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Types of Marriages According to Astrology

Types of Marriages According to Astrology

The bond of marriage is considered very sacred in every religion. In this, there is not just a relationship between two people, but two families, two societies, and most importantly two different types of concepts that meet. Nowadays we talk about 2 types of marriages in your home, on social media, or in society. The first is love marriage and the second is arranged marriage. Do you know, there are not one or two but 8 types of marriages in Hinduism? Yes, some of these marriage methods are also such, which are considered prohibited in society because they are considered in the category of crime. In many scriptures related to Hinduism, all these customs of marriage have been explained.

All the Hindu scriptures talk about eight different types of marriage methods, completely different from each other. Their names are Brahma, Daiva, Arya, Prajapatya, Gandharva, Asura, Rakshasa, and Pishacha. Among all these Brahma and Daiva marriage systems are considered the best. Arsha, Prajapatya, and Gandharva marriages are kept in the middle category. The rest of the marriages are considered inauspicious and sinful. Let us know what are the differences between all these and which are these 8 types of marriages: –


8 Types Of Marriage


1. Brahma Marriage


According to marriage predictions, Brahma Vivah comes first, in this marriage the boy and the girl are married within the same caste with the consent of their families. This is called 'Brahma Vivah'. All the customs and rules associated with Hinduism are followed in this marriage. In Brahma marriage is done keeping in mind the clan and gotra.


2. Dev Marriage



Dev Vivah comes on the second number. In this, one's daughter's hand is given in the hand of a special groom for some service, religious work, or some good purpose. This marriage is called 'Daiva Vivah'. The thing to remember in this marriage is that it is very important to know the desire of the girl.



3. Arsh Marriage


Arsh Vivah comes at number three. In this marriage, the people on the bride's side pay the price to the people on the Groom's side. As they hand over something to her family members in exchange for the girl, this is called 'Arsh Vivah'. In this marriage also the consent of the boy and the girl is necessary. It is also directly related to sage marriage.


4. Prajapatya marriage


Prajapatya Marriage comes at number four. In this marriage, the girl's father gives his daughter's hand to the groom's hand and says that 'you both follow the grihastha dharma together'. According to religious beliefs, a child born to a girl child after this marriage takes the family forward and sanctifies the generation.


5. Asura Marriage


Asura marriage comes at number five. In this, the family of the girl is given the price of the girl and she is married without the consent of the girl. Please tell them that in this marriage, according to the family of the girl, her value is decided. It is not considered necessary to take the consent of the girl in this marriage.


6. Gandharva Marriage


Gandharva Vivah comes at the sixth number, in which the marriage between the bride and the bridegroom takes place by mutual consent, it is called Gandharva Vivah. In this marriage, after performing a havan with the fire brought from the house of a Kshatriya, the marriage is completed by taking three rounds. Please tell me that in today's time, this marriage is called love marriage.


7. Rakshasa Marriage


This seventh method of demonic marriage is not acceptable. In this marriage is done by forcibly abducting the girl or seducing her. Let us tell you that even in religious scriptures and Puranas, there are many stories of kidnapping girls and forcefully marrying them. Such marriage is never considered sacred.


8. Paishacha Marriage


Vampire marriage is considered the last and greatest sin. According to the scriptures, in this marriage, taking advantage of the situation of a sleeping girl or a drunken girl, or a mentally weak girl, she is married by having a physical relationship with her. In all types of marriages mentioned in Hinduism, it is kept in the category of sin. There is severe punishment in society for such marriages.


Marriage has different importance in all religions but in Hinduism marriage is considered to have different importance. Marriage is such a holy bond, which binds not two people but two families in the bond of seven births. It is said that there are sixteen rituals in Hinduism, of which marriage is considered one. In Hinduism, more importance is given to spiritual relations than physical relations and this is called a sacred bond. If you want to know more about the type of marriage then do an astrology phone consultation.

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