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Types of Kundali Doshas and How it is Formed in the Birth Chart

Types of Kundali Doshas and How it is Formed in the Birth Chart


What is Dosha in Kundali? 

It is in human nature to blame Kundali Dosha for any failure or mishaps in life, without even knowing whether they actually exist in their Kundalis or not. All that they believe is that these Kundali Doshas can have a severe impact on our lives.

Kundali Dosha is nothing but the absence of something which we desire or crave for. It is also related to Failures and hurdles. Failed marriages, or any kind of relation; down graph of career; lack of success in spite of consistent efforts are also known as Kundali Dosha.

Every human being will have this in their Kundali, but the gravity would vary from person to person.

You can define Kundali Dosha as the wrong placement of the planet in your Kundali. When planets are influenced by some deleterious planets, then Kundali Dosha is formed. This will get clearer with the upcoming explanations.


Types of Dosha in Kundali


Mangal Dosha 


Mangal Dosha is believed to be the most dangerous Dosha. When Mars is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house in Kundali. This Dosha affects marital status the most. The effect of this Dosha is different for everyone depending upon its gravity. It varies at different stages of life.


Kaal Sarpa Dosha 


Kaal Sarpa Dosha is usually formed due to deleterious planets like Rahu and Ketu. It makes the person suffer because of his Karma of past life. The placement of these two planets is opposite to each other. It conveys that certain pendency is carried forward from the past life, which needs to be completed in this life. The kind of pain and hurdles can vary depending upon the placement of these two planets.


Nadi Dosha


Nadi Dosha gives birth to friction in marriages. It is advisable for the bride and groom to call off the wedding if they have the same Nadi in their respective Kundalis. Nadi Dosha affects health, compatibility, and closeness in any marriage.


Pitra Dosha


Pitra Dosha is responsible for a wide range of pain and issues in one’s life. The one who holds this Dosha in his Kundali needs to suffer and pay for the curses of his forefathers. It can be identified by the deleterious placements of planets in the houses of the Kundali. With this Dosha, one has to suffer for the sins committed by the forefathers.


Angaraka Dosha


Angaraka Dosha is formed with a combination of Rahu and Mars in any house in Kundali. This can harm one due to the harmful placements of these 2 planets.


Guru Chandal Dosha


When Jupiter and Rahu reside in the same house in one’s Kundali, this Dosha is formed. This combination can have harmful effects on one’s life. Even if these two planets have their placement in each one’s Nakshatra, this Dosha comes into existence. One is religiously and morally poor. His general behavior is also up to the mark. It leads to an extreme approach in terms of religion, due to which one can even harm others in the name of religion.


Grahan Dosha


When the Sun and the Moon co-exist in a deleterious way with Rahu and Ketu, Grahan Dosha takes place. This can also happen in case of birth during Chandra Grahan or Surya Grahan. This Dosha can impact your health, career, family relations, children’s wellness, and difficulty during birth.


Gandamool Dosha


Gandamool Dosha is said to be the deadliest Dosha which affects your life in the most destructive manner. The life graph of a person having this Dosha has very steep ups and downs. When Mercury and Ketu co-exist in the same house at the time of birth, this Dosha takes place. This Dosha can bring ill luck to the family.


Shani Dosha


Shani Dosha is another very harmful Dosha. This leads to the rectification of all your wrongdoings in the past as well as the present life. If Shani resides in the first, second, or twelfth house in Kundali, it can be dreadful. Delay in closures, mental instability, unlawful relations, and depression – all these can be the results of this Dosha.


Shrapit Dosha


Shrapit Dosha leads to the formation of embarrassing and awkward moments in one’s life. When Rahu and Saturn come together with the Zodiac sign during birth, Shrapit Dosha can take place. This leads to hurdles in all aspects of life.


Chandra Dosha


Chandra Dosha is an instance where the Moon combines with Rahu. It can lead to financial losses as well as mental illness. Negative thoughts keep barging into the mind during this Dosha. Two other situations lead to this Dosha – When Rahu and Ketu both join the Moon and b. When birth happens during Amavasya, where the Sun and the Moon, both are in the same house.


Kemadruma Dosha


This Dosha occurs when the Moon solely resides in any house of the Kundali. Usually, it happens when other planets are not existing in the second and the twelfth house. This leads to financial, mental as well as social distress.




A person can have different kinds of issues in life. Life can be made better if these issues are resolved. This can be done if the Doshas are identified and remedial actions are taken. Our Online Astrology consultation will help you to recognize your Doshas and get remedies for them. We help you make your life better.

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