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Taurus Best Friend and Who is Taurus Enemy

Taurus Best Friend and Who is Taurus Enemy

According to astrology, every zodiac sign has its friends and enemies. There is a total of 12 zodiac signs. And all zodiac signs are connected to four elements air, fire, water, and earth. But today we are going to discuss the Taurus zodiac sign and its friends and enemies. It’s the second zodiac sign.


Strengths and weaknesses of Taurus




The person who belongs to Taurus their minds are steady and even they are trustworthy. They are determined and being determined is their biggest strength. Even they are friendly in nature. They are goal-oriented.



Taurus individuals are possessive in nature and stubborn. Moreover, they are   selfish. Their thinking is quite orthodox sometimes. 


Taurus Best Friend



It will make a good team with its own Taurus individual. Both will love to relax together. Even the same individual is the best match for Taurus. Because both of them love to watch movies, have a spa, play games, and have trips together. Sometimes conflicts will occur due to a different selection of movies and restaurants, however, both will enjoy each other’s partnership.



Cancer and Taurus will have a good friendship. Cancer is sensitive in nature but then also both will have long-lasting friendships with each other. even both of them admire each other qualities and Taurus will love to listen to its dreams hopes and worries. Furthermore, the abilities of cancer will impress you. Both of you will take care of each other and handle each other weaknesses and this is the secret behind good friendship.


Virgo and Taurus will make a good team together. both of them will help each other financially. Both will support each other at tough times, moreover, the risk of arguments between Virgo and Taurus is very low. Even both appreciate each other’s ability. Virgo's friendship will help you to crack big deals easily by negotiating, and in return, you will help him to make most of the money.



According to astrology, Scorpio and Taurus are completely opposite from each other but then also they will make good companionship together. Both of you will appreciate your friendship. both of you will love to spend time together and use to stay most of the time together. both of you will respect each other space and privacy. Both of you will make a good team and can work together.


Both of you belong to the same element earth and both of you also have the same dreams and desires. You will be friendly to each other and able to make meaningful friends easily. Moreover, both individuals have compatibility, understanding, and good mindsets even though both of you are comfortable and stable together. Both of you will have a good friendship.


According to astrologers, Pisces and Taurus will not able to be friends at first but if they give some time to their friendship it will take a beautiful turn and it will become strong and then you will find lots of common dreams and goals. pieces will appreciate your sense of humor. Even both of you appreciate art, creativity, and beauty. Both of you will make a good bond together.

Enemy of Taurus


Aquarius is an independent zodiac sign and Taurus always wants it together so it is difficult for both of them to bond with each other. Even they have to have to face a lot of challenges when they are together. And Aquarius was never able to tie down with any relationship. so these are some reasons why Taurus and Aquarius are enemies of each other.


Leo and Taurus will never get friends because Leo always wants attention, love, and care whereas Taurus has its own style of dealing with things and Taurus is also stubborn in nature. And Leo is spontaneous also, and Taurus is patient. There are some reasons why they never become friends.


Taurus has its own friend and enemies. But according to astrologer predictions, Taurus is a really patient and delicate zodiac sign and its element is the earth. and even an Aries person can match all six zodiac signs which are given above.


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