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Taurus Sun Libra Rising

Taurus Sun Libra Rising

People with the Sun in Taurus and Rising in Libra are the favorites of others. They're often surprisingly adorable, they're well-mannered and sweet, and they're almost always well-liked. Previously, such people represented angels of happiness, but they are not angels at all! Taurus with Libra Rising has artistic tendencies; They take care of themselves and dress well, and they love beauty and cleanliness; But his inner life is not so harmonious. When they are given to the senses, it determines their perception, and they are limited, feeling and perception prevail. They may also bloom a little, although not without beauty, provided it match the mood of the day.

In isolation, they wither, they need a response of emotions, and they need warmth. That's why they are constantly making efforts towards the south. If their inner life is not full, they become immobile, they seek warmth from the outside, heat up the apartment, and do not dare to go outside when the sky turns gray. For all this, it may be superfluous, as they bring joy to one's presence. They are ready to woo, but they often respond too quickly to consensual marriage, because their feelings are always open. They never know whether they are truly appreciated or whether they are just attractive male or female dolls.

Taurus Sun Libra Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, with the Taurus Sun rising into Libra, you find yourself caught between a somewhat mild egotism, which causes you to be overly concerned with your own affairs and loved ones, and your dependence, sometimes excessively, on the affection of others. Focus excessively on. Holds strong social values. You are friendly and concerned about how you are evaluated. If you manage to develop greater mobility, you can find excellent opportunities in the artistic or artisanal field.

Since both of these zodiac signs are under the auspices of Venus, you have a developed sense of beauty and a pleasant, gentle character. You are flexible and sensitive, easily influenced by your environment. You are well-educated and honest, you have a sense of justice which you follow in most of your actions. You are prone to sensual pleasures, love to hang out in society, enjoy the atmosphere of romance, and are not indifferent to refined food and drinks. You are constantly struggling to keep your weight within acceptable limits, but you are not able to do it well. Since it is hard for you to deny yourself the pleasure of delicious food, you can completely accept that you have to pay for it.

Taurus Sun Libra Rising Woman

It seems like the Taurus Sun Libra rising woman has many talents, but you need to develop one or two of them. Otherwise, you may become a person who takes everything for granted but fails to do anything right. Your determination needs encouragement and, lazy Libra, you should try to keep your temperamental body under control. The habit of procrastinating can cause problems for you, so don't think too long about what needs to be done - just do it.

Women are attracted to your honesty. You are very optimistic, but sometimes you lose your temper and fall victim to a bad mood. You get angry easily but also calm down easily. You lack willpower, and the real problem is patience – it is difficult for you to stick to your chosen activity to the end.

Taurus Sun Libra Rising Man

Since both zodiac signs are ruled by Venus, the Taurus Sun Libra rising individual has sensuality in abundance. You have no time for worldly matters, and you devote everything you have to love and romantic relationships. You often confuse love and passion, and this leads to disaster. You never learn from mistakes and you can't help but jump back into the pan you just took off the fire. Life in your mind should be absolutely beautiful, romantic, and creative. There's no point telling you it's impossible - you just don't listen to anyone. Sometimes this reality overwhelms you and then you try to find comfort, by eating and drinking excessively. When you come you are the same as before.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon people have too many expectations from others and do not pay attention to their needs. Your financial situation is unreliable, and when you have a lot of money in your pocket, it doesn't last long. You cannot live even a day without fulfilling any of your wishes and do not heed the warnings of the bank until the bank refuses to give you the loan. The constant struggle to stand on solid ground with the toe of at least one foot, if not both, will help you survive many emotional traumas.

Taurus Sun and Libra Rising Compatibility

In matters of the heart, marriage is fundamental to them, and they will have many romantic relationships from the time they are young teens. They will attract Aries and may soon jump into passionate affairs. Sometimes a fight may occur, but then is quickly avoided, and there may be some kind of competition between this person and their romantic interest – they will both want to pursue the relationship. Physical contact will be essential for overall satisfaction in relationships. Virgo, Capricorn, other Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer are all signs that will be attracted to this combination, and of course, their Libra energy will attract other Libras as well. Geminis will make good friends, as will some Aquarius. They may be attracted to Leo and Sagittarius, but romantic relationships with these zodiac signs will not always be so easy; Their Libra rising may seem attractive to them, but their natural Taurus energy will make them seem very different from themselves.

You pursue your goals very hard, but at any time you can change your decision and start pursuing a new objective. So you live your personal life, and complications arise from that. You are one of those people who like to play in love rather than in real love and when things do not progress or the relationship becomes mundane, you disappear. But you still need a life partner, and the combination of your signs suggests that you will marry a man with a large family, and with members of this family you simply expect complications.

Taurus Sun Libra Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, with the Taurus Sun rising in Libra, you are a lover of life, love, others, beauty, and the arts. Your personality is aesthetic, inclined towards refinement and sophistication. Vulgarity repels you, and the harshness of feelings and actions is an incomprehensible and unbearable strangeness for you. The dual component of Venus brings great flexibility to this character. Practical and determined, this person must learn not to always take the easy path, as this can be harmful, especially since he can be stubborn at times. In fact, once these natives decide to commit, it doesn't matter what happens. Your emotional needs disarm those around you and are overpowered by your best qualities, which are easily understood by your environment. However, don't be too sociable, as this may lead to neglect of your personal needs. Excessive compassion can sometimes stifle your expression; It is necessary to strike a balance between your needs and the needs of those around you.

With the Taurus Sun rising in Libra, you are romantic, sensitive, and reserved when it comes to love. At the same time, you ultimately want balance and stability. However, even if you remain faithful, sometimes you find it difficult to be satisfied with just one partner. In a relationship, you are attentive, open, warm, and pleasant to be with, that's right, you are a mix of sensitivity and firmness. In any case, you are a great listener and always very supportive of your partner when they encounter difficulties. Emotional relationships are of great importance to you. You may be dependent on your love or affection to some extent. Your captivating sensuality makes you extremely attractive. You enjoy both seducing and being seduced. Although you can be a little fickle, it takes time for you to settle down in love, but it is only within a stable union that you find happiness.

Taurus Sun Libra Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, your problems may be related to throat, kidneys, liver, nerves, swelling in legs and intestines. The right way of life will help you maintain good health, although it may be difficult for you to give up your habits. Try increasing the interval between each write. Since kidneys may be a problem for you, drink plenty of fresh mineral water.

Taurus Sun Libra Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are able to acquire knowledge quickly and are inclined towards art and business. Some professions involving navigation or liquids will bring success, and many people born under this combination of signs become wine or liquor merchants, chemists, doctors, surgeons, or sailors. Water is the determining factor.

You may suffer losses due to disagreements with business partners and you should always carefully check the contracts you make. In adulthood, you can change your profession, and the subsequent years of life will bring a good position and popularity in society. You will always have many affairs in the public sector, and you will often go on business trips. Your career will not be stable, so postpone any work for a bad day. Ultimately, you will get success in your own country or even in your hometown.


Charming and very sensual, you naturally arouse sympathy and meet with great success with the opposite sex. You have a highly developed sense of interpersonal relationships and build relationships easily. You don't know how to live alone. Taurus Sun, Libra Moon, you are quite sociable and like to exchange ideas with everyone, but you also appreciate the comfort of your home. While our zodiac signs are the most well-known parameter of astrology among the masses, anyone who knows anything about astrology will testify that the Rising sign is an equally important consideration when evaluating a personality. If you want to know more about Taurus Sun Libra rising then talk to astrology.

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