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Virgo Birthstone - Virgo Lucky Birthstone, Meaning, Benefits & Uses

Virgo Birthstone - Virgo Lucky Birthstone, Meaning, Benefits & Uses

Earth sign Virgo whose lord is Mercury, its lucky gem is Panna/Emerald. Virgo is clever and attractive. Every work of this zodiac sign is done with full diligence and dedication. He likes to organize everything. They never run away from challenges. They live by working hard to achieve their goals. The people of this zodiac are sharp-minded. His nature is easy-going and humble. People of this zodiac keep looking for the weakness of others. People of this zodiac enjoy social happiness.


What Is The Virgo Zodiac Sign?


Virgo is an earth sign with Mercury being the lord of the zodiac. Due to the influence of Mercury on the people of this zodiac, their nature is unstable. Their nature is very playful and they are also intelligent. They are also attractive to show.


What Is The Virgo Birthstone?        


The lucky gem of the Virgo zodiac sign is Panna/Emerald Gemstones which is a gem of Mercury. Mercury is the lord of Virgo and Emerald is the gem of Mercury, so it is beneficial for Virgo people to wear Emerald. This gemstone removes the negative effects of Mercury and provides positive energy to the wearer of this gemstone. Virgo zodiac sign can wear this stone without hesitation, it will benefit them a lot. Wealth increases by wearing this stone.


Lucky Gemstones For Virgo Man


The lucky gemstone of Virgo man is Emerald. Gemstones are considered to be the most effective for the men of this zodiac. This gemstone clears the mind and helps in healing. By wearing this stone, Virgo men get rid of negative effects and provide positive effects. Wearing this strengthens the personality of men and maintains prestige in society. Relieves from mental stress.


Lucky Gemstones For Virgo Woman


The lucky gemstone for Virgo women is Emerald which helps them to make the right decision. Wearing this gemstone brings positive change in the life of a woman. This gemstone is helpful in increasing the confidence of women. Wearing emerald gemstone also brings practical happiness. This stone acts as a lucky charm for a woman.


Benefits Of Virgo Birthstone  


If a Virgo person wears an emerald, then he is praised in his work. Those whose horoscope is having an inauspicious effect on Mercury should wear this emerald, it reduces the negative effect of Mercury and gives positivity. If Virgo people have problems in love marriage, then they should wear it like this. This stone is also beneficial in business. It also helps in making up for the spoiled work of the person. Wearing this gem gets rid of business problems. This gem is also effective for a person who is in debt.


Uses Of Virgo Birthstone       


Virgo should wear an emerald in a gold ring on Wednesday and wear it on the little finger. One should meditate on Lord Mercury while wearing it. This gem should be worn in a good constellation after bathing in milk. Before wearing this gemstone, one should chant the mantra of Mercury 'Om Budhay Namah'. Doing this will give good results. All our stalled work will be completed.


According to astrology predictions, the emerald gemstone is the one that balances Mercury and gives auspicious results. Earthly life is spent well under the influence of the planet Mercury. The good influence of Mercury is essential in the horoscope. Mercury helps in completing our pending work.

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