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Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 2nd house

Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 2nd house

Sun is the planet of serving and light. In astrology, the sun represents the service and path of a person. The ability of a person to dream and reach their ambition is seen by the planet's sun. The sun is the representation of respect and dharma. The way outsiders or other people see us is the presentation presented by the sun. Sun is the planet of morals and power, hence the ability to justify and express oneself and actions is by the sun only. Sun represents tradition, culture, respect, and dignity of a person. Sun is a very strong planet that controls the drive of a person. Lack of presence of sun in a natal chart leads to a dull and weak person.

Ketu is the planet that represents past life and past self. Therefore, detachment and past achievements are seen by planet Ketu. Ketu is a demon planet that represents travel and wealth also.

Sun and Ketu conjunction in the second house is a good sign for a person who wants to achieve moksha or enlightenment. As this person detached themselves from materialistic things and focuses on spiritual gains more. This person has high gains and some parent's inheritance which leads them to a fine life ahead.

Positive Effects of Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 2nd House

  • The native may be very naturally attractive and will be charming. They may have a blushing face and sharp features. 

  • The individual may be a natural leader or may possess the qualities to lead a team. 

  • The person may be authoritative or may possess any authoritative position in the profession. The native will be bold by nature.

  • The native will be hardworking and will create wealth with their own efforts. The person will be self-driven toward their goal.

  • The individual may be pure by heart and will be having faith in religion. This person will have an interest and will also be very knowledgeable on the topics related to the occult.

  • This native will have a good ability to recite mantras which comes naturally to this person due to past life karmas.

  • The native will have a high-status spouse from a reputed family.

  • The individual with this house will have a good family life and will have a royal lifestyle.

Negative Effects of Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 2nd House

  • The person may not be very polite. This person will have an explosive speech which will sometimes put them in trouble.

  • The individual with this conjunction will have a pure heart but their words would be harsh sometimes. They may create trouble while working with seniors.

  • Sometimes the individual may be very egotistical and may face ego problems with kids and spouse.

  • The native may have skin problems and may suffer from spots or pimples on the face. 

  • The native with this conjunction may be very proud and will have a harsh and loud voice.

  • The native will be very intolerant of the places that do not serve them anything. They may revolt against things they feel are absurd but will not try to treat and make them right.

  • This person may have weak eyesight and may have eye surgery.

  • The native may get burnout easily and sometimes react very repulsively.


The natives with this conjunction of Sun and Ketu in 2nd house are good and pure by heart but as we say, if we get their nerves they will probably be the worst people we meet. Although their interest in spirituality will make them polite and tolerant, if the person is not in a very good environment they may have very bad and shameful speech and they may criticize anyone whom they feel is easy to manipulate. They are good at making money but sometimes face ego problems with seniors. The individual with this conjunction will have parental wealth but for some time they may have some disputes over the property.

This person should indulge more in charity and spirituality as it can help them get control over their nerves and make them very tolerant and understanding of others. This will make the relations of this individual much better. You can get an astrology phone consultation for more information about Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 2nd house.

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