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Sun Mahadasha: Surya Dasha Effects

Sun Mahadasha: Surya Dasha Effects

According to astrology, the change of zodiac signs of Navagrahas to their Mahadashas affects the life of every person. Many people get auspicious results from Mahadasha, while many people's life does not take the name of ending difficulties. Similarly, if we talk about the king of planets, Suryadev, then the Mahadasha of this planet lasts for 6 years.

According to astrology, the Mahadasha of the Sun lasts for 6 years. Suryadev is the lord of the Leo zodiac sign. Along with this, Sun is considered high in Aries and low in Libra. In such a situation, when there is a Mahadasha of the Sun, a person gets success in every field as well as flies high in his career. Along with this, there is an increase in respect and business in the society.

Surya Mahadasha Effects

Sun is a powerful, progressive, and dynamic planet. Which is considered to be the highest among all the planets in the Sair Mandal. Its radiance reflects optimism, authority, cheerfulness, and strength. So right there it's the heat of aggression and arrogance. It is the giver of life among all the planets. According to astrology, people under Surya Mahadasha often enjoy a good social reputation due to the support and support of eminent people in government and government. Such natives themselves also enjoy an authoritative position but may also face some problems from the family.

According to Vedic astrology, the natives in whose horoscope Sun's Mahadasha runs at a good position and time, get enough money and create many sources of income. Especially the people associated with business and work related to arms, fire, state, property, and medicine. Surya Mahadasha also inspires the person spiritually and often creates the yoga of pilgrimage. Also, it makes one anxious and restless due to frequent apprehensions of theft, enmity, possessiveness, health problems, and fire. But despite these vicissitudes on a personal level, such a person has a good life.

Result of Surya Mahadasha

If the position of the Sun is auspicious in a person's horoscope, then auspicious results are obtained. Every wish is fulfilled. If the Sun is exalted in its friendly signs, then the native gets success in every field. The works that have been stopped for a long time are completed and the spoiled works also start getting done. Along with this, the people preparing for the administrative post get successful soon.

If the position of the Sun is inauspicious in a person's horoscope, then the person's nature gets affected badly. Such people are egoistic with being angrier. Along with this, the relationship with the father of these people is not good. Along with this, due to the bad position of the Sun, problems related to the heart and eyes have to be faced.

Astrology believes that if the Sun Planets are exalted in a person's horoscope, then such a person gets all kinds of happiness in his life. Such people get desired results and get success from all sides. Such people get a lot of benefits from their fathers. Higher positions are obtained in administrative work.

Apart from this, if the Sun God is in an inauspicious position in a horoscope, then during that time the person becomes arrogant and grumpy, and such a person's relationship with his father remains bad. Diseases related to the eyes and heart can be troubling. Such people may also have complaints of blood pressure.

Sun Mahadasha and Marriage

According to marriage predictions, it is considered a very auspicious yoga when Jupiter's Antardasha is going on in Sun's Mahadasha because at this time the happiness of the children is achieved. Jyotishacharya says that in this time, marriage is formed, which works to get a good life partner.

If Venus is in the seventh house and Venus is influenced by Mars and Sun, then a delay of two years is inevitable. If there is an effect of Shani, then at the age of one year i.e. twenty-six years and if there is an effect of Rahu on Venus, then there is a delay of two years in marriage.

Surya Mahadasha Remedies

  • Daily Arghya should be offered to Lord Surya by taking water in a copper vessel.

  • Sunday is related to Lord Surya. That's why donate wheat and copper on Sunday.

  • Along with offering Arghya to the Sun God on Sunday, offer water to the Peepal tree as well. Along with this, light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree in the evening.

  • Reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotra regularly will be beneficial.

  • In the Mahadasha of the Sun, the native should regularly chant the mantra.

  • In the Mahadasha of the Sun, on Sunday, the person should offer Ardhya to the Sun by mixing pure water and red sandalwood in a copper utensil. Along with this, recitation of the sun source should be done.


Due to Sun being the significator of the eyes, there may be problems related to the eyes and due to Sun being the owner of Leo, the symbol of the abdomen, the person may also have to face stomach-related problems. Bad Sun dasha, causes suffering due to separation from family and friends, etc. Weak Sun Dasha with weak Dashmesh can cause harm from fire, enemies, rulers, etc. and weak Sun Dasha with weak 6th house lord can cause trouble from opponents. Talk to astrologers to know more about Sun Mahadasha.

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