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Veshi Yoga in Astrology - Vasi Yoga

Veshi Yoga in Astrology - Vasi Yoga

This is an important combination formed from the Sun. Veshi Yoga is a very auspicious Yoga. The effect of this yoga brings auspiciousness and positivity in a person's life. Due to the effect of this yoga, the person also gets auspicious results from the Sun. Suryadi Yoga mainly consists of Veshi Yoga, Voshi Yoga and Abhayachari Yoga. These three yogas are formed when there are planets other than the Moon in both the houses around the Sun. The special thing about Suryadi Yogas is that the position of the Moon is not included in the formation of these Yogas.

Vasi Yoga In Kundali

Vasi Yoga is formed when there is a planet in the twelfth or previous position from the Sun in the horoscope. If the Moon is situated in this house along with any other planet then the yoga gets dissolved. Veshi Yoga is an auspicious Yoga. Therefore, the results obtained from this yoga are also auspicious.

Effect of Veshi Yoga on Various Planets

Yoga is Vedic Astrology's unique method of calculating certain stellar positions and planetary combinations where the sum of the effects of those planets is greater than the sum of the parts constituting them. Veshi Yoga and Vasi Yoga are special yogic combinations with Sun, which form very rare and extremely effective planetary configurations for well-being in life. Unless your Sun is in a good position and well supported, you can neither be rich nor hold a suitable high position.

Veshi Yoga with Jupiter

Veshi Yoga formed with Jupiter is called Jupiter Veshi Yoga. The state of this yoga is very auspicious and effective. This yoga makes the person religious and loyal to his values. The person also has a feeling of respect and love towards his people. The person is determined. They also have full capacity to do their work. He also tries to do his work with full devotion and honesty. A person is fond of collecting many things.

Veshi Yoga with Mercury

If Veshi Yoga is being formed due to the position of Mercury, then he will work with intelligence and understanding. Many times a person is proud of his intelligence. He also commits many mistakes due to his ego. The person is clever but does not want to harm others. He also has a feeling of dedication towards society and the world through his works. The person is likely to receive criticism from others. This yoga can weaken the financial condition of the person. Are gentle and polite by nature.

Veshi Yoga with Mars

When there is Veshi Yoga with Mars, the person becomes charitable. A person can work hard. He is ahead in doing such work which requires more muscle power. A person has courage. He works fearlessly. Due to working in a hurry and not understanding the situation properly, he often commits mistakes. There remains a high fear of injury etc.

Veshi Yoga with Venus

Veshi Yoga formed by Venus can make a person attached to worldly things. The person gets opportunities to work in the field of art. His genius lies in trying to present something or the other differently. The person is friendly and mild-mannered. The person gets benefits in the economic field and also gets respect. A person has many ambitions. But due to this, a person with Veshi Yoga can become timid and sensual.

Veshi Yoga with Saturn

Veshi Yoga formed by Saturn can make a person rigid and practical to some extent. A person may dislike having too much inside themselves. This type of yoga brings immense interest to the opposite sex. Looks older than his age. And he has to face people's indifference and sometimes even insult. The person may have to face more trouble from his superiors. He is a leader in the religious field and does not even make any effort to do his work. Not much support from the state.

Types of Veshi Yoga

Raj Veshi Yoga

When a benefic planet forms Veshi Yoga, it may give rise to royal or authoritative qualities in the individual. They may attain a position of force, or cardinality in society.

Dhan Veshi Yoga

This type of yoga shows the possibility of wealth accumulation and financial prosperity. Individuals who have Dhan Veshti Yoga in their horoscope may experience favorable financial gains and material abundance.

Daridra Veshi Yoga

Conversely, Daridra Veshi Yoga suggests challenges and limitations in financial matters. It may indicate a period of financial instability or difficulty, requiring careful planning and resource management.


In the complex world of astrology, Veshi Yoga emerges as an important planetary combination that has a profound impact on a person's life journey. Understanding the position of various planets, their dynamics, influences, and variations in constellations and zodiac signs can empower individuals to navigate life's challenges and opportunities with clarity and foresight. If you want to know more about Veshi Yoga then you can get more information by talk to astrologer.

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