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Venus in 11th House for Zodiac Signs

Venus in 11th House for Zodiac Signs

Venus expresses its characteristics through the values of the 11th house. You make no distinction between brotherly friendship and perfect love. Effective relationships have a complexity that turns your couple into a complete unit. At least, in theory! Although the application of this principle is not without problems, you persevere in your ambition to have an exemplary relationship. The world becomes more beautiful when influence comes into play! Do you have friends who are artists, or just sensitive to aesthetics?

Venus in the eleventh house gives more auspicious results, which become more auspicious in the financial sector. The person is lucky, the owner of stable Lakshmi gets to profit from gems and white things, has a luxurious tendency, vehicle pleasure, is virtuous, knowledgeable, is fond of music and films, and is blessed with a son. With the age of such a person, fame also increases. The person is an art lover. If this yoga is created in a man's magazine, then it becomes very popular in the women's section. A single person is very pure in heart, friendly to his friends, and helps in all ways at the right time, but he does not get the right friends. Get cheated by friends.


Venus in 11th House for Aries


Here Venus is placed in the 11th house in Aries and is the lord of the 12th and 5th house. Native should follow his/her creativity for earning as Venus represents creativity, the 12th house is working off-screen and the 5th house is also creativity. So, it displays creative skills, someone in the arts and media. In work related to film or media, the native can work off-screen as a cameraman or director. As Venus also signifies wealth, his creative profession will fetch his capital. But here the native wants to expose his ego through wealth. Therefore, the person can take care of this truth.


Venus in 11th House for Taurus


Here Venus is posited in the 11th house in Taurus and is the lord of the 11th and 4th houses. This position bestows materialistic gains as Venus is in its own sign in the 11th house of gains. Women will bring a lot of money to the person in his life. The native may indulge in very creative work. Since Venus also rules the fourth house, the person can do business with facilities like fridges, vehicles, and AC. The native will have many female friends who will be of great benefit to him. There will be good relations with elder siblings and friends. One gets immense wealth from elder brothers and sisters, friends, mother, and wife (fourth house).


Venus in 11th House for Gemini


Here Venus is placed in the 11th house in Gemini and is the lord of the 10th and 3rd house. Since Venus is about finance and money and it is posited in Gemini, that means the native will be in business related to finance. The natives may be working with financial institutions, banks, or services or it is best for them to be stock market experts. They maintain good relations with everyone, which helps them profit.


Venus in 11th House for Cancer


Here Venus is posited in the 11th house in Cancer and is the lord of the 9th and 2nd house. As Cancer signifies emotions and nurtures people, it shows that the native uses his higher education to nurture people. Since Venus is the planet of devotion and service. Natives can cure people in the medical field and work in big hospitals. Otherwise, the native is part of an association that does social service.


Venus in 11th House for Leo


Here Venus is posited in Leo in the 11th house and is the lord of the 8th and 1st house. Since Leo is the sign of government, you earn by working for big government organizations. Venus in Leo gives the native creativity and the ability to earn from it, as well as a fondness for lavish living, they aspire to live like royalty. They need such a life partner who will enhance their glory like a celebrity. Or the native can earn money through his creativity and fulfilling the needs of the people.


Venus in 11th House for Virgo


Here it is placed in the 11th house in Virgo, where it is debilitated and Venus is the lord of the 7th and 12th house. If Venus is near its original debilitated state and it is not square, it means that you will face financial loss. In fact, the spouse may have a tendency to find fault, argue and start conflicts which may lead to major disputes which may result in loss of money. Or, it shows that the spouse works in the field of audit, accounting in large organizations, or in the stock market. E-commerce has huge potential with Venus in Virgo. Yet, any other Dasha or Yoga can completely change the situation.


Venus in 11th House for Libra


Here Libra is placed in the 11th house and Venus is the lord of the 6th and 11th house. Natives like to serve others. They participate in organizations that work for the underprivileged. They get benefits from such a service. Natives love pets and other animals. They must know about diseases related to kidneys and sugar. With devotion and service, they will overcome obstacles.


Venus in 11th House for Scorpio


Here Venus is placed in the 11th house in Scorpio and is the lord of the 5th and 10th houses. Native earns by using creative skills like acting, singing, etc. They keep their income secret. They are equally secretive in the matter of love. His income is never stable. There are many women in their network and the native also benefits from them.


Venus in 11th House for Sagittarius


Here Venus is placed in the 11th house in Sagittarius and is the lord of the 4th and 9th house. The native earns money from his philosophical knowledge and higher education. These can be professors and teachers in large institutions. Since Venus is a benefic planet, it gives benefits to one's mother. Since Venus is in a rival sign, it shows that there may be differences in higher education and philosophical outlook between the person and his mother but in the end, the relationship does not turn out to be very bad.


Venus in 11th House for Capricorn


Here Venus is posited in Capricorn in the 11th house and is the lord of the 3rd and 8th house. There are more women in the native's network circle. Venus is money so it represents money received from big groups and big organizations. The way of speaking of the natives is very pleasant, using which they almost manipulate others for their own benefit. It shows that the wife of the native may be employed in the corporate world.


Venus in 11th House for Aquarius


Here Venus is placed in the 11th house in Aquarius and is the lord of the second and seventh houses. This undoubtedly reflects a man whose wealth is coming from big institutions. Capital is also coming here from creative activities and any business related to women's products. Here the women of the family and female friends are helpful in earning capital.


Venus in 11th House for Pisces


Here Venus is placed in the 11th house in Pisces, where it is exalted and is the lord of the first and sixth houses. Venus and Moon are the two planets that can give good results in this position. Great benefits from colleagues, networks, and friends. Natives like to work in big organizations. There are chances of huge profits from all sources representing the 11th house. Female friends, wives, and women generally become a source of profit.


If Venus is situated in the 11th house in the horoscope, then the person remains attractive and healthy. He is virtuous and of good nature. He likes the world of music very much and gets a lot of fame due to his eloquence. Such a person is very fond of various vehicles and gets all kinds of prosperity. There is good access to the government and there is a lot of benefit in building a building. Joining friends doing social work and spending life happily. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about the effect of Venus in the 11th house according to your zodiac sign.

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