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Taurus Sun Cancer Rising

Taurus Sun Cancer Rising

Taurus Sun Cancer Rising creates amazingly generous and very socially gifted people. If this is your combination, the good news is that everyone loves you and people love your presence. Your relationships with your friends and family are very important to you, and the truth is that you will do anything to make them happy. Deciding what you want can be difficult for you because your personality has such a wide range of influences. Don't let stress overwhelm you in your pursuit of happiness and success. If you were an intelligent person, then, closed in your shell, you would try to find your little stone heart. If you try to change and start thinking about others, you will find that your heart has become bigger and, on the contrary, your image has become thinner. Think about it.

A Taurus with Cancer Rising is tolerant when left alone. Everyone can do whatever they want, as long as they don't become rowdy. They keep swinging for a long time. But if they have already said something, it is valid. They take care of what is theirs; While going on vacation, they take care to protect their apartment from thieves. They love nature, draw strength from it, and get a lot from sleep if they can, which, unfortunately, often depends on the state of mind. When a dream is shattered, they come into serious conflict with others.

Taurus Sun Cancer Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, people with the Sun in Taurus and the Rising in Cancer feel good in the world if they manage to cover their sensitivity with reliable life security. They are impressionable and sensitive to a variety of currents. They willingly take shelter in their home – but do not lock themselves in. They wish to live well but not better than others. They are eager for love and willingly acquire a family. But they want peace, order, and security. One who possesses vices is undesirable; Life is too short to live it in a mess.

This combination shows a lot of sociability, you are not alone by nature. Your idea of happiness is to be surrounded by friends and family, and so you will enjoy a lot of popularity. You have a rich imagination, and you are sensitive and inventive, although not particularly original. Your worldliness means that you will always find a way to make a living, even managing to save.

Taurus Sun Cancer Rising Woman

The Taurus Sun Cancer rising woman has a very large appetite, this can lead to the fact that you will indulge your desires in eating, and although you are a good cook, you should still develop restraint. Over the course of a lifetime, you'll probably vacillate between overeating or a strict diet. Remember, most of the things you are addicted to are not beneficial for you. Although you are a practical person, you can easily get carried away with money: someone's sad story, or a needy friend, and you climb into the purse. Don't let your choices override common sense, otherwise, you will soon find yourself being used by others. Be a little more careful when choosing between the items you like and the direction to put your energy, and you will avoid unnecessary trouble and unnecessary expenses.

From an emotional perspective, you passively go with the flow and then start suffering from sudden changes and experiencing complex emotions. You know very well how it feels to be offended, and hence, be sensitive towards your relatives. The past is always alive for you, and you remain in the memories, reliving the past events again and again. Because of this, you are not able to forgive resentment easily.

Taurus Sun Cancer Rising Man

Taurus Sun Cancer people are emotional vampires who completely suck out the energy of others. You are also a fan of sensations and swing from one drama to the next, although it is doubtful that you will be able to distinguish between a real and an imaginary problem. Just as in childhood, you cling to your parents, and, being an adult, you will cling to your children, even using emotional blackmail. Poor people will not get a chance if they do not learn to oppose you from childhood. But every such expression of freedom leads to its complete rejection.

When you realize that you cannot achieve your goal, you usually run away at full speed or hide deep in your shell. You really need to learn to stand firmly on your feet, but you prefer to have the support of loved ones. You think that you should occupy a dominant position, and when you are refused attention, you succumb to your love of sweets and absorb them in unbearable quantities. The more satiated you become, the more unhappy you become, and the more unhappy you become, the more you eat, etc.

Taurus Sun and Cancer Rising Compatibility

In matters of heart, these people are complete romantics. They would read books about love at an early age, with the desire that they could have the desperate, clingy, and needy love portrayed in stories like William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Remember, Cancer energy is "sticky" energy - they hold on to the object of their affection tenaciously if their heart is already dedicated to that person. They will dream of getting married and raising a beautiful big family that they can support comfortably.

Taurus Sun Cancer Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, with the Taurus Sun rising in Cancer, you are a loyal, honest, and serious person, which means your emotional path is stable. Your ultimate goal is to create a family atmosphere because tenderness, sensuality, and peace are your characteristics. It is not unusual for you to form passionate relationships. When Taurus Sun Cancer Rising people are in love, you rely on the principles of sharing and reciprocity. Your search for balance, continuity, and harmony encourages you to establish life habits and principles that reassure you.

Taurus Sun Cancer Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, chest and throat diseases can be your biggest problem, as well as overeating can also cause gastric diseases. You may suffer from arthritis and sciatica in the latter part of your life. Since you are careless, there is a definite danger of falling. Diseases will probably especially bother you on travel, so before you go on a trip, make sure that you are fully armed. Finally, your active imagination may mean that you are a hypochondriac: when you find out that someone is sick with the flu, you may develop symptoms in one night, even if you learned about it by phone.

Taurus Sun Cancer Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, the rising sign of Cancer means a wonderful life with many ups and downs. You are doing well in processing old material and it can provide you livelihood. The ability to negotiate and work in social movements can also ensure your well-being. Although there is a danger of loss, the latter half of life will be more successful and prosperous. You will reach your position only on the strength of your personality and this will be the topic of general discussion. You may also be defamed. After thirty-five years your still uncertain position in life becomes more stable. Friends, especially women, can support you, including material assistance.


The Cancer Rising adds a practical side to Taurus and helps them keep focused despite their strong emotions. These people often suffer from mood swings and may struggle to deal with day-to-day challenges. You are reflective, organized, honest, and curious, so you need to constantly deepen your knowledge to be more efficient in your work. Your lack of confidence sometimes forces you to be slow and hesitant in making decisions. Furthermore, you respect hierarchy, and you know how to follow orders from your superiors. If you want to know more about Taurus Sun Cancer rising then talk to astrology.

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