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Sun Opposite Venus

Sun Opposite Venus

The Sun is a mixed aspect, opposite to Venus. Overall, though, it's more positive than negative. The Surya represents who we think we are in the world. Sun also shows how we try to shine. Venus is the main planet involved in building and maintaining relationships. It represents our ability to love and put others before ourselves.

Conflict is a difficult aspect, but it plays a special role when it comes to relationships. It can cause friction, but it can also help people balance and complement each other.

Sun opposite transiting Venus can put pressure on love relationships as any recently built-up tensions can come to the surface. The difference in expectations from each of you can be a source of heartburn. This transit favors resolving any issues as you are in touch with your feelings and can express how much you love or miss someone.

If you are single at this time it can be more challenging as there is a need for more love and affection than usual. Compensating for loneliness by indulging in luxuries can only provide short-term relief and put a strain on finances. A better option would be to have someone to talk to or hang out with people to try your hand at some creative activity.

Sun Opposite Venus Natal

Mercury and Venus are related to the Sun in a person's birth chart and Venus can never be more than 45 degrees from the Sun and Mercury can never be more than 28 degrees.

This means that if the Sun is opposite Venus in synastry, there are likely to be other aspects between the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the two charts and these aspects have to be considered as well.

Signs adjacent to opposite signs are incompatible. This means that there is a good chance that in reading Sun sign compatibility articles, people with Venus opposite Sun signs will read that their Sun signs do not get along with each other.

If so, then the Sun opposite Venus will make them more favorable than otherwise. In addition to considering other aspects between the charts, planetary signs can color the meaning of this aspect as well. There are two combinations in particular that are important to watch out for.

Sun Opposite Venus Synastry

The Sun opposite Venus at the Synastry indicates that, on some level, the two people are good mates for each other. Yet, this is due to their differences rather than their similarities. They have the ability to balance each other well. While their differences can be a source of strength for their relationship, they can be a source of conflict. For any relationship to work between them, they need to learn to compromise and listen to each other.

Sun Opposite Venus Transit

Obstacles or restrictions you've been dealing with as part of your relationships or finances will come to the fore. When the Sun opposes your natal Venus, it will be worthwhile to take the time to understand the situation and its underlying dynamics. Instead of making a rash decision in response, take a pause so you don't regret it later. Whatever difficulties you may experience in relationships during this time, you are likely to learn an important lesson through this experience. Hand position will provide important insight. Any underlying tension in relationships that were previously hidden is likely to surface during this time. While this may seem disconcerting at first, it also gives you an opportunity to bring awareness to aspects of the relationship that you need to fix. You will also feel creatively energized and excited, making today an opportune day to channel your feelings through the artistic process.


Sun opposite Venus will bring deep blessings in love relationships. The Sun opposite Venus can represent the foundation of a lifelong relationship. The Sun person is often attracted to the Venus person's beauty, charm, and vice versa. It creates magnetic energy and creates a sense of excitement and anticipation in the relationship. Even when they don't think alike, they can use their body language and emotional behavior to connect. Venus person will spice up your emotional moments with the right level of romanticism. They connect on a deeper level every time during intimate experiences. Energy will flow smoothly between these two when it comes to the bedroom. If you want to know more about the Sun Opposite Venus, then talk to astrologers online.

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