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Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 3rd house

Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 3rd house

Sun as the most huge celestial body represents respect and tradition. The sun is also responsible for individuals' moral values and attitudes toward society. It also represents respect and dignity among peers. The planet sun in astrology also is the representation of the purpose and path of natives. As per Gemini astrology sun is the planet that is called a natural "Atmakaraka" or the soul purpose. Sun represents respect in society and among friends. Sun represents parental wealth and inheritance. Sun is also called the planet of service as it serves the solar system and the person with high sun significance will have good ambition for charity.

Ketu is the shadow planet responsible for the spiritual ambition of a person. Ketu is the tail of the dragon as it does not have a head (as per Indian astrology) and can only disbalance things. Ketu is responsible for inheritance and the family in which a person borns. Ketu in general represents imbalances and excess that a person has. The ambition for the charity of a person is also represented by Ketu as per Vedic astrology.

The conjunction of Sun and Ketu Conjunction in the 3rd house of actions and siblings is not very preferable to an individual and the person having this conjunction can face health problems and disputes in properties. This individual can face serious problems with criticism and not believing. Their actions may be very diplomatic but sometimes may be very outrageous to people. This conjunction makes a person an extrovert and out for more life experience.

Positive Effects of Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 3rd House

  • The individual will be very active and will be diligent.

  • The individual will have a good ability to tolerate stress and handle typical situations and will be self-motivated.

  • The individual will have a good personality and will have good strength to manage multiple things at the same time.

  • The native will be victorious in arguments and will be powerful enough to face enemies on their own.

  • The native will become a very well-known person or will have friendships or relationships with strong and authoritative people.

  • The individual may go often for foreign travels and may be wealthy and famous in the society for this.

  • The native will be able to achieve anything with their efforts.

Negative Effects of Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 3rd House

  • The native will be very fierce and repulsive. They may react very harshly in situations making it difficult for themselves only.

  • The individual may be a critic of the government or their policies. They can get in serious fights with authorities too.

  • The native may not be very spiritual and may criticize religion.

  • The native may face eyesight problems or skin diseases. 

  • The native may suffer from their voice or may have a throat infection.

  • The native may have problematic relations with the father and many differences too.

  • The individual may have very jealous siblings or they will get very jealous of their sibling's success.

  • The individual may show off a lot and due to this can face a crisis in bad times.


The conjunction of sun and Ketu in the third house of a natal chart is not very serving as this makes the individual very superficial and very criticizing which can make them very unwelcomed. These persons will have fake friends and may face challenges in making good and trustworthy friends. This person should become polite and also should learn to follow religion as this can help them in realizing their mistakes and will make them presentable and content. 

These people often suffer from excessive stress and depression when they face sudden accidents and lose hope. Spirituality will help them see the world from a very different perspective and help them realize self-power and natural bliss. You can get an astrology phone consultation for more information about the sun and Ketu in the third house and ask one question for particular insights.

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