on you as a revitalizing agent, giving you energy and confidence. You are sentimental and treasure small things that remind you of past loves. Even if all your love relationships end unsuccessfully, the urgent need for love constantly pushes you towards new acquaintances. You should be very careful while choosing your life partner, as marital happiness is doubtful for you. Children will bring you problems, although the older child may achieve success in medicine, military science, or chemistry. Your children will become your best support and reassurance in old age.

You aspire to harmony, and you are constantly trying to settle down! You have an unconditional fear of breakup and abandonment. Rather than endure disappointment, you often choose to remain alone. If you succeed in overcoming your fear, you will be able to stabilize and blossom without any problems. In a relationship, you are attentive, sweet, affectionate, and thoughtful. Your need for security makes you quite dependent on the other, just as you have to be a mother to your other half.

Virgo Sun Cancer Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, your emotionality, as well as your love for sweets, is the biggest threat to your health. Suppressed anger can have a devastating effect on the body, and attempting to compensate for negative emotions by consuming excessive amounts of food or bingeing on alcohol can permanently weaken your strength. Sensitive areas: chest and abdomen. You are at risk of arthritis and sciatica. There is some risk of injury from a fall, as well as the possibility of becoming ill while traveling or while you are abroad. Just a little bit of common sense will go a long way to increasing your chances of living a very long life.

Virgo Sun Cancer Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you have an amazing talent for putting old materials to new use and making money out of them. You are striving for security and a good position but will face difficulties in achieving material success. The source of loss will be relatives, children, speculative operations, or love affairs. Although you will be spared from many troubles, the coming years will be successful for you and will bring prosperity. Enterprise and courage will bring success, although your position will be somewhat unstable for thirty-five years. You can become a wonderful sailor, journalist, or person of independent profession and will travel a lot on business related to your work. You can manifest yourself in some kind of social movement, as well as in places where interaction is an essential attribute of the work.


Virgo Sun is rising in Cancer, you are passionate and reasonable due to Cancer's wise influence and good advice. The people around you trust you and know that no matter what happens they will always be able to count on you. Virgo Sun, Cancer rising, you are known to be reliable, solid, rigorous, and regular in your activities. Your sense of analysis, observation, and understanding are tools you should use in your various daily tasks. You often doubt yourself, and you need to feel support or approval in your actions. Sociable, you have no difficulty fitting into a team, as long as it is dynamic, entrepreneurial, and cohesive. If you want to know more about Virgo Sun Cancer rising then talk to astrology.

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