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Know About The Benefits of The Shukra Beej Mantra

Know About The Benefits of The Shukra Beej Mantra

Every mantra has different beneficial points and generally, all mantras provide positive effects in your life and help you to stay strong and healthy even generally most of the mantras take negative vibes away from you and give you positive vibes and this mantra is always created for planets and to keep the negative effects of planets away from the native whenever planets take wrong place in the birth chart at that time these mantras are used as a remedy of it. So according to astrologers, these mantras are really important in our life because it gives you Peace of Mind and helps you to stay calm and composed even if they will change your personality and make it prim and proper. Today we are going to discuss the Shukra Beej mantra and its benefits and history of it.


Shukra Beej Mantra - ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः ॥


Om Dran Drin Dron Seh Shukraye Namah


History Of Shukra Beej Mantra


  • According to astrologers, every mantra has its own history, and the history behind the making of the mantra is completely made for the planet and its remedy.

  • According to the beliefs of our ancestors, the Shukra Beej mantra has mostly recited a mantra and it is also mostly performed on Friday because Fridays are pronounced in the Gujarati language as Shukrawar.

  • This seed sound is directly connected to Lord Shiva and this mantra always helps you to get rid of the malefic effects of the planet Venus whenever it takes place in the wrong house according to our ancestors.

  • Even this mantra was recited while doing yoga and exercise by our ancestors because they believe that this mantra gives them peace and happiness and even it will also give them a calm and composed mind.

  • According to the ancestor's belief, this Shukra Beej mantra generally affects Fridays and it only affects Venus planet which comes in the 9 main planets.

  • Indian passed people used to believe that the Shukra Beej mantra was recited by Shiva and it is really beneficial because the Lord is she himself recited this mantra for their mind calmness.

  • These are a few basic points related to the history of the program antra and it always provides positive effects for you.

Benefits Of Shukra Beej Mantra

  • Everyone does have different benefits and importance according to the planet most of the mantras are created as perky planet's relevance and it is created for the remedy of planets that are placed in the negative house in your birth chart.

  • Generally, whenever you decide on this mantra you will feel strong and healthy it will increase your bravery and strength in your life and help to make you strong and healthy.

  • Even though this mantra helps to increase your knowledge and makes you smart and wise it will also help you to learn your content easily.

  • The person who used to recite the Shukra Beej mantra in their day-to-day life will help to keep negative points away from themselves and attract positive factors in their life.

  • Even this mantra makes you financially strong and helps you to provide luxury in your life.

  • Whenever you recite this mantra you will stay balanced in your relationship and in your balance marriage even you will Polish your talent and passion according to your way and you will become creative and you love to stay in luxury and you will receive all kinds of luxury whatever you want even your life is comfortable and happy.

  • If you recite this mantra in your day-to-day life it will make you stronger and you feel your strength even if you will always stay away from conflicts and disputes if you decide this mantra in your day-to-day life.

  • These are a few positive points of the Shukra Beej mantra which help you in your day-to-day life and increase your positive effects in your life and keep negative effects away from you hope you get play idea about the positive and beneficial points of the Shukra Beej mantra.


Hope you get a clear idea about the Shukra Beej mantra it is a remedy mantra for the venus planet if you have any questions related to the Shukra mantra you can directly ask on talk to astrologers.

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