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Vastu Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

Vastu Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

To maintain balance in nature, there is an interaction between various natural forces such as water, earth, air, fire, and sky, which have an effect on living beings other than the human race living on the earth. The middle of these five elements is known as Vastu. According to Vastu astrology, this process has an effect on our work performance, nature, luck, and other aspects of life. Vastu Shastra is great research around you and it affects your life.

Vastu Shastra is nothing but a mixture of art, science, astronomy, and astrology. Apart from this, it can be said that it is a very centuries-old science of mystic planning, drawing patterns, and final construction. The true meaning of Vastu is the balance of energy waves coming from all four directions, but sometimes the imbalance of these waves leads to many side effects. Due to the imbalance of waves, a person has to face problems. Let us know some such measures of Vastu by which its ill effects can be avoided.


Vastu Purusha Mantra


नमस्ते वास्तु पुरुषाय भूशय्या भिरत प्रभो

मद्गृहं धन धान्यादि समृद्धं कुरु सर्वदा 

Namaste Vaastu Purushaay Bhooshayyaa Bhirat Prabho 

Madgriham Dhan Dhaanyaadi Samriddham Kuru Sarvada 


Benefits Of Vastu Purusha Mantra


Chanting Vastu Purush Mantra brings peace and harmony to life. If there is a Vastu defect then chanting this Vastu Purush Mantra helps in resolving it. Chanting Vastu Purush Mantra in the office increases creativity.


Vastu Dosh Nivaran Mantra


ॐ वास्तोष्पते प्रति जानीद्यस्मान स्वावेशो अनमी वो भवान यत्वे महे प्रतितन्नो जुषस्व शन्नो भव द्विपदे शं चतुष्प्दे स्वाहा

Om Vaastoshpate Prati Jaanidyasmaan Swaawesho Anamee Vo Bhavaan Yatve Mahe Pratitanno Jushasva Sahnno Bhav Dvipade Sham Chatushpade Swaahaa 


Benefits Of Vastu Dosh Nivaran Mantra


By chanting the Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Mantra, if there is a Vastu defect in any direction in the house, then it gets redressed. By chanting the Vastu Dosh Nivaran Mantra, one also gets freedom from home troubles. If a person is suffering from any disease by chanting this mantra, then his disease ends. Chanting this mantra also removes money-related problems. Even if a place is made in the wrong direction while constructing the house, Vastu defect occurs. By chanting Vastu Dosh Nivaran Mantra, one gets freedom from discord.


Vastu Dosh Nivaran Mantra Chanting Method


Clean your house thoroughly. Seeing any auspicious day, one can chant this mantra. This mantra should be chanted 108 times. You can chant this mantra anywhere in the house or shop. You can also chant this mantra by sitting in the temple of your home.


Vastu Mantra for Direction


While constructing a house, such a mistake unknowingly occurs due to which Vastu defects arise in the house. If the construction of the house is done with the advice of a Vastu Shastri, then the house can be free from Vastu defects, but sometimes Vastu defects also arise due to the decoration of the house and the items kept in the house. The effect of Vastu dosh always remains, but when the Dasha of the planet related to that direction starts, then the person residing in that house has to suffer its bad effects. There are many remedies to remove Vastu defects which include many mantras.


1. Vastu Mantra for North Direction - Kuber Gayatri Mantra


ॐ यक्षराजय विद्महे वैश्रवणाय धीमहि । तन्नो कुबेर: प्रचोदयात:

Om Yaksharaajaya Vidmahay, Vaishravanaya Dhimahi, Tanno Kubera Prachodayat

Meaning: I meditate on Lord Kubera, the king of Yakshas and son of Vishrava, who is the owner of all the wealth of the world, to bless me with wealth and success in life.

Benefits Of Kuber Gayatri Mantra

The North direction is associated with finance and Lord Kuber is also there so the north direction can strengthen Vastu and finance. This mantra is beneficial to bring prosperity and happiness in your and your family's life as well. If you chant the Kuber Gayatri Mantra with devotion then Lord Kuber will fulfill your wish. Mantra also helps in boosting your self-confidence and will elevate your position in society as well.


2. Vastu Mantra for South Direction - Yama Gayatri Mantra


ॐ सूर्यपुत्राय विद्महे महाकालाय धीमहि। तन्नो यम: प्रचोदयात् 


Om Surya puthraya Vidhmahe Maha Kalaya Dheemahe Thanno Yama Prachodayath 

Meaning - Om, let me meditate on the son of the sun god, O great lord of time, grant me high intelligence, and may the god of death illuminate my mind.


Benefits Of Yama Gayatri Mantra


By reciting Shri Yama Gayatri Mantra in the south direction with full devotion and devotion, the fear of death ends from within a person. Yama Gayatri Mantra ends the fear of the premature death of a man.


3. Vastu Mantra for East Direction - Surya Gayatri Mantra


ॐ भास्कराय विद्महे महादुत्याथिकराया धीमहि तनमो आदित्य प्रचोदयात


Om Bhaskaray Vidmahe Mahadutyathikaraya Dheemahi Tanah Surya Prachodayat


Meaning - Let me meditate on the Sun God, the creator of the day, give me high intelligence, and let the Lord Surya illuminate my mind.

Benefits Of Surya Gayatri Mantra


Surya Gayatri Mantra should be chanted 108 times in the east direction of the house. Chanting this mantra has many benefits such as self-purification, self-respect, and peace of mind. Coming calamities are averted, and new diseases in the body stop by taking birth. The disease does not spread further, the suffering starts decreasing in the body.


4. Vastu Mantra for West Direction - Varuna Gayatri Mantra


ॐ जल बिम्बाय विद्महे नील पुरुषाय धीमहि तन्नो वरुण: प्रचोदयात्


Aum Jalbimbaye Vidmahe Nila Purushaye Dhimahi Tanno Varunah Prachodayat 


Meaning - Let us meditate on the image of water. O ocean blue man, give me higher intelligence. And may the god of water illuminate my mind.


Benefits Of Varuna Gayatri Mantra


By reciting Shri Varun Gayatri Mantra in the west direction of the house, a person gets inner peace. One gets freedom from physical diseases and suffering. There is happiness and peace in life.


5. Vastu Mantra for Northeast Direction - Ishanya Gayatri Mantra


ॐ महादेवाय विद्महे रुद्रमूर्तये धीमहि तन्नः शिवः प्रचोदयात् 


Aum Thath-purushaya Vidmahe, Shiva-roopaaya Dhimahee, Thanno Rudra Prachodayath 


Meaning - Let us invoke the three realms of earth, air, and fire. Let us invoke the Supreme Personality of the Godhead and the omniscient God. Let us meditate and focus on the Supreme Lord. Let us ask Shiva to give us inspiration and guidance in our spiritual journey.

Benefits Of Ishanya Gayatri Mantra


Chanting Ishaan Gayatri Mantra in the northeastern part of the house increases wealth. If you are doing any auspicious work, then definitely do it in the North-East direction. One must chant the Ishaan Gayatri Mantra before starting a new work.


6. Vastu Mantra for Northwest Direction - Vayu Gayatri Mantra


ॐ पवनपुरुषाय विद्महे सहस्त्रमूर्तये च धीमहि तन्नो वायु: प्रचोदयात 

Aum Pavanapurushaay Vidmahe Sahasra Murthaye Cha Dheemahe Thanno Vaayu Prachodayat

Meaning - O divine energy of air, bless me with higher intelligence and illuminate my mind

Benefits Of Vayu Gayatri Mantra

Chanting the Vayu Mantra in the North-East direction of the house increases positivity. Chanting this mantra also provides health benefits and removes chronic respiratory problems. It helps in achieving clarity of mind and helps in achieving goals.


7. Vastu Mantra for Southeast Direction - Agni Gayatri Mantra


ऊँ महाज्वालाय विद्महे अग्नि मध्याय धीमहि तन्नो: अग्नि प्रचोदयात 


Om Mahajwalay Vidmahe Agni Madhyay Dhimahi Tanno Agnih Prachodayat


Meaning - Om, let me meditate on the Great Flame, O God of Fire, grant me higher intelligence, O Brilliant Lord of Fire Illuminate my mind.


Benefits Of Agni Gayatri Mantra


This mantra is a very powerful mantra. By chanting in the southeast direction of the house, Lord Agni soon becomes pleased and gives his blessings to the devotees. Worshiping fire is very necessary to start any Yagya. Chanting this powerful mantra leads to a healthy life.


8. Vastu Mantra for Southwest Direction - Agni Gayatri Mantra


ऊँ निसासराय विद्महे कडगा हस्तय धीमही तन्नो नैरुथी प्रचोदयाती 

Om Nisaasaraaya Vidmahe Kadga Hastaya Dheemahi Tanno Nairuthi Prachodayat 

When chanting the mantra in the southwest direction of the house, there is radiance in the body and mind, then there is an increase in radiance in the body and mind. It is also recited by many natives to get the fruits soon. By chanting this mantra daily, the troubles in a person's life are removed. This mantra is considered the best for peace of mind. With this mantra, all the senses of a person become sharp.


There are many mantras that are effective to remove Vastu defects. If you have a problem with Vastu Dosh, then you can know the benefits of the mantra by talking to astrologers.

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