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Sun and Rahu Conjunction in the 4th house

Sun and Rahu Conjunction in the 4th house

Sun as the most famous planet responsible for name and status in society plays a significant role in predicting his ability to express something. The sun has authority over an individual's soul and builds an individual's personality. The sun brings the power of resistance and makes a person persistent to face any sort of situation and also imparts immunity. The sun is popularly known as “Atmakaraka” which means the soul or indicator of an individual’s soul. Sun is the most important planet and looking for a career a good sun will give me a high leadership position in my profession. Sun commonly known as Surya should be worshiped daily by simple methods such as doing Suryanamaskar regularly. Doing so will provide the blessings of Surya and will protect the individual from the negative perception of society. 

Rahu is one of the scary planets of all time. Having a history of being called a demon in Hindu mythologies. Rahu is always seen as a problem for people, although this is not completely true. Rahu is the planet of distrust as the high presence of Rahu can make a person sneaky and immorally motivated. Rahu is responsible for reflexes and sudden decisions one makes in life. Rahu makes an individual unsatisfied in life and also makes them obsessed with materials. Rahu in astrology is seen as unexpected, therefore it can bring unexpected luck or unexpected death based on the natal chart.

The conjunction of these two planets in the fourth house makes their property a dispute among members of the family or might have illegal or no property at all. Sun and Rahu conjunction in the 4th house of the mother also cause damage to the mother's health, mentally or physically. But if taken care this conjunction can make a person a good family person. The respect of this individual lies in the 'seva' of their mother.

Positive effects of Sun and Rahu Conjunction in 4th house

  • The individual is very efficient in monetary matters. The individual has the ability to judiciously use the money so that they do not face any issues in the future.

  • The individual can achieve whatever they desire and they are political in mind too. 

  • The individual has a great vision for life and is very imaginative. The individual has friends from the high level of society.

  • The person with this conjunction has a mother with a great interest in technology or might earn well through that.

Negative effects of Sun and Rahu conjunction in 4th house

  • The individual may lack domestic happiness. There may be frequent spats among family members. The mother of the individual may face health-related issues. The individual may not have good relations with their parents. The father may have a tough time being in the family. The individual and their parents may have parted ways with each other. 

  • The individual is selfish in nature and wicked too. The individual has expertise in cheating and fraud.

  • The individual is full of ego and the individual is short-tempered.

  • The individual lacks self-confidence and may not be able to express themselves in front of other people. 

  • The individual may have too many difficulties in life. The individual also has a bad relationship with their boss and authority. 

  • The individual may also breakups into relationships and they may be making fishing traps for friends. An individual is also a hypocrite person.

  • The individual also has issues in childbirth. The individual may have a miscarriage and delay in birth. The individual may also be suffering from heart problems and brain problems too.


According to astrology predictions, Rahu has truly shadowed the life of the individual with bad qualities. The individual will be facing real issues in relationships be it with a partner, their family, or parents. The individual also has been seen as selfish in nature but society wants people who are helpful and kind. Therefore a person should be down to earth and keep his ego aside if the individual wants to sustain their relationship. The individual also has to practice expressing themselves in front of other people to boost their inner confidence. Individual also needs to prioritize their health and work it out to become healthy.

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