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Singh Sankranti - Simha Sankranti

Singh Sankranti - Simha Sankranti

In the month of Bhadrapada, when the Sun changes its zodiac sign, then that Sankranti is called Simha Sankranti. In South India, this Sankranti is also known as the Singh transition. Lord Vishnu, Sun God, and Lord Narasimha are worshiped on the day of Singh Sankranti. Consumption of ghee on this day is considered beneficial. On the day of Singh Sankranti, duly worship is done.

Simha Sankranti Importance

It is believed that eating cow's ghee on the day of Singh Sankranti is considered to be of special importance. Ghee is said to increase memory, intelligence, energy, and strength. Ghee is considered the destroyer of vata, pitta, fever, and toxins.

Ghee is prepared by melting the curd made from milk and the butter is prepared by churning it on a low flame. Singh Sankranti is also known as Ghee Sankranti (Gheeya Sankranti). In Garhwal, it is called Ghiya Sankranti in the common language. In Uttarakhand, it is considered necessary to eat ghee almost everywhere on the day of Singh Sankranti.

It is said that the Sankranti of every month is celebrated in some way or the other. Similarly, Sankranti of Bhadrapada month is also considered very important.

Many types of dishes are made on the day of Singh Sankranti. In which lentil stuffed roti, kheer is considered important. It is believed that ghee is consumed with roti stuffed with lentils. Pitha is made by grinding urad dal and it is cooked and eaten with ghee.

The vegetable of blossoming leaves of the vegetable named Arbi is made to be eaten with roti. The vegetable of these leaves is called Gaba. Along with this, other sections of the society like commodity producers, craftsmen, artisans, blacksmiths, and carpenters donate handmade things as gifts. This tradition of giving things as gifts is called Olgi. That's why Singh Sankranti is also called Olgi Sankranti.

Eating ghee on the day of Singh Sankranti is said to be very important. Consuming ghee on the day of Singh Sankranti increases energy, sharpness, memory, and intelligence.

According to mythology, the person who does not consume ghee on the day of Singh Sankranti. He takes birth as a snail in the next life. This is the reason why consuming ghee on this day is said to be beneficial. Apart from this, consuming ghee can avoid the bad effects of Rahu and Ketu.

Auspicious Work on Simha Sankranti

  • By observing Pradosh Vrat on the day of Singh Sankranti, happiness, peace, healthy life, and long life can be achieved.

  • Pradosh Vrat is related to the sun and along with the moon, the sun also remains active in human life.

  • That's why both the moon and the sun give good results.

  • The person in whose horoscope the Sun is weak. By observing this fast, that person gets rid of all the problems related to the sun.

  • The person who observes Pradosh fast stays away from trouble.

Simha Sankranti Punya Kaal

  • Evening time is considered good for worshiping Pradosh Vrat.

  • According to the Panchang, Pradosh Mantra is chanted in Shiva temples in the evening.

  • Belpatra, Akshat, Diya, Dhoop, and Gangajal are used to worship Lord Shiva.

  • Food is not taken in this fast.

  • After fasting for the whole day, a bath is taken shortly before the sun sets.

  • White-colored clothes are worn after taking a bath.

  • The place of worship is purified with the clean water of the Ganges.

  • After this, a pavilion is prepared with cow dung.

  • Rangoli is made in the mandap with the help of 5 different colors.

  • After making all the preparations for the puja, Lord Shiva is worshiped and Om Namah Shivay is chanted.

  • While chanting, water is offered to Lord Shiva.

Simha Sankranti Puja Vidhi

  • Lord Vishnu, Sun God, and Lord Narasimha are worshiped on the day of Singh Sankranti.

  • On this day devotees go to take a bath in the holy river.

  • After bathing the deities are anointed with coconut water and milk.

  • Fresh coconut water is used for the puja.

  • Lord Ganesha is worshiped on this day.

  • After worshiping on the day of Singh Sankranti, charity is done among the poor.

Story of Simha Sankranti

A Brahmin lived in a village. Its Sadhvi lady used to observe Pradosh Vrat. This poor Brahmin had only one son. Once upon a time, the son of a Brahmin went to bathe in the Ganges. Unfortunately on the way, he is cornered by thieves who tell him that they will not kill him. Ask him about his father's secret charity.

Then the Brahmin's son starts saying in a humble manner that he is very sad and has no money. All the thieves asked him what he had tied in this bundle. Then the boy said that his mother had tied chapatis in it. Hearing this, the thieves said that he is a very poor man. That's why they won't rob him.

Having said this, the thief let the child go. The Brahmin's son reaches a city while walking from there. He sees a banyan tree near the city. He falls asleep under the shade of that tree. Then at that time the soldiers of that city, searching for the thieves, reach that banyan tree.

But considering that child is a thief, they make him a prisoner and take him to the king. The king ordered him to be imprisoned as a punishment. When the Brahmin's son did not return home. Then he starts worrying about his son.

Pradosh Vrat is observed on the next day. The Brahmin observes the Pradosh Vrat with great devotion and starts praying to Lord Shankar with great devotion for her son. Lord Shankar accepts the prayer of that Brahmin.

The same night, Lord Shankar ordered the king in a dream that the child was not a thief and that he should be released in the morning, otherwise his whole kingdom would be destroyed. Waking up in the morning, the king freed the boy from the prison as per the orders of Lord Shiva. The boy told the king his whole story.

Hearing the condition of the child, the king ordered his soldiers to send the child home, and his parents were called to the royal court. The child's parents get very scared. The king looked at them and said that they need not be afraid. His child is innocent, the king donated 5 villages to a Brahmin.

So that he can spend his life happily. By the grace of Lord Shiva, the Brahmin, and his family start living happily. It is believed that whoever observes Pradosh Vrat. He spends his whole life happy and healthy.

Importance of donation on Simha Sankranti

Surya Dev is considered one of the Panch Devs. At the beginning of any auspicious work, Ganesh ji, Shiva ji, Lord Vishnu, Durga Devi, and Surya are worshipped. Sun worship is considered very important on the day of Singh Sankranti.

Bathing is done before worshiping on this day. After taking bath clean clothes are worn. After this, the idol of the Sun God is duly worshiped with cow's milk, Gangajal, flowers, rice, kumkum, etc.

After the puja, water is offered to the Sun God in a copper vessel. Om Suryaya Namah is chanted while offering water to the Sun God. This mantra is chanted 108 times.


There is a tradition of bathing in the holy river on Singh Sankranti. Although these days it is rainy season. Rivers are in spate everywhere, so take a bath before sunrise by mixing water from holy rivers at home. There is a tradition of offering Arghana to the rising sun on this day. In such a situation, definitely meditate on the Sun God on this day and then offer water. According to astrology, offering water to the Sun by wearing red-colored clothes is auspicious. To know more about the date, auspicious time, and importance of Leo Sankranti, talk to astrologers.

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