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Venus in 7th House for Zodiac Signs

Venus in 7th House for Zodiac Signs

Venus expresses its characteristics through the seventh house. In human relations, you feel first and think later. Likes and dislikes are the results of gut reactions and not logical reasoning. I am fond of this person, and I have grown distant from that person. You can be the most attractive person in the world when your sensitivity is in line with that of the other person, and when natural empathy arises. However, unwanted people should watch out! Relationships are affectionate experiences and even sensual ones.

The seventh house is the factor of Venus, but according to my research, Venus does not give many auspicious results in this house. Such a person gets happiness from his life partner and is wealthy, generous, and popular in society (in my experience, the name of the person is definitely there but also in a bad way). Interested in music and literature, good fortune after marriage, one who suffers from some anxiety and is also an adulterer. Such a person maintains a high standard of living with a lover of beauty. The person keeps relations elsewhere even after marriage.


Venus in 7th House for Aries


Here Venus is placed in the seventh house in Aries and is the lord of the first and eighth houses. This suggests that Venus being in an aggressive sign in Aries brings the issues of the eighth house to the marriage. Hence, tensions, arguments, and sudden events can affect the marriage. Here the life partner will maintain his individuality. That means they will not have dominance. They may prefer to keep their possessions and money separate, which can be a problem.


Venus in 7th House for Taurus


Here Venus is placed in the 7th house in Taurus and is the lord of the 12th and 7th house. Here it represents a beautiful life partner, who is from a wealthy family. They can be in any economics-related business. They can also deal with the business of beauty products. All the beauty and wealth in life will be brought by the life partner.


Venus in 7th House for Gemini


Here Gemini is sitting in the seventh house and Venus is the lord of the 11th and 6th house. Again there is an exchange of energy between the 2 friendly planets of Mercury and Venus. It generally shows a loving and beautiful relationship with some minor disagreements. The native should be careful in taking loans as it can ruin the marriage. In both the positions of Venus, the person needs to be careful about sugar and kidney diseases.


Venus in 7th House for Cancer


Here Venus is placed in the 7th house in Cancer and is the lord of the 10th and 5th house. Whenever Venus comes in such a position, it definitely represents a person associated with creative fields like theater or cinema, and art and takes their art to the people. He will be remembered for playing an emotional role. Even in love affairs, they remain emotionally attached to their relationship. His prosperity is coming from the public.


Venus in 7th House for Leo


Here Venus is posited in Leo in the 7th house and is the lord of the 9th and 4th house. Venus as the lord of the seventh house or in the seventh house always gives a very beautiful life partner and the relationship is also excellent and peaceful but when Venus is present in Leo it shows a life partner who Desires all the best things. As Leo is the symbol of royal-hood, the spouse will never be satisfied with the average things in life and will boast of the best car, best house, and best social status which may lead to disputes in life.


Venus in 7th House for Virgo


Here Venus is placed in the 7th house in Virgo and is the lord of the 8th and 3rd house, where it is debilitated. If Venus is near the actual degree of debilitation then this position shows the person lacking love in the relationship. That is, their married life is nothing like a Bollywood romantic movie, rather it is based on practical facts of life like bank balance sheets, etc. In practical situations, especially if Venus is again in Virgo in Navamsa, it becomes Vargottama.


Venus in 7th House for Libra


Here Venus is the lord of the 2nd and 7th house and is posited in the Libra sign in the 7th house. Since Venus is placed in its own sign, it shows a really good and fair relationship with the life partner as the planet of the relationship is present in the sign of the relationship and also in the house of the relationship. Native will be highly inclined toward any business related to art, creativity, and hobby, etc.


Venus in 7th House for Scorpio


Again, for both the Taurus and Libra ascendants of Venus, the Mars-ruled zodiac sign (Scorpio and Aries respectively) rules the 7th house. In such a situation, the person wishes for love. They want a partner like in romantic movies. They want a supermodel as a wife or a stud muffin as a husband. They should be sensible in relationships and practical about marriage. Since Mars is attractive, passion will be high in love but at the same time aggression and dominance can be a part of the relationship.


Venus in 7th House for Sagittarius


Here Venus is placed in the 7th house in Sagittarius and is the lord of the 5th and 12th house. Since Venus is the significator of relationships, this position is the strongest setting for a person to marry a foreigner. There will be a matter of love marriage. Spouses will be very beautiful and relations will be pleasant. As Sagittarius is the sign of higher education, the life partner can be a professor type of person. The native himself is fond of higher education. The relationship should be based on high moral grounds. Very good position in the seventh house.


Venus in 7th House for Capricorn


Here Venus is posited in Capricorn in the 7th house and is the lord of the 11th and 4th house. It represents someone who is either in finance/money-related business or business related to women's products. Such actions will give them authority in the world as Capricorn is the symbol of authority. Due to Saturn being in the seventh house, there will be a delay in marriage, yet the relationship will be sweet. It represents wealth from other people/spouses or network circles.


Venus in 7th House for Aquarius


Here Venus is placed in the seventh house in Aquarius and is the lord of the third and tenth houses. It shows that the native is either engaged in any work related to social welfare, high goals, or working in big organizations from where earning is generated. It shows good relations with business partners or spouses. If they get into business, they will deal with products related to women or new technology and extreme creativity.


Venus in 7th House for Pisces


Here Venus is placed in the seventh house in Pisces, where it is exalted and the lord of the second and ninth houses. It shows that the life partner will be from another caste, especially for a boy as Venus signifies the wife. It represents a highly spiritual life partner and a relationship based on spiritual values. When Venus is in Pisces, they try to find a completely devoted life partner, which can be complicated and unfair in this day and age. 


If Venus is situated in the seventh house in the horoscope, then the person gets mixed results. Such a person remains connected to spirituality and does creative work. The business makes such a person successful and he is very popular due to his generous nature. Along with this, there is a lot of interest in the field of singing and acting. After marriage, the fortune of such a person rises and he gets respect from the government. With a little effort, you can get things that give you comfort. Although such a person needs to avoid luxury and adultery. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know about the effect of Venus in the seventh house according to your zodiac sign.

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