The Sun Impact On Various Zodiac Signs

The Sun Impact On Various Zodiac Signs

Sun is the king of planets in astrology. It takes a month for them to travel in one zodiac. As compared to the other planets, the shape, nature, and energy power of the Sun have the greatest effect on the beings of the earth, the Sun is of great importance in astrology. The Sun is the lord of the soul, and so is the soul of a person. Being the father of the world, the twelfth house has been named to represent life in astrology. which are denoted by different symbols. That is, the house is situated in the form of wealth, happiness, happiness, son, enemy, death, luck or religion, karma, and expenditure, but the amount of each house is fixed on the amount moving in the east direction at the time of birth. depends on. The house is stationary while their signs are different. In the horoscope, 1, 4, 7, 10 houses have been named as Kendra, and 5, 9 houses as Triloka.


Sun Effects On Zodiac Sign 


Sun in Aries


If the zodiac is of Aries, then it will be its exalted sign because the Sun is exalted up to 10 degrees of Aries. The Sun in Aries makes the native courageous, mighty, and war-loving. The native is brilliant, intelligent, and clever. Exalted Sun makes the native wealthy. The person has self-confidence and is serious. The native is ambitious and strives for continuous progress. The native is also generous by nature. The person whose position of Sun is strong in the Kundali gives full results. When the Sun is in Aries, the person is not hard-working and suffers from stomach diseases and bile disorders.


Sun in Taurus 


If Sun is situated in Taurus, then the person is going to be happy with animals, vehicles, money grains, jewelry, food fragrance, flower garland, etc. The person with Sun in Taurus is hostile to the woman and gets disrespect from her. He may have oral diseases. Self-respect is abundant in the native.


Sun in Gemini 


The personality of the person is influenced by the Sun of Gemini since the lord of Gemini is Mercury, so due to the influence of Mercury, there is a lot of wisdom, intelligence, and scholarship in the person. The native is sweet-spoken and humble. The person is the most loving. The person is rich. The interest of the native remains in subjects like history and astrology. The person suffers from diseases like Kapha.


Sun in Cancer 


If Sun is situated in the Cancer sign then it is auspicious because the Moon, the lord of the Cancer zodiac, is the best friend of the Sun. Due to the placement of Sun in Cancer, the person works efficiently and gets fame. The native suffers from fickle and phlegmatic diseases under the influence of Cancer. The native does the work very quickly. The person also makes the work of others easy and is benevolent.


Sun in Leo Leo

If the Sun is situated in Leo, then this is also an auspicious position, then it is also an auspicious position because Leo is the Sun's own sign. Due to its effect, the person is patient, vigorous, and serious. The person gets very angry and he is also very enthusiastic. The native also practices yoga regularly. Such a person likes to be in solitude. The native-like forests and mountains very much. The native is also mighty and courageous.


Sun in Virgo Virgo

Mercury is also the lord of the Virgo sign, so because of the placement of the Sun in Virgo, the person is proficient in writing and reading, but the person speaks too much and in vain. The person suffers from stomach-related disorders, hence he is thin and weak. The native is proficient in mathematics and accounting.


Sun in Libra Libra

Venus, the owner of the Libra zodiac, is the natural enemy of the Sun. Sun is debilitated up to 10 degrees in Libra. Just as the Sun is exalted in Aries, the person has self-confidence. Similarly, when there is a debilitated Sun in Libra, on the contrary, there is a lack of self-confidence in the person. The person is dirty and adulterous. The native can get benefit from the work of lowly activities like alcohol, tobacco, etc. Such a person lacks enthusiasm. The native also faces problems in collecting money. The native is troubled by stomach-related diseases. The native is fond of traveling. The person is discordant, sinner, public bad, moneyless, filthy, hostile, and a drinker.


Sun in Scorpio 


The lord of the Scorpio zodiac is Mars, which is the friend of the Sun, so if Sun is situated in Scorpio, then the person becomes popular. The element of both Sun and Mars is fire, due to which the person becomes very angry and courageous and gets benefits in stomach-related medicine or secretly selling poison-like industry. The person is inclined to bow down to love only.


Sun in Sagittarius 


The lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter, who is a friend of the Sun, hence the sign of Sagittarius is the friend of the Sun. Due to the Sun being in Sagittarius, the person is intelligent, kind, calm-natured, and prudence. The native is skilled in dealings. The person is religious. The native is worshiped by other human beings. The person is rich.


Sun in Capricorn 



The lord of Capricorn is Saturn, who is the son of Sun but is also the ultimate enemy, so Sun in Capricorn will be of enemy sign, due to which the person becomes moneyless, happy, and disappointed. The person falls into vain plans. The native is mischievous and fickle. The person is greedy. The native knows and speaks many languages. If the Sun is in Capricorn, then the person becomes festival less, does harm to his relatives, and is humiliated.


Sun in Aquarius 



Saturn is also the lord of Aquarius, which is the ultimate enemy of the Sun. Therefore, if the Sun is in Aquarius, then the person becomes merciless, filthy-hearted, and worried. The friends of such a person are selfish. The person remains engaged in lowly deeds. The native is bitter and truthful and gets troubled by the wife and son. The native has a stable mind and is a workaholic. The person also gets angry a lot.


Sun in Pisces 



The lord of Pisces is Jupiter, which is a friend of the Sun, so when the Sun is in Pisces, it will be in the friend's sign. If the Sun is situated in Pisces, then the person is intelligent, clever, serious, and calm. The person is patient and content. The person acquires wealth through successful, prudent, and knowledgeable buying and selling and business. The person gains money through gentlemen's business. The native is dear to the gentlemen. Such a person gets special benefits from the in-law's side.




If there is a sun week in your Kundali, then it will give you inauspicious results and if it is strong then it will give auspicious results. If you want to know how Sun is giving an effect on your Kundali then talk to astrologers. Astrologers will analyze your Kundali and provide the right advice according to the zodiac sign.

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