Venus Mahadasha for Cancer Ascendant

Venus Mahadasha for Cancer Ascendant

Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the Moon, which is a watery planet. The Moon shares a hostile relationship with Venus, which is again a feminine water planet. People born with this placement are under the strong influence of the water element and have an intense 'flow' of emotions. They are sensitive and get attached to people very quickly. They are especially vulnerable in love because they can easily be sweet-talked and hurt. They trust others easily and are quite optimistic in matters of love. They have attracted to the opposite sex and their personality is also magnetic. Yet they are very sympathetic towards others.

Venus in Cancer makes a person intelligent, learned, strong, virtuous, and powerful in terms of social and professional success. It also gives a strong propensity for creative and artistic pursuits. These people do well in creative fields such as art and beauty. They want lots of wealth and happiness in life. He usually gets into trouble because of his strong association with women and alcohol. They can also be quite moody and unpredictable. They should avoid the tendency to sulk and put all the blame on themselves.

Results of Venus Mahadasha for Cancer Ascendant

In this Lagna Kundli, Venus is the lord of the fourth and eleventh house. Venus is considered an equal planet in this Lagna Kundli because it is the owner of two good houses. If Venus is placed in the ascendant, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth (exalted), tenth and eleventh house, then it gives good results according to its capacity. In the third (low), sixth, eighth, and twelfth house, it gives inauspicious results according to its capacity. If the deity of Venus is lying in a good mood, then its auspiciousness is increased by wearing its gem in its condition. If Venus is lying in portentous feelings, then the inauspiciousness of this planet can be reduced by reciting his donation.

Venus is the ruler of the fourth and eleventh house in Cancer ascendant. Being the ruler of the fourth house, it represents mother, land, building, vehicle, friend, partner, peace, water, public, permanent, property, mercy, benevolence, deceit, treachery, state of conscience, consumption of aquatic substances, accumulated wealth, liar. Represents topics like allegations, rumors, love marriage, and love affairs. On the other hand, being the ruler of the eleventh house, it is responsible for things like greed, profit, bribery, slavery, the inferiority of children, female children, relatives, and dishonesty.

Positive Effects of Venus Mahadasha for Cancer Ascendant

The person is intelligent and handsome. Spouse meets beautifully. In the Mahadasha of Venus, there is a possibility of profit in partnership, one gets the comforts of house-vehicle, etc. Sweet voice. Gets the support of the family. The person can remove all obstacles with his speech and ability. He is the one who gets the facilities like house, vehicle, etc. The Mahadasha of Venus – In Antardasha, there is an increase in the means of happiness and facilities. Natives' professional life is very good. The person's mind is very good, decision-making ability is very good, the stomach remains healthy, benefits from elder brothers and sisters, and there is a possibility of sudden profit. Sometimes more than one relation of the person has also been observed. The husband/wife gets beautiful and intelligent, and happiness and prosperity increase. Married life remains happy. In the Mahadasha of Venus, there is a possibility of profit in partnership. The native is a devotee of his father, a believer, travels abroad, takes care of his younger siblings, and gets love and help from his elder siblings and mother.

By coming into the tenth house, the person is full of happiness and facilities and gets the happiness of the mother. There is progress in job/business. There is a possibility of getting a daughter in Venus Mahadasha. Their health remains good, enjoy all the comforts. The person who gets bed pleasure is expensive. Being Digbali, such a person gets all the comforts and facilities. The Venus located here in its Mahadasha-Antardasha gives mostly auspicious results.

Negative Effect of Venus Mahadasha on Cancer Ascendant

Virgo is the low sign of Venus. Therefore, when coming to Virgo, there is a possibility of problems arising from the younger and elder siblings of the native. The mind remains estranged from the father, he does not believe in religion, he does not get benefits from traveling abroad, there is a decrease in happiness and facilities, and even after a lot of tough work, there is a lack of benefit. Victory in the competition is achieved only after a lot of hard work, there are court cases, and the mother and elder brother and sister are suffering. In the Mahadasha of Venus, one or the other expenditure keeps on happening. Foreign settlement is formed. There is obstruction, delay in every work, lack of money, and diseases can occur. Mother-elder brother is in trouble, intelligence does not support, there is loss of money, family and even own family is not able to support.


Venus is the lord of the 4th house and 11th house in the birth chart. That's why it is considered an inauspicious planet for Cancer ascendant. Though it is a negative planet for the natives of Cancer ascendant, it will bring good results if situated in a benefic house. Especially if the planet is exalted in Pisces, it will bring unusual growth in wealth, commercial status, and worldly achievement. If Venus is asthenic in Virgo and afflicted by malefic Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars, it will bring giant failure in business, career, and profession. It can make the natives poor. The result will be extremely bad during Venus Mahadasha. Hence, proper remedial measures should be taken with the help of knowledgeable astrologers. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Venus Mahadasha in Cancer Ascendant.

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