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Sun and Rahu Conjunction in the 3rd house

Sun and Rahu Conjunction in the 3rd house

Sun is the most auspicious planet in Vedic astrology. Sun is responsible for the growth, respect, and fame of an individual. It is considered one of the most authoritative and dominating celestial bodies. The sun has authority over an individual's soul and builds an individual's personality. It takes the baton of bravery, pride, spirituality, and soul. Sun in any house of the natal chart represents the expression of a person in that aspect of life. Sun represents the ability of an individual to influence and achieve in their life. Sun as the most prayed god is the important factor while judging the person as it can represent the amount of respect and compassion a person holds. It also represents certainty and decision-making power which makes a person leader in their job.

Rahu is the most infamous planet which is responsible for sudden and unexpected moments. Rahu is not exactly a planet but it is considered a planet because of its major impact on human life. Rahu is the one that lit the fire of materialistic desires and misconduct in an individual. It can make an individual desire something so much that they may desire to have everything in the world, therefore Rahu is also responsible for unhealthy materialism. Rahu makes an individual unsatisfied in life and also makes them obsessed with materials.

Sun and Rahu conjunction makes an individual lazy and lethargic and a person with this conjunction may feel less healthy and compare themselves more. This conjunction is profitable in money and action business as this person can easily manipulate situations and is very persuasive by nature. This conjunction in 3rd house mesa a person more vulnerable to getting bad company or friends. 

Positive effects of Sun and Rahu Conjunction in 3rd house

  • The individual may be brave and courageous. The individual is victorious over his enemies. The individual is a good competitor. 

  • The individual is able to gain success with their efforts. 

  • The individual is well-known in society for his good deeds.

  • This conjunction makes an individual sharp while fighting competition. This individual will always find an easy way of doing things.

Negative effects of Sun and Rahu conjunction in 3rd house

  • The individual may lack self-confidence and has internal fear. 

  • The individual may have issues with seniors and is not compatible with them.

  • The individual may not have good relations with siblings. The individual may not have an understanding of their siblings. The siblings may have weak health. The individual may have such relationships with their father. The individual may have separated ways from their father. The individual’s mother and father may have weak health.

  • The individual may not be able to make stern decisions. The individual may have expertise in fraud and cheating. The individual is manipulative and can manipulate people to believe them for their benefit. The individual is selfish in nature.

  • The individual may have difficulties in childbirth. The individual may have throat diseases and bones related issues.

  • The individual may be full of ego. The individual may cross limits in order to achieve their goals.


The individual over here has a lot of enemies and the reason a person has enemies is because of incompatibility. Here the individual is not compatible with his family how can we expect that the individual would be compatible with others? The individual needs to learn about living in harmony with others and respect everyone out there. Individual needs to pick up some moral means of earning cause earning via fraud and cheating will not help them in long term. The individual has got manipulation power, the individual can use this skill in various good places like sales and marketing rather than fraud. The individual also should prioritize his health as the individual may face problems. Individual also needs to believe in themselves to boost their self-confidence and rule out internal fear. The individual should also set certain boundaries that they should not cross while trying to achieve a particular goal as that may hurt him in the near future. If you want to know about the effect of the Sun and Rahu conjunction then take an astrology phone consultation.

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