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Venus Opposite Saturn

Venus Opposite Saturn

Venus opposite Saturn makes it extremely difficult to form a love relationship. You may have already realized that you weren't a good fit because of your below-average social skills. Not understand why you developed feelings of worthlessness or scarcity. Guilt takes hold, thinking that something is wrong with you, which may be reinforced by a lack of affection, criticism, or putting you down by authority figures such as parents and other adults, especially teachers.

There are several possible underlying causes of this early negative conditioning. One or both parents may lack the parenting skills associated with positive reinforcement or at worst may be abusive. You teach yourself about love and money because it's about value. Whatever the case, your early conditioning led you to believe that you were not good enough and deserved to be sad and alone. There may be some karmic reason for this, but that is in the past, and the corrective action is the same.

Venus Opposite Saturn Natal

The natal Venus/Saturn opposition gives you important lessons on how to measure what is meaningful and valuable to you in comparison to the external standards of your family, culture, or society. You have high aspirations regarding ideal forms and ideal expectations, so you need to be careful not to become overly self-critical when you feel that you are not measuring up. You may have had some difficult relational experiences growing up with a parent or other authority figure, which exerted a powerful influence on the way you judge your self-worth. As you develop inner security and self-acceptance for your creative process and output, as well as your relationship patterns, you will find it easier to strike a healthy balance between enjoying pleasures and maintaining necessary responsibility. In fact, because of your ability to be fair and clear in your decision-making, you have the potential to become a leader or authority in your professional field of interest.

Venus Opposite Saturn Synastry

So learning that you're not a bad person comes before you learn to love yourself. Shani is a late bloomer, so you may face delays, restrictions, and difficulties in adulthood. Admitting and accepting that your problems stem from an inferiority complex is half the battle won. You can do a lot by not blaming or forgiving all the people who were mean to you or rejected you. Learn to love and value yourself. Use mantras yourself orally and at night or in the mirror. You have to reprogram your mind. By now, you may be expressing more confident energy and may notice your relationships begin to improve. You will see a closer relationship, more caring and sharing. You seek true love and happiness.

If need be, you can go a step further and convince yourself that you deserve love and money because of your hard work on personal development. You might be surprised how quickly you attract love and money when you truly believe you deserve it. The root causes of your depression may never go away and they are lodged in the memory of your soul. It will always be necessary to take responsibility, work hard and be patient to overcome delays, difficulties, and sadness. But you'll also face the best of them. With age comes great satisfaction and fulfillment, as well as respect and recognition of your achievements despite obstacles.

Venus Opposite Saturn Transit

Any hurt or feelings of insecurity and vulnerability you may be experiencing will be felt more deeply when transiting Venus opposes your natal Saturn. Some difficult, challenging feelings may emerge in your surface awareness during this time. But instead of cursing your fate, use them as an opportunity for self-reflection. Although you may feel like you are withdrawing and closing yourself off from the onslaught of the emotional flood, give yourself permission to feel things deeply. In this way, you will not only be able to release difficult emotions, but also gain important insight into your relationship patterns and creative process. Instead of stopping action by being too hard on yourself if you don't get the expected results, use this transit to let loose your creativity and be more playful in finding solutions to whatever problems may be present. Don't be afraid to reach out to others for support and dialogue, as the feedback you receive during this time can be insightful in helping you overcome an obstacle.


This is not a good time to socialize, so you should be prepared for some alone time. Although you may be under pressure from loved ones, trying to solve relationship problems yourself will only make it worse for both of you. The best thing you can do now to show you care is to try. Your efforts may not go unnoticed, but they will pay off in the long run. Try to figure out where you are responsible for the difficulties in the relationship and do some work on self-development. This is a good time for preparatory work. try to repay the loan; If you can't, at least organize them so you know where you stand. If you want to know more about Venus Opposite Saturn, talk to astrologers online.

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