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Venus Opposite Mercury

Venus Opposite Mercury

Venus opposite your natal Mercury makes you very sociable and communicative. They also help you express and talk about your feelings, thoughts, or ideas. They are well suited to writers, as they inspire and facilitate artistic expression. They give a lot of creativity which allows you to enjoy poetry, and music or express yourself through them.

These contrasts help you express your thoughts. This is a good time for business contacts and for making a good impression on the people you are interested in. This Venus opposite Mercury transit stimulates your intellect and improves your ability to communicate and relate to others. This is not the time to take things too seriously. You can take it easy and keep things light and superficial. You can get a solution to any rift. You will understand the point of others. These are favorable times for contracts and negotiations, or for obtaining loans in general. These are also good times to express and clarify your position or intentions verbally.

Venus Opposite Mercury Natal

As Venus opposes natal Mercury, you may be re-evaluating many aspects of your life, especially in the areas of relationships and finances. Events related to this transit may prompt you to reconsider what you have previously found to be the most meaningful area of interest to focus on. It can be helpful to do some self-reflective journaling during this time or to engage in a conversation with someone to whom you can listen carefully and provide candid feedback. You may find that you are spending money in a way that is not sustainable and that you need to make significant adjustments. 

Venus Opposite Mercury Synastry

During Mercury transit opposite Venus, talking about any relationship difficulties with your loved ones is likely to bring positive resolution to you. You will feel more rational, therefore less affected by any internal tensions. A little detachment will help you see the situation more clearly, with less subjective bias, but too much and your partner will feel like you're not speaking from your heart. If you try to combine clear thinking with sensitive communication, things should be fine.

Although you may feel a lack of desire for your partner at the moment, if you put some time into getting your relationship back, the desire will come. Overall, you will feel a lack of coherence in your communication, and a certain dissonance with others when using language. As such, people may not understand the way you speak, and you may have difficulty making logical sense of other contributions. Misunderstandings will be many, but patience can get you out of them.

During this time money will be seen flowing freely from your pocket. You will be inclined to spend it on small luxuries and feasts and there may come times when you will have to decide whether to help a friend financially or not.

Venus Opposite Mercury Transit

You may also feel that the way you've been communicating within your relationships needs some modifications to finally create more harmony. Pay attention to the feedback you get from your relationships, discerning if there is anything about the way you communicate that could be improved. One positive side of this transit is that it offers the ability to gain greater clarity and objective awareness of how you are expressing personal meaning to others. Another way this transit can manifest is through taking an interest in new ideas in relation to any type of creative process or research you may be conducting. It is a time to be reflective and allow yourself to filter through the meaning and understanding you find in your encounters.


When transiting Venus is with your natal Mercury, your thoughts are light. You don't want to take things seriously. Your good mood rubs off on the people you meet, and it makes them feel better. This is a stimulating day for your creative mind. You can present your ideas in a charismatic manner and with a positive impact on others. You want to talk about nice things. If you want to know more about Venus Opposite Mercury, talk to astrologers online.

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