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Sun and Rahu Conjunction in the 1st House

Sun and Rahu Conjunction in the 1st House

Sun represents authority and leadership in the workplace. The sun governs the soul of an individual and influences the personality of an individual. Sun is the projection of the soul and the soul's spiritual side. The sun induces resistance in an individual to fight any kind of situation and also gives immunity. The sun is popularly known as “Atmakaraka” which means the one that shows the qualities of an individual’s soul. As per the Hindi texts or scriptures, the name 'Surya' is preferred when pronouncing the sun in Vedic astrology over other names of the sun, such as 'Ravi or Bhaskar. Planet sun is referred to as father or father's respect in society too.

Rahu is the planet of mischief and hidden things. As in astrology, Rahu makes a surprise entry, and it becomes important and difficult to judge Rahu and its actions. Rahu is the ' Chayagraha ' with Ketu and is not part of classical astrology which contains 7planets. Planet or Graha Rahu is responsible for sudden tragedies or blessings. In such cases, Rahu's condition should be judged which gives the proper understanding of the incident.

Sun and Rahu conjunction can be very damaging to a person. The native may face difficulty in maintaining respect in society and in the first house he may feel less energetic or lethargic in the morning. These are the traits with malefic conjunction. Sun and Rahu conjunction is the first house that can make a person trickster by nature. 

Positive effects of Sun and Rahu Conjunction in 1st house

  • The individual may have leadership qualities and can carry out teamwork efficiently. 

  • The individual may be full of energy and ready to work. The individual may take stern decisions and is not influenced by others’ opinions. The individual may also be clever-minded.

  • The individual has a charming personality and the ability to attract others. The individual also works smartly. The individual has set a goal in his life and is ambitious toward it.

  • The individual is not dependent on others for doing any sort of work.

Negative effects of Sun and Rahu conjunction in 1st house

  • The individual may be selfish and short temper. The individual might show his anger to others and may punish them for their faults. 

  • The individual may not be trustworthy. The individual may be crooked from the heart and can also do fraud with people. The individual lacks patience in work.

  • The individual may face a lot of obstacles and struggles in his life. The individual may be facing problems regarding childbirth due to miscarriage.

  • The individual and their father may not be compatible with each other. The individual may have parted his way from their father. The father may not have the vitality to live a long life.

  • The individual may not have strong immunity and weak health. The individual may frequently fall ill and suffers from fever or abdominal problems. The individual may have eyesight problems. The individual may also have problems related to bones and mouth.

  • The individual may develop hysteria and other psychological issues. The individual may also have neurological problems or brain injuries. The individual may also have migraine problems.

  • The individual is also not compatible with his boss and the individual may be facing promotion issues. The individual financial condition is not stable and they may also be suffering from tax-related problems.


The conjunction is in a true sense not so beneficial for an individual as there are many things over here that go against the individual. The individual over here practices immoral activities to go ahead in life. The only way to succeed in life is to stay true to yourself. The individual over here is not on good terms with his family but the individual should realize that family is there to support you in every means of life. The individual may also suffer from serious health problems therefore he should prioritize his health over anything and live a long healthy life. This kind of individual should remember that everything happens for a reason and one should always take part in creating their ultimate destiny other than just blaming it. If you want to know more about the Sun and Rahu conjunction in the 1st house effects then talk to astrologers.

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