Shabar Mantra: Meaning, Importance, and Benefits

Shabar Mantra: Meaning, Importance, and Benefits

In today's times, everyone wants to do such a Sadhana, which gives immediate results. For them, this Shabar Mantra Sadhna is the easiest and quick-proven Sadhna. Many times such bondage comes in some of our work that even after making all kinds of efforts, the work does not get accomplished, to remove this kind of bondage, Shabar Mantra Sadhna is the best Sadhna. Through this, you can easily prove any of your work.

The biggest feature of Shabar Mantra Sadhana is that these mantras are not riveted, which means they do not need to be awakened, these mantras are self-evident. You can prove Shabar mantras without any special method. For example, in Vedic Mantra Sadhna, one has to do Sadhna keeping in mind many rules and regulations and in Vedic Mantras, special posture, special garland, special time, and special chanting method have to be adopted and it takes more time to prove this mantra. But it is not required in Shabar Mantra practice. Second, the specialty of Shabar mantras is that these mantras do not have to be chanted. Shabar mantras are in very simple language, they are not in Sanskrit like Vedic mantras, and any less educated person can prove this.


History of Shabar Mantra


First of all, Lord Shiva gave this Vidya to Goddess Parvati for public welfare, and after that, the Nath sect created this Vidya. Guru Gorakhnath is its main creator, he had obtained boons from the Gods and Goddesses by performing severe penance that the one who practices Shabar Mantra Vidya, composed by me, should get the fruit immediately and in this way Guru Gorakhnath Ji by receiving blessings from Gods and Goddesses. Had awakened them by engraving Shabar Mantra Vidya. In this way, the practice of Shabar mantras composed by Guru Gorakhnath became very easy for the common people.


Types of Shabar Mantra


There are many types of Shabar mantras. Among these are the Vashikaran Mantra, Attraction Mantra, Vidveshan Mantra, Hypnosis Mantra, Exaltation Mantra, Raksha Mantra, Asana Mantra, Work Achievement Mantra, Mantra for dusting, Mantra for headaches, Mantra for many diseases, and many other types of mantras. is, which you can prove very easily by simple methods. These mantras are of deities like Hanuman Ji, Bhairav ​​Ji, Mahakali Ji, Shivji, Gorakhnath Ji, etc.


How to Prove Shabar Mantra


Shabar mantra sadhana or any other sadhana has to be done, the first condition is that the seeker should have unshakable faith and devotion to the mantra and sadhana, if you have even the slightest doubt about your sadhana and mantra, then you can always You cannot be successful, no matter how many times you chant or what method you adopt. Secondly, you do not have to adopt any special method in this meditation, these mantras are also in very simple language and you can use Rudraksha or Tulsi rosary for chanting except for some mantras. In this, you can set any time, but for the number of days you have to do the sadhana, the time should be the same every day. You can recite the Shabar mantra in a single day in any eclipse, Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Akshay Tritya self-accomplished Muhurt, in these auspicious Muhurts, Shabar mantras get awakened in a day and start working. It is also not mandatory to light incense and a lamp in its meditation, but if you do meditation by lighting an incense lamp and keeping a pot of water with it, then you will get more benefits. Even if Havan is performed in between during the Sadhana period, it becomes more effective. You can also perform Havan by the method of simple Havan in this blog of ours. If you start to feel the power of the Shabar mantra even after doing it correctly for a day, then you start feeling some power within you.


Side Effects of Shabar Mantra


There is a lot of difference between Shabar Mantra Sadhana and Vedic Mantra Sadhana. Shabar Mantra Sadhana is proved by a very simple method whereas to prove Vedic mantras we have to adopt a special method. I will compare it and try to explain it with an example. You must have seen that when any disease surrounds you, then you treat it either by Ayurveda medicine or by Allopathy (English) medicine. Ayurveda medicine gives you relief with delay, but with this treatment one, your disease gets eradicated from the root and secondly, it does not have any side effects on your body, while on the other hand, with allopathy (English) medicine, you get immediate relief. But if this medicine is taken without consulting the right doctor, then it can also have side effects on your body. In the same way, Vedic mantras are like Ayurveda medicine, we get its results with delay, but there is no break in its practice, and with this practice, your problems are eradicated from the root, while on the other hand, the Shabar mantra is the cause of allopathy. There are those who do the work immediately, but they are not as effective as the Vedic mantras, if it is practiced without any qualified teacher, then it can also be harmful. At present, most of the Shabar Mantra Vidya is being misused because people have started using Vidya like Elevation, and xenophobia in the wrong works. 


If you want to get the desired result reliably, you must read it with full confidence, sincerity, and dedication. If you want to know more about the importance of the Shabar mantra then talk to astrologers.

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