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Venus in Cancer Ascendant

Venus in Cancer Ascendant

In Cancer Ascendant Kundali, Venus is the fourth house, the eleventh house, hence it is an even planet. Venus, the deity of beauty, gentleness, all kinds of luxury and amenities, gets direction strength in the fourth house and Venus becomes strong in the 12th house. The person who has strong Venus in their Kundali should know the special grace of Maa Durga. If Venus is strong and benefic in the Kundali of Cancer ascendant, then most of the auspicious results are obtained. On the contrary, if Venus is not strong in the degree, then its fruits decrease. Venus is the karaka planet of the seventh and twelfth houses.


Venus in all 12 Houses for Cancer Ascendant 


Venus in 1st house Cancer Ascendant


The person is intelligent and has good looking. The native gets a beautiful life partner. In the Mahadasha of Venus, the sum of profit is formed in partnership. The native gets amenities like a house, vehicle, etc. The native has a lot of affection for their mother.


Venus in 2nd house Cancer Ascendant


Along with general dissatisfaction, the person gets special happiness of wealth, family happiness, house, etc. The native gets wealth, prestige, and progress in the business. get family support


Venus in 3rd house Cancer Ascendant


Therefore, when it comes to Cancer, there is a possibility of problems arising from the younger siblings of the person. There is estrangement with the father, they do not believe in religion, they do not get any benefit from traveling abroad, there is a loss of comfort, and even after a lot of hard work, there is a lack of profit.


Venus in 4th house Cancer Ascendant


Mahadasha of Venus - In Antardasha, there is an increase in the means of pleasure facilities. Their professional life is very good. The person has a special attachment to the mother. It is said that such a person never lacks the means of happiness.


Venus in 5th house Cancer Ascendant


The mind of the person is very good, the decision ability is very good, the stomach remains unwell, there is benefit from elder siblings, and there is a possibility of sudden profit. Sometimes more than one relation of the person has also been seen.


Venus in 6th house Cancer Ascendant


Victory in competition is achieved only after hard work, and court cases, and the mother and elder siblings continue to suffer. In the Mahadasha of Venus, there is always some expenditure. The sum of foreign settlement is formed.


Venus in 7th house Cancer Ascendant


Spouse is found beautiful and intelligent, and happiness and prosperity increase. Married life remains happy. In the Mahadasha of Venus, the sum of profit is formed in partnership.


Venus in 8th house Cancer Ascendant


There are interruptions in every work, there is a delays, there is a lack of money, and diseases can occur. Mother and elder brother suffer, intellect does not support, there is loss of wealth, family and even own family is not able to support.


Venus in 9th house Cancer Ascendant


The native is a devotee of the father, a believer, traveling abroad, taking care of younger siblings, and receiving affection from elder siblings and mother. Family support is available.


Venus in 10th house Cancer Ascendant


With Venus coming in the tenth house, the person becomes full of comfort and gets the happiness of the mother. The person progresses in life.


Venus in 11th house Cancer Ascendant


There is a benefit from elder brother and sister, all wishes are fulfilled. In Venus Mahadasha, the sum of getting a daughter is formed. Their Health remains good, enjoy all the comforts.


Venus in 12th house Cancer Ascendant


The person who gets happiness is expensive. Due to the strong Venus, such a person gets all the comforts. Venus situated here gives mostly auspicious results in its Mahadasha-Antardasha.




Venus in Cancer ascendant gives positive and negative results. Talk to Astrologer to know more about the effect of Venus on Cancer Ascendant.

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