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Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising

Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising

Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising Mix limits sharing; In fact, you like to possess people and things, which often leads you into conflict situations. Temptations are your prime asset for getting what you want, and those that resist you are rare. You are spontaneous in your approach, often being in the right place at the right time. You have to overcome your jealousy and possessiveness to maintain a good atmosphere in your relationships.

Your professional life is full of surprises, and your unexpected access to freedom and independence certainly brings changes, which forces you to escape the monotony of routine and therefore recreate other environments in which you feel better again. Are. We do You are not particularly good at completing professional projects when they are too concrete or too traditional, your social development is changeable, you are too idealistic to really worry about them, and you are often quite concerned with personal ambition. Are different, and you favor human leadership or at least collective interest.

Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, With the Scorpio Sun rising in Taurus, your astrological configuration makes things easier for you in areas that require a lot of patience and courage, and you are well-equipped to take on big projects. On the other hand, you are not comfortable in an environment where hypocrisy is rampant. They are naturally inclined towards conciliation and fairness. Your emotional life will play a major role in your personal development, which will have an impact on all areas.

You have a highly sensitive nature that turns you spontaneously toward others, toward the pursuit of harmony among beings. Depending on your upbringing, this may be all or nothing: you are likely to be blocked by the notion of perfection, which can sometimes push you in the opposite direction!

Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising Woman

They will give themselves over to passion, and lose themselves completely if they do not leave the secret back door, well hidden, which opens for them the way back to reality. However, the character is in danger of being blinded by love. Then there are no obstacles for them and if their partner cheats on them then it hurts them so much that they never forget it and think of taking revenge. Their feelings are the light of open passion.

But the truth is that colleagues understand this very well. His ego is clearly expressed, although, at the same time, it is also artfully hidden. They are holding a partner so upright that at first he feels flattered and does not even realize that he is already in the cage. True, it could be a golden cage!

Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising Man

A man born with Sun in Scorpio and Taurus Rising is full of sensitive passion. At first, they are harmless, they start the meeting as if by the way, but suddenly they attack the other, grab them, and absorb them with all their charm. Aggression is hidden behind their external friendliness. They want to win, and the trap they trap others in is very skillfully arranged.

Scorpios with Taurus rising can connect passionately with others and love deeply. At first, they like others, but soon they withdraw. His life beliefs are extremely objective but coordinated within himself.

Scorpio Sun and Taurus Rising Compatibility

This guy loves love! They enjoy romance, intimacy, and fun, even deep and emotional relationships, after all, they are a combined water and earth sign! They are like other water and earth signs. Pisces makes a wonderful match, as it forms a trine to Scorpio and an external connection to Taurus, and can be very sensual in bed. Cancerians are also great and have similar aspects. Cancerians also share Taurus's love and passion for food and domestic life.

Air and Fire signs don't do so well here. This has nothing to do with emotionally isolated Aquarius, and Geminis are very different from Scorpios. Libra signs people can make good friends. There is chemistry with Aries, but not for very long, and Leo is a recipe for destruction because too many fixed signs are combined here. Sagittarius are too independent for this combination, but they can teach them a lot.


Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you are exceptionally loyal and capable of loving for long periods of time, and your loyalty is able to withstand all trials, including neglect. They fall in love with you all your life. You need to constantly look at the object of your adoration and for this, you use any excuse. Ill-wishers can break your marital happiness. Your spouse will probably prefer to be alone, so you will rarely go out together. Your children will help you financially; An older child, especially if he is a boy, will need careful care in the first two years of life. Your children will be a source of satisfaction for you, they will pursue higher education or become successful in art. From time to time there will be fights between you and many types of complications will arise.

In love, with your Scorpio Sun rising in Taurus, you are very possessive and jealous, with a tendency to nag your partner. But when they make a commitment, you give it your all. Excessive sensuality, sensuality plays a very important role in the balance of your relationship. You are extremely particular about your affairs, your affections, and even your thoughts. Your slight animal sexuality makes you very attractive. You need a partner who is right for you: sensual, open, tolerant, and affectionate. Only then will you be able to relax, love yourself and blossom fully.

Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, the disease can be the result of excessive hobbies, both work and pleasure. Your natural energy must be channeled into a creative channel, otherwise, it will burn you from within. Other dangers are laziness, indulgence of one's weaknesses, gluttony, and drunkenness. The disease possibly affects the liver, kidneys, throat, and, in women, the ovaries. There is also a possibility of diabetes.

Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you will prove to be a good mediator, manager, or partner. You are fond of science, agriculture, and gardening. You may also be fascinated by science; Work in art, literature, or higher educational institutions. You are a hard worker who pays attention to small details. You will have some financial success, although you can expect losses due to litigation, unemployment, or secret love affairs. You may suddenly get money, you will get financial benefits from someone's love and with the help of friends. Your situation will be unstable in youth, but later you will settle your affairs through successful acquaintances and relationships.

Your business acumen may bring you considerable prosperity, but you will still suffer from permanent dissatisfaction. With the Scorpio Sun rising in Taurus, you have a taste for material or emotional wealth and a real gift for increasing your capital and assets. You generally spend wisely and, although you can be very generous, you always know the value of what you are offering.


You are so stubborn that trying to move you from your place is like pushing a tank with your hands. Trying or convincing you is a waste of time. When life becomes too cruel to you, you start compensating for your failure with food, and eating whatever comes to hand. If the golden mean is not your style, it is not surprising that you often become the cause of your own poor health. In love, you are impossible and will be perfectly capable of keeping your loved ones locked up like a prison, if you know that you will be able to escape punishment for it. And so you keep them tied like a short leash, which they will be happy to break at the first opportunity and run far away from you. If you want to know more about Scorpio Sun Taurus rising then talk to astrology.

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