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Sun Opposite Mercury

Sun Opposite Mercury

Unlike the transit of Mercury, the Sun has a stimulating effect on mental activity. Your interactions with other people are taken into account. Your thinking is not in balance with your goals and if you insist too much your arrogance, conflicts, and arguments may arise as you are likely to speak without thinking and provoke opposition.

You are thinking more of yourself and your own views are likely to be narrow, and this is the reason others pat you on the back. The key to handling this difficult energy is to listen more than you speak and remember to think twice before making statements or expressing personal opinions that may offend.

This is not the best time to ask the boss for a salary or try to reach a deal in business. Things will be easier if you keep your selfish thoughts to yourself. Make a conscious effort to give any argument some basis, at least until your thinking becomes more balanced.

Sun Opposite Mercury Nata

Here comes a mental illumination that today you are going to get clear insight through communication with others. When the transiting Sun opposes your natal Mercury, you will be given feedback that allows you to gain a more objective view of yourself when you communicate within your relationships or share a message with the wider public. Will give can help. This will also apply to the way you communicate. You can make significant modifications to improve the effectiveness of the language you use and your style of expression. Be open to seeing things differently and listen to others who share an insightful perspective that you may not have considered before.

Sun Opposite Mercury Synastry

An aspect of Mercury opposite the Sun in a horoscope indicates a person with a sharp mind, whose identity dominates their perception and conversation.

Sun, unlike Mercury, creates a specific kind of communication problem in all kinds of relationships. That is, one person's communication style challenges the other person's ego. The person whose Mercury is involved says the exact things in a precise way that is most likely to trigger defensiveness in the other.

This makes it difficult for the person whose Sun is involved to listen to the other. The positive side of this is that, if they can overcome this problem, it creates opportunities for each of them to grow. Whether both will be able to get out of this problem will largely depend on whether there are more harmonious aspects between them.

This aspect is further complicated by the fact that Mercury and Venus are never very far from the Sun in a person's birth chart. Sun opposite Mercury conjunct means that there are likely to be other oppositions between the Sun, Mercury, and Venus between the two charts. Sun opposite Mercury conjunct There are many sign combinations that will change the meaning of this aspect.

Sun Opposite Mercury Transit

Sun opposite Mercury If you get into a verbal conflict with someone, it would be most beneficial to hear their point of view so that you can understand where they are coming from. This will help you meditate more effectively. By focusing on staying calm and engaging in dialogue, you'll be able to more easily find a compromise or solution that works for both parties.

There is a complex in the Sun Temple. On one hand, it brings energy and vibrancy to the relationship. On the other hand, this is where our arrogance and pride can sabotage our relationships with other people. Mercury is one of the important planets when it comes to people's relationships. It controls our ability to communicate.


Good communication can save difficult relationships and bad communication can destroy good relationships. The Mercury conjunction between people is one of the biggest indicators of whether or not a relationship can stand the test of time. If you want to know more about the Sun Opposite Mercury, then talk to astrologers online.

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