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Secrets of Dating an Aquarius Man

Secrets of Dating an Aquarius Man

Aquarius men are stubborn and detached from all emotions. They need time to trust anyone and are often wanting to have their own space. It becomes quite a task to handle them if you don’t know their traits. Astrology can help you get a feel about the personalities and thought processes of different Zodiac signs, which makes it a little easy. Please follow our astrology predictions to be successful in your relations. Follow the few important secret pointers while dating an Aquarius man:


1. Aquarius Man Needs His Own Space


Aquarius man needs his own space and time to ponder on his life. He can get easily attracted to a woman who understands this need and gives him enough space. It is better for you a stay away from him here and there so that he gets the alone time that he needs.


2. Aquarius Man Loves a Self-reliant, Confident,

and Independent Woman


A woman who is self-reliant, confident, and independent immediately catches the attention of an Aquarius man. He appreciates such qualities and finds you stood out amongst the crowd.


3. Aquarius Man Gets Attracted to Creativity


If you are creative and can get original in some or the other art/craft, you are bound to catch the attention of an Aquarius man. They love creative work and this can lead to the initiation of a very strong relationship.


4. They Like it Fun-Oriented, Away from Emotions


Conversations having fun elements, and a good time together with light-hearted chit-chat can be much more interesting for the Aquarius man that an emotional engagement. They prefer to be away from emotions as far as possible.


5. Aquarius Man Finds Comfort in a Friend


Don’t rush to have an emotionally committed relationship with an Aquarius man. First, try and become his close friends. He is most comfortable with friends. Your friendship will be more valuable for him than the emotional rush.


6. Be Friends with His Friends


As he will keep you close to your heart as a friend, all his other friends will also be close to him. And he will appreciate it if you welcome them with the same affection. You, being close to an Aquarius man’s friends can make you special in his heart.


7. Aquarius Men Loves Challenges


Aquarius man does not want easy things. Challenges keep him on. Don’t be an easy task for him. The more challenging you will become for him, the more he will start wanting you.


8. Aquarius Men Likes to Take the Control


If you are slightly laid back and allow him to take control, he would love it. He loves to prove himself by taking the charge. Allowing him to take the decisions on where’s and when your meeting can give him pleasure which can fuel your relationship.


9. Aquarius Men Appreciates being Your True Self


You don’t have to wear any mask in front of an Aquarius man. Just be you and you will find him all into you. He does not like pretense and fake gestures. Your original self will get him for you.


10. Be a Great Listener to an Aquarius Men


When an Aquarius man finds trust and comfort in you, he would like to open up with you. Be a good listener to him at that time. This bond will do wonders in your relationship.




These dating secrets will help you to carve your relationship with an Aquarius man beautifully. These secrets of dating can help you to have a strong connection with your partner.  We, the love marriage Specialists, are doing our best to help you as a relationship guide, no matter which zodiac sign is your partner. For more astrology predictions and to assist you please contact us.

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