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Sun and Mercury Conjunction in The 7th House

Sun and Mercury Conjunction in The 7th House

The existence of all the planets is near a star which we call the father of all the planets, the planet which directs and drives human behavior according to Vedic texts. A Star that is also considered a planet in astrology that tells the motives and ultimate aims one will have in his lifetime, is the very known planet Sun. Being the most important planet which is responsible for respect, recognition, and Social status one will have in society, the sun is the most important factor for knowing someone's future achievements and pursuits in life. 

The ability of a native to decide and to judge is very important for him or her to survive in this multi-dimensional world and this is only by the virtue of planet Mercury that we can understand the complexities around us and tackle them with harmony. Mercury being the right brain of an individual represents writing, communication, expression, and calculation. Planet Mercury in astrology is the symbol of 'Buddhi' i.e. the brain and plays a vital role in Indian as well as western Astrology.


Effect of Sun and Mercury Conjunction in 7th House 


The seventh house is the house of partnership and love affairs. It represents especially the spouse of the native. This house of partnership is one of the most important houses in the natal chart as it also represents business partnerships and their success. The seventh house is most famous for it is the house of the spouse and it shows the success of one's marriage.

The Sun and Mercury Conjunction is the most favorable conjunction if we see it overall as it combines purpose with memory and the brain's ability to take decisions. 'Budh Aditya Yoga' is formed with this conjunction but only in favorable conditions. You can take Ask one question with me to know precisely about your conjunctions of other planets.The on-call consultations are there to provide you with the best possible solution. 

Budh Aditya yoga is a powerful yoga as it represents the brain in the direction of truth but only in a good environment, this yoga takes place. It may have drastic effects on the native and it can also be very favorable to him. 


Positive Effect of Sun and Mercury Conjunction in 7th House


  • Native with the sun in the seventh house gets a beautiful spouse and in conjunction with mercury (in some conditions only) will give the native an understanding wife. 

  • If the seventh house is a sign of mercury then the mercury will show its good effects and the business partners of the native will be intelligent and good-natured.

  • The native will be well-dressed and handsome. The native will have naturally good-looking features and may be skilled in styling if conjunct with Rahu.

  • The native will be skilled in business and believes in business partnerships. He may be street-smart and knows tricks to impress others. 

  • The native might get a good-natured and high-value woman as a life partner. The partner will have solutions to his problems.

  • If the other planetary positions are favorable then this conjunction promises a peaceful marital life and his spouse may also belong to a rich family.


Negative Effects of Sun and Mercury Conjunction in 7th House 


  • The native might face thought differences with his spouse and she may be argumentative in nature.

  • Natives may not be so much polite in a social environment and might feel humiliated or insecure about it. He will be much more inclined toward partnerships in general and may face rejections there too.

  • He might face marriage issues and ego problems with his spouse if the seventh house is ruled by Mars or Saturn.

  • The native will also not be able to conduct himself properly under a job as he may think of himself as a big boss. Ego might become an issue with colleagues too.


The overall conclusion, that this conjunction gives us is that if a native understands he is not the only one who is suffering from problems and try to understand other people's perspective to enjoy his/her marriage. The native should understand that materialism is not the only thing to live a life and must get inclined towards spirituality. With the help of an astrologer, he/she may get relief from the fatal effects of the conjunction. The placement is good for mercury but not for the sun as it will give the pleasant look to the couple in a relationship but they both might face trust issues with each other. 

The best way to live a life for this kind of person is to become mentally stable so that he can become more present in situations. Remedies for the sun will help as the higher authority may not be in his favor most of the time. For more information on your planetary conjunctions, one on one astrology phone consultations is there to solve your problems and tell you about your natal chart.  

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