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Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising

Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising

Taurus and Aquarius are two opposite signs that, contrary to what we believe, are actually wonderful complements to each other. In fact, your desire to move forward and get to the bottom of things is coupled with a desire and need for more leeway. Learn all about the bittersweet relationship associated with the Taurus Sun Aquarius rising. Aquarius people have many imaginary and cerebral traits that often dominate their character. However, without this hint of creativity and idealism, all the practicality and logic in the world would be useless. In fact, this mix of opposite signs matches very well and makes an excellent mix.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, the character of a person with Sun in Taurus and rising in Aquarius is attractive to others. They are temperamental but easily agree with others. Their perception sometimes seems changeable, but they are always dynamic and at the decisive moment they react correctly. They care about their education and love to surprise friends; They like to look good. Taurus with rising in Aquarius is sweet and brings liveliness to all types of parties and entertainment. They take advantage of their charm, build their wealth at night, and suddenly buy a house or a piece of land. Despite all their mobility, they are usually strongly attached to a specific place; Practical thinking prevails in them.

Their love affairs are original, marriages are unexpected and always fascinating; At midnight they may be at the door wearing needles; Also in the middle of the day they may be rushing to a meeting in the city center wearing slippers – they don't want to be late! And they do it because they like being lonely people whom everyone wants to meet. Their influence is strong, they are charming in various – sometimes skillful – ways. Much seems superficially sensational for a short time, But they always know where to eat a piece of bread and butter and buy more butter than bread. One rarely gets angry at such people!

Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising Woman

Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising women are a practical idealist: finding the reason is not everything in itself, you have to do something. It is people like you who can save this world one day. You are a very humane person, but not a dreamer. In your personal life, your driving force is family, and success can only be achieved if you have reliable backing.

The Taurus Sun Aquarius rising woman is a unique individual who embodies a balance of down-to-earth practicality and innovative thinking. She is driven by her values and sense of stability, which is reflected in her natural perseverance and determination. Also, her Aquarius rising adds a touch of eccentricity and creativity to her personality, making her open to new and unconventional ideas. She is confident, independent, and always eager to explore new things in both her personal life and relationships. She may have a tendency to be set in her ways, but her willingness to embrace change and think outside the box sets her apart from others and allows her to constantly grow and move forward.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising Man

The Taurus Sun Aquarius rising man can be trusted, as you will patiently overcome all obstacles until the job is done. This quality attracts other people toward you. You always try to live up to the expectations that your family members have of you. People like you are popular, and you probably have useful friends, especially in the law. Aquarius rising indicates that you have many siblings who often argue with each other and create a lot of problems. Your father may work in farming or shopping and your relations with him will not be very good.

The Taurus Sun Aquarius rising man is a combination of stability and unpredictability. He values comfort and security, which he achieves through his practical nature and hard work. However, their Aquarius rising adds a touch of unpredictability, making them open to new and innovative ideas, while also giving them a tendency to challenge the status quo.

Taurus Sun and Aquarius Rising Compatibility

In matters of the heart, Leo rules the 7th house of relationships and the Taurus man may find this interesting; However, it is the combination of 3 certain mannerisms coming together that can prove to be a relationship between two very stubborn people. Like Pisces, Capricorn and Virgo will also be welcomed. Gemini and Aries will become good friends and Sagittarius will really "get" Taurus' dreams of making this world a better place. People with the Libra zodiac sign will find this Taurus sign interesting. However, Cancer may find that this Taurus is a little too emotionally distant for their liking. Scorpio is also a fixed method, and although there will be attraction, this pairing may not always work because both parties will always want things their own way. Other Taurus and Aquarius signs will do well.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, although Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising is independent, your Aquarius rising inspires you to bet on long-term stability. Gentle and sensual, you are a generous and attentive lover who may take a while to commit. In fact, your need for independence causes you to need a lot of time to yourself. Before starting a relationship, you want to make sure that the other person is also independent and can give you some space. The Aquarius and Taurus aspects of your personality can also be found in a relationship.

While commitment and loyalty are very important values to you, this conservative side is offset by your great creativity. You have a way of energizing your life so that life with you is a daily adventure. Devoted, you know how to make people love you and especially how to quench their thirst for comfort. However, be careful, you are often too idealistic and therefore demanding. In this case, disappointment never goes away! With greater flexibility and tolerance, you will find peace. For everything related to your emotional and sexual life, as well as everything related to your relationships in a broader sense, it is necessary to look at your birth chart to find out where Venus is located. Astrological houses also bring additional information on different areas of your life. 

Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, it is not easy to constantly protect health, it can lead to fatigue. As a result of stress, you may have a sore throat and sweat. Although you are generally a very healthy person, you may still suffer from blood diseases, eczema, muscle cramps, indigestion, stomach diseases, neuralgia, and sometimes arthritis. There may also be a problem in blood circulation, so always keep an eye on the pressure.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising Career

According to Career PredictionTaurus Sun Aquarius Rising people who have some literary and artistic talent and prefer the humanities and scientific research. You may be interested in occultism, secret methods of research in the field of experimental science, writing, oratory, philosophy, music, or theater. Your achievements may be the result of your dedication and personal qualities, but financial success will be unstable and subject to major changes, obstacles await you in its path, mainly due to secret enemies. Taurus Sun Aquarius rising people have two or more sources of income and usually do some kind of covert work in the field of chemical research, in government or military circles, or even as a spy. Ownership and related business can also provide a livelihood to Taurus Sun Aquarius, and in these cases, you may travel a lot. Still, no matter what business problems you face, a friend always comes to your aid.


As its element suggests, your Aquarius rising keeps itself grounded while Taurus, on the contrary, is quite a dreamer. Therefore, this alliance of signs is a surprising mix of practicality and idealism. Your rising urges you, during critical moments, to let go and reflect systematically – this will be key to your success. This is a blend that indicates promising results... the limits are sky-high for you. This shows that reason and imagination can co-exist well! Your rising often takes priority over the darker nature of Aquarius. Thus, you are a laid-back, thoughtful, and down-to-earth person. However, you continue to be a victim of certain worries or fears on a regular basis. However, once your hesitations go away, you become helpful, friendly, cheerful, and generous. If you want to know more about Taurus Sun Aquarius rising then talk to astrology.

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