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Secrets of Dating an Aquarius Woman

Secrets of Dating an Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women are extremely confusing personalities. They can be either gentle and soft or a little fierce and lively. Their life is full of inconsistency. Dating her can be a tough job. Astrology comes as an aid for you to get a feel for the personality traits and thinking processes of different Zodiac signs, which can make your job a little under control. Do follow our astrology predictions to make this possible. Below are a few important secrets you need to keep in mind while dating an Aquarius woman:


1. Aquarius Woman Like Healthy Conversations


Aquarius women will not mind even a whole night's conversation if they are related to art and culture and other topics of her interest. They enjoy conversing, but debates and heated arguments are not something they like. These healthy conversations will start making them like you.


2. Aquarius Woman gets Hooked on Mysterious Things


Do not reveal everything about yourself in a single go. Keep something with yourself, which an Aquarius woman feels like a mystery. Keeping her wanting more from you can make her interested in you more.


3. Aquarius Woman Wants a Friend Before a Lover


Before becoming her romantic partner, be her friend. Aquarius woman longs for a trustworthy, meaningful, and strong friendship. Give her comfort and make her feel that she can come to you for anything. Be a good listener to her.


4. Aquarius Woman Loves to be Appreciated


Aquarius women face criticism all the time. But if she gets appreciation for her good qualities from you, she will fall for you instantly. They love to be acknowledged and appreciated, which they hardly get otherwise.


5. Aquarius Woman are Weird and They Like Weird People like Them


If you have strange and weird interests, an Aquarius woman is the one with whom you can share them without any hesitation. They are weird themselves and like people having similar traits. Knowing that you too have weird interests will bring her closer to you.


6. Aquarius Women Enjoy Flirty Talks


Flirt with an Aquarius woman and she will flirt back with you. She finds it nice to have someone with the same frame of mind. Flirting while casual conversation or specific discussion can trigger a good amount of intimacy between you two.


7. Surprise an Aquarius Women with Unexpected Adventurous Dates


The same old dinner dates can bore an Aquarius woman. Plan something adventurous and beyond her expectation and it is sure to please her. She will be more than happy to find someone as adventurous as she is.


8. Aquarius Women Likes to Get Surprise Gifts


Giving gifts to an Aquarius woman now and then can make her happy. Choose gifts that are of her interest and least expected by her. These surprise gifts can get your relationship to another level.


9. Aquarius Women are Creative and Experimental Sexually


Once your relationship reaches a certain level, where you tend to get sexually involved, start sharing your sexual fantasies with her and get to know hers. Be experimental and creative in sexual activities. An Aquarian woman will enjoy it as she herself is of a similar kind.


10. Aquarius Women Needs Comfort and Warmth


There are times when an Aquarius woman feels low and is in need of support, comfort, and warmth. Give all of this to her and she will be totally connected to you for life.


These secrets, which need to be taken care of while dating an Aquarius woman will help you to have a strong and beautiful relationship with her. These dating secrets are tools to help you have a sturdy association with your partner.  We are the love marriage Specialists and are trying all the means to become your relationship mentor, no matter which zodiac sign your partner is. 

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