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Taurus Sun Leo Rising

Taurus Sun Leo Rising

Taurus Sun Leo Rising is an attractive mix of characters and he is someone everyone loves to be around. You appreciate the finer things in life and try to make the most of every moment. Your positive personality is very attractive and people are naturally attracted to your bubbliness. Although everything in your life is perfect, when it comes to love, you know exactly what you want. You love being in relationships and spoiling someone. Leo Rising gifts Taurus with an extremely strong character, which means it is almost impossible to get over them. Nothing can stop you, when you face failure, you always come back stronger than ever.

Taurus Sun Leo Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, the person with the Sun in Taurus and the Rising in Leo has a dignified but peaceful character. They live a little differently, but royally. To them the best aspects of life are; They do not follow penance. They value good education, and the ability to behave. They do not risk their future. What a man has, he has, he has, and he knows what he has. A significant social status is important for them, and usually, they reach it. Once in possession of it, they more or less follow justice, but they consider possible small exceptions beneficial to themselves.

Wherever Taurus Rising in Leo appears, they immediately win hearts. They are strongly attracted to the opposite sex. The spark of passion flares up quickly and spreads from one to the other. Their resistance is also very good. They are in danger of indulging too much in pleasures of any kind. They are successful in what they are doing; however, they do not set very high goals for themselves. They do not need mountain peaks, the hump that dominates the plain is enough. And everything happens with such pomp and show on the hill, as if a person is sitting on the highest peak. The one who is ready to share this happiness – that dear guest, has everything on the table for him in the house. However, outside the home, they will not bend, given that the external and internal values remain intact. They know how to count their forces. They enter society only when they feel their safety is at risk.

Taurus Sun Leo Rising Woman

The Taurus Sun Leo Rising woman has a broad personality, perhaps in proportion to your body. You are kind, good, and generous; You have a big heart, in which there will be a place for everyone. The strength of your personality cannot be ignored. The Taurus Sun Leo rising woman is a leader and you always know what you need to do. Women trust you, they are happy to share your thoughts and ideas. However, women are not very good at adapting, and changes can put you on both shoulder blades, especially if they are unexpected.

It is difficult for you to deal with setbacks, both professional and personal, and you need success almost as much as you need food and water. You often sacrifice your personal life for success, and you should know that success means nothing if you are alone. You have great social ambitions, so try to stay in touch with the right people. Still, sometimes you help people who are worse off than you, especially when you're in a bad mood. It makes you feel very important and hurts your self-esteem.

Taurus Sun Leo Rising Man

The Taurus Sun Leo is a good, reliable, and loyal friend: those you care about should have everything good. Although you are a strong person, it doesn't take much effort to touch your soft heart. You easily take offense but completely forgive your offenders and rarely take revenge. You do not tolerate meanness in any form. You have an excellent temperament, strong will, and great spirit. Open and outspoken, you can flare up easily when provoked, but your anger doesn't last long. Although sometimes you are arrogant and boastful, you are usually confident and self-confident.

Although you are obsessed with work, you feel that the world is obliged to provide you with success – even if you have done very little work to deserve it. First, you are obsessed with the idea of universal recognition. You frighten your relatives with your schemes to get rich fast and bore them to death with your failures. And what's worse is that you undoubtedly dump your problems on them.

Taurus Sun and Leo Rising Compatibility

In terms of heart, this person will attract Aquarius (as Aquarius rules the 7th house of love and relationships) and Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Aries, both will become good friends/lovers. This will be a good match for Capricorn and other Taurus people as well as some Virgo people. Gemini and Libra will prove to be good partners, while Pisces may be a little too sensitive for this pair. However, if there are multiple Aries signs in their chart, it will prove to be a better match.

Taurus Sun Leo Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, the Taurus Sun is rising in Leo, your emotional life holds an important place, and you dream of building a family. Thus, the notion of the couple as well as the children is omnipresent in your life. In short, you aspire to stability, even though you are a great tempter. When you are in a relationship, you are attentive, romantic, creative, soft, and embracing. However, you need to be careful, as sometimes you can be a little too authoritative!

Taurus Sun Leo Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, your passions are strong but manageable. It seems that you will have two marriages and have children from both spouses. If your spouse was born under the sign of Aquarius, possibly twins. You radiate warmth, which is extremely attractive, but you must remember that not everyone can give you the true love that you need and deserve. You must be very selective. This need for love may be rooted in your childhood. Your father will be extremely important to your position in life; He was the cause of big changes or the source of some problems for you in childhood. Nevertheless, childhood difficulties will be forgotten provided you can maintain a balance between your professional and emotional life. Taurus Sun Leo rising is one of the few zodiac signs that makes it possible to find great love.

Taurus Sun Leo Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, a career is a very important part of your life, maybe even too important. You are blessed with a variety of talents but often prioritize the beautiful arts and public service. You have poetic ability and are very fond of theatre. Wealth will come to you through your personal qualities as well as through relationships and even wealthy patrons. Loss may be due to family problems.

You can also become rich with the help of friends, as well as by trading consumer goods, for example, food or clothes. It is likely that during a certain period of life, you will experience great difficulties because of friends or colleagues. Short trips will be beneficial for you and you may travel a lot in connection with the business. Your business will be respectable and profitable, you will be sympathetic towards people in good positions, especially women. There is no doubt that you are capable of achieving great heights in life with your talent.


Generally speaking, people mean very little to you. You make the only exceptions for people who can help you climb the ladder of success: they deserve your full attention. You are willing to do everything possible to attract attention and represent the worst kind of career. When luck finally comes your way, you can't resist the urge to tell the whole world about it. Fortunately, only the most gullible person can be deceived in your case. You are too critical and cannot understand that your claims to success fail due to lack of merit. As far as your personal life is concerned, you don't really have time for such small things. But one day you will realize that you have used and discarded from your life those people who loved you, but by then it will be too late. If you want to know more about Taurus Sun Leo rising then talk to astrology.

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