Venus Mahadasha for Virgo Ascendant

Venus Mahadasha for Virgo Ascendant

Venus is asthenic in the Virgo zodiac, but this condition of Venus is still usual because Mercury and Venus, the ruler of Virgo, are friends. Venus in Virgo still affects one's wedding life negatively as Venus is associated with life partner and marriage and is debilitated here. Overall, Venus in Virgo gives a cautious personality. There is an insatiable desire for the love and attention of the opposite sex. Mercury is the mind and when Venus is concerned, the mind of the native is always filled with thoughts of love and sexuality. These natives struggle to enjoy a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in their love and hitched life.

However, they are devoted to love. His idea of love is commitment. These people are fully capable of romantic partnership. They are good lovers. As a person, the person is polite, well-mannered, attractive, and neat in appearance. Venus in Virgo also gives a strong love for luxury. Such a person wants to wear nice clothes and maintain a luxurious lifestyle. They have a strong tendency for material comforts like vehicles, property, etc. They are attracted to beauty and at times; She is also professionally involved in the beauty industry. They are also well-versed in creative fields like fine arts, music, etc.

Results of Venus Mahadasha for Virgo Ascendant

Venus is the lord of the second and ninth house in this Lagna Kundli is a very beneficial planet. In the second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and eleventh house, the god Venus gives auspicious outcomes according to their capability in their situation. In the first (debilitated), third, sixth, eighth, and twelfth house, the god Venus gives inauspicious results by becoming an antidote in the rising state. Wearing diamond and opal, the gems of Venus set in any house, their strength is increased. 

Venus is the ruler of the second and ninth house in Virgo ascendant. Being the lord of the second house, Venus represents family, eyes, nose, ear, throat, voice, jewelry, beauty, and singing family. On the other hand, being the ruler of the ninth house, Venus represents religion, virtue, fortune, Guru, Brahma, deity, pilgrimage, devotion, mental attitude, fortune, father's happiness, pilgrimage, charity, etc.

Positive Effects of Venus Mahadasha for Virgo Ascendant

Such a person gets the full support of money, family, and family. Their speech is very sweet. Difficulties are easily removed in the Mahadasha of Venus. A foreign travel commission is made. The person is very hardworking. The native gets benefits only after a lot of hard work. Your younger sister's yoga is formed. Jatak is a follower of religion, and relations with their father are good. Distress increases with younger siblings. There is a possibility of traveling abroad. If Venus is in the fourth house in the Mahadasha of Venus, the native gets complete joyfulness of land or property, paternal house, and vehicle. Work is also done in better condition. There is a possibility of foreign settlement. The person respects the mother a lot. Dishabali Venus gives all the happiness to the native. The intellect is very sharp, and suddenly a condition of benefit is created. Relations with elder brothers and sisters remain very good, there is a possibility of getting benefits. Health remains perfect, there is a possibility of getting a daughter. The natives are lucky and get higher education.

The married life of the native remains happy by coming to the causative house. The husband/wife is intelligent and beautiful. Luck improves after marriage, and money gains increase. There is a possibility of profit from business and partners. The daily income increases day by day. There is no shortage of money.

Negative Effect of Venus Mahadasha on Virgo ascendant

If there is Venus in the Ascendant, then the person is facing family-related problems. There is a chance of loss due to the work of the partnership. Married life is not happy. There is a decrease in daily revenue, there is a shortage of currency. Due to coming in a low zodiac sign, the person's mind remains estranged from his father and such a person does not even follow the religion. Expenses are incurred in law court cases and hospitals. The fear of accidents remains. Vijayashree comes to hand after a lot of hard work in the competition. In the Mahadasha of Venus, there is no unnecessary tension, there is wasteful expenditure. One of the younger siblings may be in trouble. Fathers and family members face problems. Here, due to the exalted situation of Venus in the eighth house, there are obstacles in every deed of the native. Tension remains in the Mahadasha/Antardasha of Venus. Problems arise in professional life. Younger siblings and family members don't get along.


Venus is the ruler of the second and ninth houses. Therefore, it is a very beneficial planet for the native. The native will be prosperous and spiritual and will attain a high level of worldly achievement. The native gets a good education, phenomenal success in their career, social status, a beautiful life partner, and luxuries. If Venus is in its sign or exaltation, then the native will be an astrologer and will be interested in mysterious studies. The natives will have a lot of philosophical intelligence. If the planet Venus is debilitated in the Ascendant and afflicted by any malefic planet, then the native suffers a lot. The person will be ugly-looking, lose money and wealth, devoid of love and romance. Poverty will often knock on the door. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Venus Mahadasha in Virgo Ascendant.